NameMy Scary Horror Teacher
SizeVaries with device
ReleaseUbi Tech
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My Scary Horror Teacher

A 3D casual horror game with a funny protagonist. My Scary Horror Teacher [name] is a 3D casual horror game for Android devices in which you have to play an evil teacher. The game uses the “Hi Neighbor” mechanic. It is not known for what reason the main character is in a certain room. Apparently, this is the house of the evil teacher, to whom you did not turn in your homework.

In general, she locked you in this room and is not going to let you go. You need to find a way out and escape. Along the way, you must create a bunch of traps for the teacher in order to annoy her enough and have fun as it should. The house has many rooms and corridors. There is something useful in every room. Explore the territory, and interact with objects, but do not get caught by the teacher, as this will immediately lead to a loss. The hero is controlled with a stick and buttons.

Download ( V3.15 )

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