NameDictators No Peace
ReleaseRPN Indie Developer

In Dictators No Peace, you have the excellent opportunity to take control of one of the most diverse countries in the world. Then you will be able to capture the whole world, but things have only begun so far. Right from the start of the project, you will have to choose a particular state you decide to manage. Develop it, increase military strength, and other aspects later useful for world conquest. You can prepare many resources for a future attack, stock up on valuable materials and prepare for a long war. You will soon be able to attack your neighbors and eventually annex their territory.

Your empire will grow, become more prosperous, and expand faster. In time, the world will kneel before you; you will have wealth, all resources, and more. But don’t relax simultaneously because your opponent can also prepare and attack you. It will be an entertaining adventure, the craziest military operations, the accumulation of resources, and the capture of territories. Become the coolest dictator on this gaming planet.

Dictators No Peace MOD

The game is amazing It's a good strategy game and the good thing that it is very very simple, I love strategy games but I don't have time to play them so this game have solved my problem, a good strategy game and simple, but the only problem is that I can't make allies this is why I gave it 4 stars, please an update that allows you to make allies and declare wars.. It'd be cool if after you conquer the world, you can like conquer planets or something, but the game was fun and I had a great time!. I would give it a zero if I could because it not only is it stupid it even does not allow to play like a want to play anyway rate 0 stars if I could. Cool i want to say now that i conqured the world i really like this game and im trying with challenges like speedrunning or not using nuclear weapon. What a game, once started means, can't leave it. Very interesting. I just started playing and want to know that, what will happen when I will occupy the whole world Offline and fantastic. Thank you for this game. Really love it. Highly recommend for downloading..

Dictators No Peace APK

Love it so much it's amazing no ads only if you want ads like it says do you want to watch an ad to get this rocket like that but you need to click on the rocket thingy amazing no bugs recommend you guys to download this best app I have absolutely nothing to complain about it's approved by me. Hi I love this game so so so so much but please can you make this online to play with friends please. This helps me in geography stuff sorry for the comment saying its boring conquering countries and profiting was fun and it gelps me in geography class also. It is a great time killer, and well i completed the world domination it was fun keep up waiting for more games to be released.

Dictators No Peace APK

Very fun game for people who love history and geography, but not much to do when you beat the game.. Addictive game very good literally it deserves 5 stars love it no ads no annoying things .just purely enjoy great work really appreciate it. I enjoy the concept of the game, although it's basically your average conquest based game, it has a few details that make it more or less unique, but I have some discrepancies with the game that make it hard to fully enjoy. The trade system while neat, is also a bit hard to would be neat if every trade port was unique to the regions they're in and the resources they would normally import and export compared to their real life alternatives. The income system needs to be better!. A very simple game. Game takes an idea in an offline format that many games do not. Sometimes it can get very boring, or unforgiving but over all 10/10..

Dictators No Peace APK

Good game but there's a really annoying bug where you should win a war but it doesn't count for some reason even tho I should of won this needs to be fixed otherwise great game. It has this weird bug when you colonize Mongolia a invasion can be 2 strength and your local military be 30 strength and you local military would get destroyed by a 2 strength invasion even know your local military is 15 times stronger than the invaders. You have to develop to this game above Like clash of clans that opposite party attack to my country and I revenge to him Like multiplayer game or offline anyway but to you update that idea enemy attack my country and occupy my country I occupied in other countries I have fight to him I lost him finally update. Add online multiplayer and I will download it again and change my review. Please add online offline is really boring at times.

Best game I have ever played I love how you can be a small country like Cuba and colonize the whole earth. Very great game but it would have been way better if you were not the only one at war and other countries constantly at war also but not always. And more major events like world wars and revolutions.and if you occupied a nation you are able to draw how much land of the nation u want to take over. an amazing game great job for making this,but you need to update something like an editor mode so you can change the countries and many more for many downloads, but it is just an amazing game good job. This game is so so so epic litrelly this game made me addicted I leave free fire or bgmi and play on this game....this game made my dream true i colonize all the india Jai hind .

Very good game, simple and clean. Played it a little bit here and there over a couple days and won a round. It's not really challenging or complicated, it's just a matter of somewhat decisive thinking to conquer as quickly and efficiently as possible. For someone new to strategy games, this is something you can pour many hours into. For anyone such as myself with years of playing strategy games, this isn't necessarily exciting, just the basic fundamentals of conquering a map.. Great and amazing game . Liked it so much . Guide for new players - Do import and export with cargo ship that gives you a lot of money.. It's a wonderful Game and it's fine to play like which you are your friend who is more Land and so you can pick a country and play with your friends or family.. This game Is pretty good for a war game its simple and fun but could be better because there is no threat of losing you loose countries you colonized but you can't get colonized by another country its simply that you can't loose the game other than that it's really good.

It's a great game for passing time idly. I had fun and once played it for 1.5 hours straight without a break. Game ini bagus banget aku suka juga ada tantangan rebelsnya tapi minta tolong buar ada sekutu/allies biar bisa makin kuat sama bagi yang komen kenapa negaranya bisa balik lagi itu kan rebel, jangan langsung ngatain dulu. Pretty good game! Although for a update idea, when you gain control of a country, it loses its border and joins the border of your starter nation. Example, Norway invades Sweden and wins. The line separating the two country's will disappear as Sweden becomes part of Norway.. The concept of this game is very intresting! I've played it in it's entirety and it was amazing! Congrats! You made a game that I actually liked!.

I rarely do reviews... but these devs deserve it! A FTP game, with no forced adds, cool gameplay and easy to understand battles. Its not a tripple A game ofc, as far its free and no ads. Its nice to see, that there are still good dev teams out there! Keep it up!. Very fun. Easy to play and mess around with. There is 100% a stratgy to win of stating with low power contrys and going up and up. I think that it is a really good desined game and like it very much.. Love this game, came back to it after a few years and it's still pretty fun even with no updates and it has a nice artstyle and sense of humor.. Keeps you engaged for long. There is this bug when you discover a country, then you leave, sometimes all the countries that you don't discover have 0 stars In all stats. Maybe fix, idk how it starts.

Literally one of the best games on mobile. But I call the developers! Please it would be perfect if you make the game harder and longer at least let us choose the difficulty.. I did conquer world at what cost need more updates plz but great game nice job but kindly add events like apocalypse or day night.

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