NameDeath Worm
ReleasePlayCreek Games

Death Worm – Meet the real killer worm, which turns out to be a ferocious monster. It can be controlled with one finger on a smartphone, so there is certainly nothing complicated in this toy. After all, who is he? Perhaps an ordinary alien came to us from outer space? Or even a prehistoric predator? But as it turned out later, this is no longer important since the game is very interesting even without these details. At the same time, our hero wants to have dinner, and he wants to eat.

In Death Worm, this monster can eat in four different locations. This is an absolute horror when you have to pass up to 60 levels in a company. You won’t get bored here, as the project offers three bonus mini-games. There are great survival modes, up to three of them. Here, your hero will be tested for his ability to survive in this somewhat dangerous environment. A completely different worm will open in each position you open in front of you. You can blow up cars, powerful armored vehicles, planes, and more here. This game supports high resolution and it will be available on all smartphones.

Death Worm MOD

Man this game is the best so so so so best of like you have to change your worm with level but it got even better you can shoot fire ball high jump and shoot 3 fireball it like little little hard but so like a you got a original worm so you have to get all the level so you can get SPECIAL WORM and that. you get normal and easy but no hard just normal and easy. THIS GAME IS IS AMAZING, ITS LIKE A DREAM, although there's a few things id like to add, if we could get at least one good skin that would be awsome, other than. That 5 STARS. Very good game!. I like it alot! But the problem is you can't see the price of the worms. Pls fix this.. I love this game its fun I like the way the people scream when you eat then and I like the worms. This game is good but it's not supposed to be under the ground and you knew that people wouldn't like it that way but it's a 4 star for sure.

Death Worm APK

This is good and getting a skin is so fast my goal is getting the cyber nipper but this is kinda hard when i must destroy 2 ufo the ufo was so fast and i need to use the leech worm i believe yeah this game is so hard but is ofline soo its good. why you guys give the game 1 star the game is COOL and mission are good to no bugs let's make this game 5 stars. Very fun, but I wish I could replay campaign levels. Also, an endless mode would be cool. All in all, it is very fun, recomend.. I love to play this game very much and I like the story of the game.this is the best game I ever played.also can you add more boss levels after the final boss level? I like to play more boss levels very much. hope you read this..

Death Worm APK

This is like the best mobile game I have ever played. The fact that I'm a giant death worm is all ready thrilling.. I hope playcreek games listen to me about my idea of an new update. About adding a new map and new enemies. You're welcome I have so many ideas for the new update I can give you them.. Scary and has a lot of good grafic but you need to add more worms in the game and add more books on the xp bar were even it is but your Lucky I gave this app full rate I should of gave it a 3. Add it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This game isn't just a game, it is art. Action packed with many kinds of worms to select and destructible environment makes this as the greatest action and strategical game I have ever played. Aarav Mishra.

Death Worm APK

Not a lot of ads really fun game to play. Nicely put together. If your a content purchaser, the items are relatively cheap and any purchase removes the adds. I give this game an 8 out of ten.. This is a great game to pass the time, not mini ads, (come on that's a plus) and it's really fun. Put it this way, you won't regret downloading it. So what are you waiting for,. !!JUST DO IT.!!!. I love this game I've played this since I was six, and it's a great game it cured my boredom many times when I was young and even today. There's even missions now. I can't believe how far this game has gone. It's a five star for me.. This game is attack is excellent and this death worm is dengerous and very much action Good diff between us.

Tbh the game itself is the best in the past and present. I started to play this when I was kid I had soon much fun it brings back memory's playing it again. If your looking to eat and destroy tanks or helicopters I really recommend this game it's very fun. . This is the best game I've ever played, the graphics, the gore, the destruction, all of it! This is a perfect 10/10.

Download ( V2.0.060 )

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