NameCurious Case
ReleaseFuncell Games Pvt Ltd

Here you will learn exactly how to become young again. An adventure that is interesting in every sense awaits every player in Curious Case. Here you will learn exactly how to start from the age of 70 to constantly reduce your age and soon become young.

You will find unique gameplay, a huge selection, incredible features, and a magical tool. Some famous professors suggested that you take a test. He invented a magic tool that will help you not to grow old, but rather to look younger. You agreed to undergo such an experiment but did not know what might come of it. It would be time to face a variety of options, what and how to do it right in the future. Your life is going in reverse, and with every passing day, you will get younger. Discover new possibilities of youth, incredible strength, and fun adventures. Soon you will be young, have fun in your free time and have a great time.

Curious Case MOD

Im giving this game 2 stars beacuse it doesnt let you go further than the age 40 when i was at age 40 i pressed the -5 button it got me back when i was 70 years old. Overall this is a great game but i hope you fix this problem. Does not even anything fun in it.

Download ( V0.1 )

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