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Dynamic timekiller for two. An excellent game with unusual mechanics for devices based on Android with original and exciting gameplay for two players.

DUAL a friend and start exciting gameplay together. The game’s mechanics are presented in an arcade format but are not quite ordinary and familiar. It would help if you used a wireless network or Bluetooth to connect with a friend. After joining, each player must choose a side of the conflict. One player becomes a kind of circle that can shoot. At the same time, the second one takes control of a small defensive square, which can attack and quickly dodge bullets flying at it.

When one of the players reaches a certain number of points, the players switch roles, and everything starts over again. Management is carried out on an intuitive level. To move a figure across the field, an accelerometer is needed, a shot is fired and with the help of presired. Unfortunately, you cannot play alone, as the developer did not add a computer opponent to the game.


Great game, super fun if buy the full game. Should definitely add robot for a offline mode though. But over all a great game. Ts never works, I've tried it on 5 different devices now and 2 different wifi networks and I can never discover anyone and neither can any of the people I play with, could be a cool concept if there was just lobbies. I dont have words for it.Super,Fantastic,Fabulous,amazing,holy, is the legend god of can beat gta v.It can beat all pc or ps games. I would say great game because my tablet has it so I can play with my friend on the bus because I have a hotspot so we can just connect over same wifi Thank you developers for making such a fun and challenging game. I will never forget this. :) And now for the man who made survival craft 2 kaalus aka candy refus games :). This game is very fun especially if you and your friends are bored! I would love to have this game infinite stars!.


it's a very good game - lots of fun - completely multiplayer I do wish there was a single player mode. I hate this game. I wanted to play with my sister, and she tried to install it and she couldnt. I wish I could give 0 stars. If you don't pay it's a little annoying but it's a dollor so support them and it's Hella lit. Worth every penny. . One of very few direct phone to phone games. Even fewer that creat a conjoined realtime gamefield. Like Pong, It's drawbacks is that its kind of a one hit wonder. What you see is what you get and although there are small in game perks to keep you playing its still quite vanilla..


I love the game but just there is no way to unlock more ships without paying and mabey add more ships to the game. Not happy. I purchased the game a while back and I dont have any of the new ship. Can you help me with this please. Also the app doesn't work on Samsung Note 10 plus.. Absolutely hate this game me and my sister were so happy to play this game then we played and then I didn't let us play anymore don't download this game guys!. Works really good but I'm sure it would work better if you buy the extra fee thingy but I cannot go pass that line the line of "SPENDING MONEY ON GAME" ...ya not my job.


It's the best game when with friends but it only needs one thing if it had an multiplayer lobby or we can play multiplayer it would be just amazingggg !!!!. I have purchased this app. However it is not visible in my family library to let my family members to install and play. Google provides 5 family members for this purpose.. It doesn't work. When trying to connect with other people's devices, it just doesn't connect. I've tried wifi, Bluetooth, and even inputting each other's IPs and it still doesn't register the other's device.. This game is so underrated game.... Less space bt best and enjoyable game ever I have seen.. I love it and I'm referring this game to my buddies .

At least give us a free ship, we just needed a game to play to ease boredom for a couple minutes not long term.. Concept is good, but itd be cool if there was a feature where you can play with anyone in the world. This game is nul You just cant play Without paying It look cool but paying for just a game just nul. I'd love if I could connect with friends who aren't accessible by bluetooth and are on a seperate wifi network. Otherwise, good game..

Wifi mode didn't work. Manual IP didn't work. This was between Android and IOS. Bluetooth obviously wouldn't work. Great game when it works though. Great game but my game crashed when I was playing in defend mode somehow and then I can't open the game . They deducted the amount of free to play game play to the point where you can play if you don't spend money on it.. what a fun game to play with your friend in person! only downside is limited options without purchasing the premium fee..

I love the games but there was one problem me at my friend tried to connet but half the time it failed to connet it could be our phone but I hop the developers can solve the problem. The best, simplest, and interesting game ever I have played... Its very attentive and also easy to connect with your friends!!. I Really liked this game. There was one problem with me that I can't find any good multiplayer game but after playing this game my hunt for multiplayer game was over. The best challenging part is your opponent is hidden and you have to shoot him. Not only this you can also throw a bomb on the opponent. In my choice this is one of the best multiplayer timepass game and you can enjoy a lot playing this game. The game has a interesting idea. I like the simplicity, it makes the game different compared to the market. The movment is also quite interesting and intriguing. HOWEVER, the game is basically pay-to-play and all of the free stuff is pretty bad. Quite disappointing especially since the game is quite short and you won't play it that often as it just gets boring after a while..

No adds no in game purchase pressure great game only reason not 5 stars is I can never find a friend play with even if I do, they dont have it. I really love this game for it is really fun to play against your friend without knowing where he is. I would love it even more if there were an online multilayer mode -> you could play with anybody in this world or bots-if you don't have friends. Nothing to describe has it never connected to other phone. Wasted a lot of time trying and got nowhere.. don't bother.. I always loved this game. It's just a bit of fun I can always come back to that's a simple but good concept 10/10 thank you devs..

Its a very fun game, me and my friend had really so much fun! , But i didnt figure out how to unlock skins whatever they are called but tho its really a fun game for two players!!. Dumb AF lets me download and do tutorial and as soon as I try to play with a mate it says buy the full game????? YEAH OK PAL. It's good but the reason I put three stars is because I wanna play with my brothers but Bluetooth and WiFi connection won't work cause' they are in another country.. Hello I am the daughter of Koli Chowdhury I can say this game is is...? Ok this game is cool I don't know I just really like it this game is exciting and fun bye!! and up course suggest everyone to play this game .

The tutorial is free, then you have to pay to play. Just make it so u pay before you download it, this is hurting your rating alot.. I like the concept of this game but I wish we can play online as I have no friends to play with :0. It could be better with two teams one on one side and the other take my idear I don't care. This is a good game but lacks flexibility like if i need a new mode i have to buy it in both devices. And i wish like can it have a online mode too like play worldwide. Anyway it is a great game..

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