NameJourneys Romance Stories
ReleaseGameloft SE

Journeys: Interactive Series – romantic love stories with beautiful graphics. In this game, you will come across unique and original levels that you will grasp from the first minutes and keep until the end. This is sure to please those who love light and practical reading. Unlike books, here you can make decisions, think for yourself, and develop your unique story. There is also a chance to see what you end up with. Each action will lead to the development of a particular plot, so the player will have to think through everything and solve the problems that arise.

An incredible variety of monsters, vampire clans, werewolves, and other terrible creatures have a specific effect on what is happening around them. Each of these stories will be unique, unexpected, and unrepeatable. It is simply impossible to predict what will happen next. Unexpected turns will put you on tiptoes and keep you from relaxing. You must think before every move for your hero’s story to end well. Nothing is impossible in the game; you need to think through everything and be confident in your actions.

Journeys Romance Stories MOD

I like journeys but it keeps on showing me the same ad every single time it shows me the super Mario Lego ad all the time and I would like for you guys to change the ad because it's starting to get annoying 4 stars I would give you 5 stars but you need to change the ad first ok ok. When coming recipe of love story and why you are so crewed give only 4 gems and need any decision making it take 20 gems, its not fare.... This game is so fun I really enjoy it but it has short episodes which sucks alot and the tickets to play have long hours before y could play if they can fix that then I can give it 5 stars. It's okay I love it, the stories are amazing But it has a problem it is not offline i like games that is offline. compared to choices, this game is nothing because in choices when i first start a book i have enough diamonds to end a chapter all with premium choices and in this game only one, you really think people gonna waste money in your game?.

Journeys Romance Stories APK

What a game of my life. There is only two things I feel like u have to improve firstly the diamond that u give at the end are not comprehending with the ones needed to by clothes and making the best choice and secondly the tickets for playing are few. I love this game for it looks real and the graphic but my problem is that you guys need to remove too much of buy diamond. I m really into this game. Loving the "recipe of love" episodes, so interesting story. I'm really in love with this.. . I haven't tried other stories yet. But this is better than Linda Brown where only a girl character is available to play.. Good game with better graphics and storylines but I don't like stories on romance only . Paranormal and Sci-Fi stories should be added too..

Journeys Romance Stories APK

This game is awesome but the is one problem I have to wait an hour before playing the next game. No doubt that I had love dis game but the only problem is that of diamonds they r so hard to collect n although we get only 1 diamond after every episode n the main thing is that for a special choice we need to pay 20 diamonds n for that reason many times I had loose plz see to it ....... Don't bother. Made to snatch your money to actually provide a decent experience at the very minimum. These have so much potential but it's clear they only care about getting your money rather than a quality experience for users. Same with Episodes and other similar "games".. This game is totally great but one problem alot of tasks but few coins please if you can afford it add for us some coins .

Journeys Romance Stories APK

No doubt, i love this game so much and "recipe of love" is just love but the only problem is the diamond hard to collect it irl pay we can't but stories are very good and loved it but diamond We can't do anything without diamond and it's very difficult to collect them. I waste my to much time to write here this paragraph. Please listen to us and free the diamond we will give 5stars if you listen us!. Such a worst app .every time showing network problem but my net is good. I don't know what's the real problem.. Your Journeys of Romance Stories Have increased to trend across the globe! But to be honest,Many friends around my region have been saying on your improvement /Monthly updates!. The game is really nice and the episode is really fantastic, but you must have enough data to play the game..

There are a couple of good stories , but it needs to update them more often. I've been waiting for months for a story.. Thanks, this game is amazing.... I had a good time playing Recipe of Love . But the only problem with it is it's so hard to collect diamonds I usually collect 10 or less in one day . Pls fix this and I'am gonna to give the game 5 stars.. No new season of recipe of love has "come out soon" yet there's videos online of every season? 3 months and no new season. Still no new season. Really?????. This is a really good game for the most part. The main thing I don't like is that all the good options cost 20 diamonds, and it takes several episodes to get that many. Therefore, you can't always make the decisions you want..

This game is amazing and am enjoying it , it has absolutely no problems and it's like kinda actually realistic , but to much ads that's why I gave it 4 stars. Even tho I started only two stories, they seem more then exciting, can't wait to finish them all! The app overall is fun, you can get diamonds and tickets which is cool, love the game!:). It's a great app for stories but it's just (1) How can we always just receive one dimoand ? Like u should receive at least 10 diamonds or smth and (2) I am totally fine with the adds but it is just u should receive at least 900 diamonds in the starter like am i right or wrong (3) plz just add a type of add Dimond option cuz and can be frustrating but although game ratings is important to rate although game is nice plz fix it (hope I'm not discouraging you )but yeah anyways take care bye ..). This is an amazing game but please the game needs improvement tickets slots must be increases. Also please THE GAME WOULD BE BETTER IF THERE WAS SOUND. VOICE FROM THE CHARACTERS. IT IS AN AMAZING GAME. I COULD GIVE 5 STARS BUT. THE 1 STAR LEFT IS FOR SOUND. CHARACTERS NEED TO SPEAK ORALLY. It is an amazing game.

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