NameCyber ​​Dead
ReleaseBombus Studio

Epic battles, crazy battles, and all this for you. Cyber ​​Dead get ready for the craziest battle for our planet. It remains only to pick up a good weapon, and then face the army of aliens for the defense of the Earth. It’s completely impossible to understand where they came from, but their weapons are excellent and you just won’t be able to cope with them.

Despite the fact that your mission is quite difficult, you will not fight alone. Collect a strong squad, fight with them and destroy a large number of enemies. It remains only to show other players how you can survive in the most difficult situations, as well as unique shooting skills. The most colorful game project, artistic theme, and fascinating plot. Enjoy epic battles where you will fight against 50 types of opponents, as well as 10 crazy bosses.

Cyber ​​Dead MOD

Hey work on your current version I wish I didn't update it, the previous version was doing fine but this current one is pathetic. Please fix it or return the previous version if the current one can't be fixed. I have 30 jenny shards but the system said I have not enough shards to unlock her? What kind of devs those this game have? Useless and money grabbing fiends. Hi, Game is awesome from Graphics to controls. But recent update done to game is sucking the joy out of the game. Chests aren't opening, players upgrade are too expensive with coins, daily missions sucks now. It all about Ads now. I think I'm going Uninstall this game. Thanks. I like the game. It is the first time I played but my only problem is the energy it uses.. This game is useless I linked my account with Facebook so that I can save my account which is level 80 I think so. I can't get my account back. Please give my account back to me. No matter how many times I try it shows login session is invalid then tell me how to login my account. This game not login play games store.

Cyber Dead APK

This game is useless I linked my account with facebook so that I can save my account which is level 73 now I can't get my account back.please give my account back to me . I wil change the rating. No matter how many times I try it shows Login session is invalid then tell me how to login my account. It even shows that I logged with my Facebook account previously but now I can't login that account it shows your login session is invalid try again later I'm trying it for 1 year but no use. Entertaining and Interesting game, exciting characters with different attributes and weapons, rewards can be gotten through app if you can't pay..... Fun game, very fun. But I can't link my Facebook to it. Developers have to sort that out asap, besides that it's an amazing and addictive game.. Arena stops working after a while of playing the game. I'll be uninstalling soon if it's not fixed. Also the linking to Facebook has never worked.. there are just so many bugs in this game smh...

Cyber Dead APK

This game is amazing I don't wanna put it down, it's like a drug, everything from graphics to gameplay is fast and smooth with alot of options,but what seems to be a big problem, is that the running button gets in the way of the action, I'm going to check out the other games by this developer, cause this is pretty good job. I'm playing this game but dont know about smelter.I wanna know what does a smelter do?Please share with us about smelter.. very good game but when I play strike mode and won, the winning coins are not reflected in my game coin bar please resolve this problem. The game is so good in the first when I play while and I opened all campaign levels and strike mod .. now no money in any mod and I haven't any money so I will close no interest in game after that.

Cyber Dead APK

Worst game ever...I wish i could give it zero star but not possible. Don't play this game, worst team members not replying to my messages. Once you download this game and played it little bit, then they will bring some bug issues and even after complaining so much time .either they will not respond you or not solve your issue. They just wants you to hook in this game and they will earn lots of money. One of the hero doesn't have bullet. Another thing is, newest update makes you watch the ad but didn't get the reward.. Should of left well enough alone the new update really stinks paid real cash to get the Merc and now have to start all over again shame on you.. Cooooooooin I realy like this game and i want to play but its seems coin reward not recived I feel sorry for this I want to play but without the reward,i dont think so....

I love this game it's so good and fun. The different characters make me want to play more and more. I'm very disappointed video cool down featurs .and mission complete to coin not to be recived .solved this bug fast. I'm really upset and disappointed you should fix the game as soon as possible because i can't get any coins and i love this game so much I don't want to remove it please fix the bug with coins and levels. Very disappointed, control sometimes not responsive, I'm pressing shoot but it won't shoot, I think the character just really sick or something, so they forgot How to shoot weapon. Idiot...

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