Name9 Months
ReleaseGreen Panda Games

9 Months is an educational and realistic simulator with clicker elements that allows you to observe your baby’s development in the womb during the nine months of pregnancy. Go through all stages of pregnancy – from the conception of an unborn child to birth. Each of us has been a part of this exciting journey, and now you will have the opportunity to be a silent witness to the process. See the emerging life and get all the processes going the right way. Track all the parameters and characteristics of the fetus and evaluate them, as well as touch the screen to accumulate money for the fetus.

In addition to the entertainment part of the content, it also has an educational component. The game is divided into different stages of fetal development, and even after a baby is born, new adventures await you. At the top of the screen, you can track your baby’s growth, and improvement factors and growth buttons are on the sides. You will find high-quality realistic graphics with detailed animations, a simple interface, and many attractive bonuses.

9 Months MOD

I can't find the restore purchase option. I did the free 3 day trial, it didnt give me the trial, took the money from my bank. I turned off the game, came back the same day and it was gone. Like i never even payed.. Man my hands got tired from clicking on it. It took forever to grow,it took me 5 days to get the baby to grow.if there is another way to click fast.and the refilling is slow. The game is very interesting and fun to play but the only problem is that it takes a lot of time to refill the nutritional stuff and it is very disturbing , pls find something to do about it. If someone says every baby in the game IS a idiot or other bad words he or she is THE BAD WORD. So my baby has finally been born. However, now his energy does not want to refill anymore, meaning the baby can not grow further than 1 day. Does this mean I will have no more growth? Should I just go ahead and uninstall the app. I mean, if the game is just to grow the fetus and not grow the baby ? Then what's the purpose of wasting time trying to grow it? Is anyone else experiencing this problem, or is it just me?.

9 Months APK

I love this game so much it made me cry and think about when I was pregnant and how my baby was when it was not yet big. I understand you're trying to make money off of this but do I want to literally wait 9 months ? No ! Great concept and great information. I really wanted to try and wait it out but, I've had 3 kids I know how it all works so maybe speed up the process or I'm going to have to hit uninstall on this one . I like the option ads but there are too many trivia questions there after 3 grow presses please make like 10-15 presses. It's teaches me about what a baby goes through when a women's pregnant and it's cool learning facts about a baby.

9 Months APK

I realy want to be a mum and this is the way to get me ready I realy hope everyone plays this game it does take long you just need to be patient I hope you know this will help you a lot if you want a child or have one.. This is my second time trying this game. Let me tell you, it is absolutely boring! It takes forever! I will be uninstalling it. It's all just about the money.. I like this game I like how it teach you stuff and you can have fun luv y'all like plz. I like the game but it takes a long time for it to be a baby and my finger is starting to get tired of pushing the button but also I think it's pretty cool it's like you are racing a baby in real life but it's on your phone.

9 Months APK

this game helps you on how you will make a baby in the future which is really interesting and it teaches you to so download it and give it a try. I wanted to see how the baby would look like in the womb, and now I finally know. Which made me pretty happy The only 2 problems are: that it takes so long, and it is kinda scary, which isn't your fault, though. Overall, I guess I would recommend it, kinda scary but that okay I guess. In conclusion, if I could I would give it 3.5 stars. But I will give it 4, since I'm kind! . Fun game but way too many ads. It's pretty much more time on ads than gaming. I can't do it so I uninstalled.. I haven't had any issues with it so far and I haven't seen any adds. It's a great app so if your interested in it you should definitely get it!.

It keeps disconnecting on me. I'm using my sister's Beth laptop it is a HP Chromebook laptop. Until I get some money to by myself a Brand NEW laptop.. This is such an interesting app. It's so much fun. You get to watch the birth process all the way from conception. Up to full birth i'm learning so much.. I really like it, but still add no getting rid of your progress no matter what it is a good game. Just make sure you play daily to get a baby in less time. The last review I made when I was 7 and now I am 9, so I really recommend this game. Please don't hate on the game.. The game will not load at all so i cannot play it. please fix this because its been happening for months..

I think that if I rate it a good review, it will not kick me out whenever I try to play :(. I tried this game on the 20th of January 2024 and this game is so un put together. It is worthless.. I like to escape a real. It's kind of cool. I will give a 3 stars cause you need to wait so long. You need to wait like 9 months actually. So I did it a little bit so I will give it. Probably yeah, I said it already 3 stars. And I'm not so long. I don't even know how. How frightened she can be so long Like my mom I didn't know how long my mom carried me like a nine months. 9 months. Ide 80s 90s vintage stranger things close 80s 90s Retro styles makeup colours 90s 80s Can you please update the music Can you please update the 80s 90s games features hair style 80s 90s Retro Stranger things close 80s 90s Retro 70s 60s.

I love this game. It's a pretty cool experience to go through step by step on the way a baby is formed inside our bodies. I wish that I could still have a baby. But I regretfully had my tunes tied when I had my son.. Has been stuck at the same partial refill for a week now. Would have hoped to at least been able to get to the baby stage, but appears the game is broken on my tablet. Uninstalling.. I appreciate the fact that ads don't appear abruptly during gameplay, just a very little few games do that. But I feel like the player is very dependent on watching ads for rewards. And in terms of optimization the game seems a little weak..

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