NameBattleship & Puzzles: Match 3
ReleaseSpecial Gamez

A completely new military project. Battleship & Puzzles: Match 3 has to play a naval game of the genre three in a row. Naval battles, exciting PVP duels, and much more gives you the opportunity to create your own powerful empire. You have very little time to dominate the naval confrontations and draw the right conclusions. You will have to carefully consider your own strategy in order to properly counter hundreds of enemy ships. There will even be submarines, aircraft carriers, and much more from which you can push off. Become the most professional player in the gaming world and show yourself in all its glory in this incredibly interesting adventure.

Send your own fleet to your first battle, and destroy the enemy’s attack by matching three pieces in a row. Try to restore your power base, and create a real sea empire. Hire hundreds of the coolest ships, build your own fleet and go to battle. Do not forget to improve your base, increase the power of your ships and become the master of the whole sea. You are waiting for the most exciting battles that are simply impossible to refuse.

Battleship & Puzzles: Match 3 MOD

I just re-download the game after I got a new phone and I can't get my saved game from Facebook why??? I'm not starting over. This game is fun action cool and everything in the world is better than those jungle games this is the best battleship game ever played. When are you going to care about your game and expand the map and our bases? There are so many of us that have ideas that are great, but you're just sitting there doing absolutely nothing for your game and expecting people to actually spend money on it. Make the game better.. The game is Ok... Reminds several games in the category... Didn't like the huge amount of things to buy for real money. I played the game for a year before I quit it. Almost every week there was an update which I didn't pay attention to. I didn't know that the devs were creating different ways to get more money. At the end of the 1st season, I decided to check my ranking only to discover I was nowhere in the same galaxy as the top player. This game is for people who have deep pockets to be successful..

Battleship & Puzzles: Match 3 APK

Enjoyable game good graphics unfortunately the is very little support been playing over 3 years no updates company only interested in making money it's hard to contact the developers. This game Is great!!! What happened Is my airdrop Has not worked for 2 weeks So I won't A lot Of money!!!!! I need help right now!!!!!!!. Good but still some bugs to sort out. Game stops sometimes, heat my phone up (probably normal for games with screen intensity) . Average game play. Not enough lower options for people that can't afford spending money on games, but would love to support the creators.. I start the game at first time. The game didn't allowe to exit since become a level 6 in the game. User MUST HAVE opportunity to exit at ANY time. This is the major rule. Regardles of how good is the game. Uninstalling now..

Battleship & Puzzles: Match 3 APK

I've played this game several times and each time it got better except for this time. Upon starting the next bonus level mission the game completely froze up. Also I don't like the fact that you can't move around your base and see what is going on with everything.. The game premise is good but, many earned items are not being received which makes this game a waste of time. If you didn't get in early when the game was launched don't waste your money trying to catch up. . The developers have not improved or updated in a year! Although, some hinted features say coming soon. Played for over two years, but now I'm done. If the developers don't care about their product, why should we?. The alliance wars are a joke. Someone from the opposite teams have higher fleet strength and if you defeat that fleet, you get less points than when they destroy a weaker player. There is no way to win the alliance wars unless you have a higher fleet..

Battleship & Puzzles: Match 3 APK

It's not a bad game when it's working. Has multiple glitches all the time. Just when you think it's fixed, the vicious circle starts all over again.. Game freezes up does not give proper instructions on how to move forward in the game don't waste your time. This game is full of bugs! Plus the developers never update the game to its full potential. It could be a great game but they don't listen to the players.. Had to take my stars away because I had played this game before and had a good experience but I had recently reinstalled it but now the game is virtually unplayable even with the latest version. The controls are non responsive, I even checked my phone for issues but didn't find any..

Getting tired of getting ripped off by this game. I'm a long time player and like the game but this has happened numerous times and when I try tapping icon to report won't connect. Have reported numerous times in the past and only received 1 positive response. Update. Theft had stopped for quite awhile but has now started again. Hundreds of evolution pieces have disappeared from my account recently. I was about to purchase more but wha4s the point now. Now not receiving luminous energy crystalst. Hi. So far enjoying this game. However, there seems to be a glitch with Bismarck's special skill. The icon it applies shows the reduced accuracy icon instead of the "defense against special skill" icon. I also tested out U-81's special skill, and it doesn't deal extra damage against BBs. Pls fix.. I've noticed recently when I play against certain players that all my ships get blocked and I can't cause any damage for the entire time period. The player doesn't have enough strength to destroy my ship either so the time just runs out and they are declared the winner. Is this something new? I've seen the ship block before but it normally only last a few rounds, but now they just block all my ships and it never goes away. Just seems pointless and frustrating to me.. It is a great game. My only problem is that the base you build only goes so far. Once you are done, there is no way to expand. New content needs to be added so the game becomes fun again..

Don't waste your time. It appears the devs have given up and its going to hell in a hand basket quickly. No support, no fixes, everything crashes. Half the time the server isn't even online.. Spend a lot of time on it and actually purchase more than I should. Game has a lot of bugs and if this last one isn't fixed by end of day I'm uninstalling it. Not worthy game, pay to win. Spent too much time, and too little can achieve. Points you loose more than you win. Even the Airdrop 15 golds for daily limit 5x advertisement also under control, before was able to watch completed 5x total of 60 golds after each hour. Now even after each hour still written Airdrop undeliver, suck.. Good game. Good graphics.. Problem is too much hard sell.. The items we need to advance is random. Even if we pay for our needs to progress further.. Does not exist in this particular game.. Getting random 5 star ships to level 100 is game over!! as money is needed to progress beyond.. Even with cash credit use.. Not guaranteed to get exactly what is needed, to advance further..!! My main concern is the mention of hackers in the globe chat..Risky connecting the game to facebook or google..!!.

I played this game last year and it was decent, just came back and downloaded it to try it again and I have to say the gameplay has improved dramatically, it's easier to understand and a lot of new additions and cool ways to play.. This is a pay to win game,nothing more don't play this game unless you have more money,then brains.. Not much of good variety plus the game didn't have battleship in it. It had more of funky modern ship look than old school.. Great game, I've been playing for 2 years now and still not tired of it. You can spend money if you want but you don't have to, I don't. Go ahead download it..

I received multiple 5 star chests that disappeared from my inventory before I could use them. I wouldn't invest money in this game unless you like getting ripped off. Still not receiving items earned especially 5 star chest among other things. I believe someone working there is is using these items. Don't waste your money on this game.. I have brought items on game and did not receive not one out of 10 $24.99 skin packs I purchased do not spend your money on game people. Play daily love the affects in game great. Very addicting ,You can also play for free as well as spend on game .. I really enjoy playing is great . Would recommend .... The PVP mode is not ranking correctly they match you against overpowered players and lower ranking players with one or two star ships easily beat your four or five star ships. And the customer service doesnt even answer or help in any kind of way better off playing candy crush!.

Love the everyday,so much to do,would recommend this game to all puzzle players..lots to do and can mostly be done in game for come Have the game on 1 phone, downloaded on 2nd phone so I could have 2 accounts, but the second one is totally different game than the first. Same app, same name, different game. Wth. No content, high prices . devs are low grade idiots. Everything is rigged so you are forced to pay or quit. Events are worthless now and its tough to navigate through all the dead legions and inactive players. There are 7 servers with about 5- 10% players being active. Platform is very unstable with alot of crashing. Constant message " no captain's or ships found" is funny, gotta love playing part of a game. Only wish i could give minus stars.. Fun game. Too many bugs and technical support is nonexistent!!!! Really a shame because it's a good game, just poorly ran.

The best! Lots of stuff to do and so much better than the other games, because it is so much more rewarding and you don't have to invest thousands of dollars to get legendaries. Very satisfied with this game.. Its not a bad game but the ratio of getting 5 stars or even 4 star ships is like 1 in a hundred, very bad even the same when you put money into this game.. How true about the continuous glitches. Now every Sunday night after updating for the week , I'm unable to participate in any battles legion, or matches etc. For 24 hours ????? Why?getting tired of it . 5/14/21 Unable to do fighting for 3 days continually boots me out of game.. DON'T EVER transfer the game to your updated phone from your old phone, if you do you have to start again and lose the 's of $ spent. EXTREMELY PISSED OFF AND DISAPPOINTED with the apps programming..

Great experience. Just wondering why my I-13 doesn't have any special skills even though I've reached level 300+ and core upgraded to level 12?. This game is BRILLIANT, so consuming can play for hours and not know where the time went, easy and fun.. This game has lost its way. Its getting harder to find the ships to upgrade, war is ridiculous, all their doing is posting 1 ship as defence. The fun is gone.. Initially I didn't give the new battleship version much credit, but I'm better able to build up my ships like never before..

All of the RPGs games and most games are fun in the beginning. I agree about players who spend a lot of money to overpower the average players. Maybe the developers could add in tier layers, so new players could build bases.. I'm still waiting to get at least 1b captain in this new game version. I like the older version better!. Dropping to a two star rating. This game has took a turn for the worse. Im finding it harder to make myself play everyday. Ridiculous cost on items (real and in game denominations), enemies with god like power, etc ruin the game for free players. The ships should physicsaly change appearance when leveling up or upgrading. Very repetitive gameplay. Not much to say on the good parts of it. Good game for killing time but not for the long haul. Solely depends how much money you put in the game, just quit for the 2nd time, permanent now. Highly recommend not playing. Plus any loot in the game sucks, used to be alot until they made you pay for everything. Pirate hits at high levels suck unless you have 100k powered fleet which you have to spend alot to get. Noticed many high level players have quit im sure do to spending. To evolve ships you need many duplicates of that ship to get to a huge power. Game is all about MONEY. DONT PLAY.

I'm only getting the game two stars right now because of all the glitches in the game prior to a lot of these updates there weren't so many glitches now it seems to be glitch and kick me out of the game all the time and I'm tired of it I enjoy the game I enjoy the gameplay and the graphics and everything else I've been playing since it started but enough is enough. Due to the current update my account was lost. And I need access to my account after all the time and work spent. And you still have not found my account?. Love this game it get me going but it seem everything about money it wasn't like this before what happen ? I know you want to make money but wow but anyway it a good game.. I gave it a four star instead of a five star rating due to connection problems which is coming increasingly inherent.

Games pretty good, the repeated lack of delivery of rewards earned is annoying as is the useless support that tell you that you've had the reward is enough to make me delete the game.. Great game! Can pass little time but once you get so far that's it. Unless prepared to spend money. Game is a pay to win basically hence 2 stars. Download by all means if you don't mind spending money. The new upgrade makes it impossible to EVOLVE ships even when you have DOUBLES you cant EVOLVE like the old version. how to evolve your ships you cant evolve your ships easy like the old version these developers are idiots "dear friend" no "dear friend" HOW DO YOU EVOLVE YOUR SHIPS ITS NOT EASY LIKE THE OLD VERSION I HAVE DOUBLES I CANT EVOLVE LIKE THE OLD VERSION DEAR FRIEND WHY DID YOU CHANGE THAT FEATURE. THIS IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST WAR GAME ON THE INTERNET TODAY!!!(COME JOIN ME FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE IN WAR GAME'S YOU'LL EVER HAVE) I KID YOU NOT!!!!.

The game is great! The problem is that now you have a bunch of rich, spoiled brats playing the game where they don't mind spending tens of thousands of dollars just to ensure no one else in the game can progress on merit in things like war and heroic arena. Spoiled jerks like oxoxo and Silent Vanguard and Friends, just to name the most egregious pieces of you know what. Money is great for the app, but to have these jerks take over with their trust funds makes the game far less enjoyable..

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