9 Months iOS Mod 1.35.0 (Unlimited Nutrition/Diamonds/Money)

Name9 Months
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9 Months is an addictive game with detailed 3D animation and soft music. The game is shown by observing the gradual development of a child inside a virtual female body, from the first day of pregnancy to the birth of the child.

Various interfaces and indicators will allow you to constantly monitor the condition of the fetus, excluding the possibility of interruption of vital functions or improper formation of internal organs. Through various accessories, you can directly influence the health of your baby and even start interacting with your parents.


The plot of the game 9 Months is a complete 9-month process of the development of a child in a woman’s womb. At first, it appears as a microscopic cell that begins to grow in size slowly, accumulating nutrients and producing the original flesh.

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Furthermore, there will be gradual formation of tissues, organs and change of the child’s body structure to the normal state of a human baby. During pregnancy, his parents actively communicate with the fetus, which also affects its development. Finally, you might even go through the birthing process with your new mother and hear the first cry of a baby boy.

How to play 9 Months

Fetal development from birth is a fascinating nine-month process. Every few days, the fetus is getting bigger and growing faster. You can participate in the process and see it all.

At the bottom of the game screen, there is always a toolbar, which has a toolbar that accelerates fetal growth, adds new cells, reduces its outer size, etc.

At the top, the baby’s age is expressed in months, weeks, days, hours and minutes, as well as a development indicator, completion of which will mean the transition to the child’s next level of growth. The mod for multiple cells and food will give you loads of game resources that you can spend in the store and buy new abilities and accessories to interact with your baby.

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Features and Graphics

In 9 months, you have the opportunity to make the process faster by producing cells and learning about each of their stages. Due to the very good graphics, you will see firsthand how tissues, organs appear and how the fetus develops.

Notable advantages when playing for 9 months:

  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • The smallest detailed description of the stages of development.
  • Monitor the condition of the fetus.
  • Family interaction.
  • Lots of options for accessories.

In addition to observing the baby’s development, you will have the opportunity to study the fetus itself and the effect the formation of different organs on the baby’s health, thanks to the dashboard located below. As you move forward, you will have the opportunity to unlock different accessories.

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