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ReleaseDenis Makhortov
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Cold Path: Conquer the World

Try to take over the whole world.

A Unique Strategy Game Experience

In Cold Path, you will learn technologies, unlock new skills, build fusion reactors, and capture more and more territories.

Create your own scenarios, play on the local network and become the winner. It remains only to muster up the courage to join the global servers, and then play with players from all over the world. Incredible buildings, huge seas, development of 55 technologies, unique skills, and much more. Here you will meet a single company, local as well as global multiplayer. Huge maps of Europe and America, a variety of war scenarios and a unique scenario editor. Crazy battles for large territories, many enemies and everything that you have to experience in the near future. It will be a golden time when the conquests have just begun, and you can become the first.

Download ( V18.5 )

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v1.9.112 • April 14, 2024


New Game

v1.9.1635.0 • May 17, 2024


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v2.4.16 • May 13, 2024