NameTrailer Park Boys: Greasy Money
Size40.9 Mb
ReleaseEast Side Games Studio

An entertaining clicker game based on the well-known universe of the popular TV series. Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is an exciting clicker game for Android mobile devices based on the events of the famous series.

In this clicker, gamers will have to travel to one of the disadvantaged suburbs of Sunnyvale. The user will try to earn as much money as possible with its residents without getting caught by the police. This is because sometimes, a player will have to cross the line of the law to get rich. During the game, you will meet various characters. This is a story about amazing guys who once ended up in prison, where they realized a lot. When they were released, they had to pay a hefty fine. There was no money, and they had to be taken from somewhere. So the guys decided to use a couple of ways to earn money. A signature sense of humor, a development system, and an intriguing plot – that’s what awaits you in this exciting game.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money MOD

Great game with great references to the original material. Great for people who don't have much time to play game (as it's an idle game) and has fun features and gameplay.. The game used to be a lot of fun. They tripled (or more) the amount of ads and there are several glitches in the game that have been there through multiple updates so they apparently don't plan to fix them. Deleting the app as of today.. I like the game but events are unplayable with my fold 3 open so unless that is fixed I won't be playing the game. I dont like watching a video for my event trunk cuz thats stupid so y did yall start that for. After i signed up for a newsletter? I think that's what it was, i was redirected to a site where younget five free hashcoins a week. Would you please give me the url, so i can find my way back ? Thank you..

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money APK

What a shame. The game is total rubbish and having to press continue between EVERY single line of dialogue is an instant uninstall from me..... I loved the game and played for years but have apparently reached the end, I've been waiting for "more seasons coming soon" for months now. Pretty frustrating to only have the events to play. Makes it very difficult to further my game in the events if I don't have seasons to earn hash coins and money.. started good 5yrs ago. slowly downhill. spent 800 has to land 11 on board. most the time it's gamble if u get peeps needed. it's turned into an f u game. regardless of hash coins so guess cut back on time spent.. This is a returning issue....won't let you watch videos to help multiply your amount....iv wasted a couple of skip event cards because it won't let anything kick in...please help with the situation....been playing this game everyday for to years.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money APK

So far, I'm digging it. I'll have to update my review in a few days after I get into the game more. Money grab game by the devs. Events suck now. Any requirement to upgrade businesses is only completed at the mercy of randomness... or money of course. I use to have so much fun playing this game and now it's impossible because no matter what you do it kicks you out while your playing. While watching adds opening event trunks collecting prizes and switching to mini games it kicks you right out of the game. It officially sucks now!. Updated review. In the last few months, this has taken a down turn. Forced ads, loads 50% of the time or sits and sits and sits. Ads failing and staying on a black screen, losing the reward the ad was watched for. Pay for this, pay for that, have to buy this. I'm sorry, but this game isn't anything like it was in the beginning..

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money APK

Edit: I contacted the crew at the email below and they assured me they will fix it. I changed back to 5 stars! Some of the ads you watch will automatically download other apps. It just downloaded "triple tile" i didn't even know that it happened until later. You have to watch ads to progress in this game, that's life, but auto downloading apps is super sketchy. I play this game so much that I've run out of seasons. I've spent a lot of money on this game over the years, and I'm pissed!. Gane used to be great. But now ads kept crashing my devices and I'm losing bonuses like crazy. Please fix.. Description of experience? I HAVE BEEN AND WILL FOREVER BE THE WORLD'S TOP 5% OF GAMERS. my experience is that in which I create:). Glitching in event, cash resets at goes back to *J* Won't add funds from * adults only* business that should be *N* every second I'm watching Max ads, spending cash and now this!? 2/14/2024 tried contacting submitting errors gets run around zero help!!!.

Ads make the game practically unplayable! Each time the add sequence comes on, instead of being able to x out the add after watching it, I'm redirected to web pages and apps and unable to close out without multiple steps. Sometimes I have to start the game over. So intrusive to gameplay!. It used to be so much better before the forced ads that pop up after opening a trunk. Or the ads that have to be closed 3 or 4 times. I used to love this game, now it's only about the ads. Games dialog is fun, frequent events the only concern I have is me and my spouse both play but we always have different prices for the park pass its always different, park pass should be one set price the same for everyone. This game gets worst and worst with the ads. Now they have double ads. If this keeps going I'm bout to delete this game fo sho...n'm sayin Ma'fk..

having glitch issues love the game but needs a overall system update with bug fixes as the game will simply kick me out for no reason at all. Fun little time killer - for a couple of weeks. After that it's just ad after ad after ad. I get that it's literally called Greasy Money, but that's just ridiculous now. Rewards for watching them are just joke. And not the funny one. There are a lot of other free2play games, where you can just buy no-ads option and don't waste your time, but it's not the case here. That's just pure greed.. this game is getting unplayable each time on event claiming trunk it boots you out of game only works in idle mode this is beyond a joke please delete my account as it won't let me delete it. Chains of ads run on every action now. This was a good game and now it is unplayable because ads run almost nonstop.

honestly this game is amazing brings me back lol but ads are being weird other then that it great!CAW. It's a good game overall I ve be playing this game for a long time now it won't let me play the second game to this game and won't let me collect my bonus rewards so I have to give it a 1 star when I can't play the whole version.. I paid for the season pass and didn't get any of the bonus liquor or hash coins, or character cards. Ads way too long, if they continue to force players to watch the Garden landscape ads which are over 2 minutes long and can't get out of it, I will stop playing this game completely.

I've been trying to collect rewards but it won't let me. I uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail. If I could get some help, I'd appreciate it. Other than that, 5 stars. Good game.. Don't do the earn hashcoins. While they make money from you to do these tasks, Tapjoy doesn't pay out. It's been 10 days since my request for payout for lvl 19. I have to wait for this ticket to be completed before I can put in the request for lvl 21. Payouts are supposed to be up to 48 hours. Trailer park admin doesn't honor the credits if tapjoy doesn't pay. Their advice is to be patient. Bad business. . The Game Is Great Because It's Based on the Show because In the show The Boys Go through alot of Stuff And opening businesses Just For them all to fail and go to jail and restarting them all over again. 4 star Rating because I went to their Web-pipe-site to get Free HashCoins I didn't Get them Yet Just Waiting for em."Oh I get It keep your friends Close, But your Eneimes Toaster.". need to be learnt on how to get hashcoins. freeeeee. also not available to buy but .... I pressed the get hashcoins free and nothing happened. I love the game because it's yall and I love fighting Lahey and randy. Also, when you are in character collection some possible characters you unlocked are alllllllllllll the wayyyyyyyy at the bottom. And its alot to scroll through. So if you could fix that would be cool. decent game.

*Update -Lol. The reason you see so many positive reviews is because they whine and get the negative ones deleted. Lmao. *Original review- Glitches. Soooo many glitches. And absolutely no support team unless you complain publicly. I played this for years and years - it used to be a cute game- but the creators must have gotten greedy and now it's all just a steaming pile of hot swamp garbage. Not even worth downloading.. The game is totally full, with ads now totally unfair unless you are willing to watch 20 1-minute adds. Do not download this game the only way you can progress in the game is if you pay money or watch 20 to 30 adds a day some have two full adds in one so they make you watch 2 adds instead of one used to be good many years ago but they just want adds and money crazy took all the fun right out of the game. Won't stop crashing after it loads. Been playing for years on multiple devices and this new update just kills all the joy.. This game has so much foal language a it I thought it would have some but almost every sentence has one swear word. Kid should not play this game.

This is a great game with NO forced ads. The vibe gives off the same mood as the Trailer Park Boys series. Keep up the great work. Would recommend.. mine is also too large you cant play, i cant submit a ticket either bc its not accessable on the screen.....ive played for ever 6 yrs but cant now. Amazing game such a many many many items are in this game you don't bleive when i was downloading this game i was really excited I say whooo. The ads don't work so you can't double the amount of income from businesses. Without being able to double up it is impossible to get to rank 1st place to win avatars and items. I quite enjoy the game but I am defeated with this ad problem. Seems there is no fix..

The videos freeze up the games that don't give you the rewards on the videos that locks up your game and it won't let you get on your friends on Facebook. Really? I don't watch enough adds for your games you have to drop them in randomly like some terrorist!!! BS everyone of your games. And ur response is laughable obviously you didn't see what I wrote I click all the ads and u don't like it popping up so yes it does affect game play I already prompt to watch ads.. Loving the game. Just wanna use this to let you know I think there is a bug. I keep getting strange background music when I've played the game for the last few days. It even stays on when I go to my phones home screen. Maybe it's just me?. After a very long time of enjoying this game it breaks my heart to uninstall killed it!!.

Game was good until I started getting forced to watch ads (generating revenue for the company) when I opened Lahey's timer trunks, as did 20% of my group of friends who also play the game. Forcing you to watch ads with no reward like the other times in the game is, well, greasy. I contacted customer support and was lied to that it effected everyone (it doesn't) and that "thanks, I'll pass it on to the developers", basically blowing me off.. What a fkn joke!!! Anything to get you to spend, spend, spend! Been playing this account for months now an it's worse. And almost forgot I click on the money icon half a dozen times b4 it collects, so I miss out on money bc of a "bug"! Wtfe! But it passes time. Just don't spend a dime an see for yourself!!!!!!!! Update, pay attention to the other when updating businesses or characters!. (1/12/24 Dropping to 3 stars because the game makes you tap on too many pop ups about spending real money it's obnoxious.) Never forces you to watch an ad. Fun events that you can actually complete without buying your way to the top of the leader board. I had a problem getting my reward from an event but after contacting support they were able to add the items to my accountant. (2/3/22 last update fixed the crashing that I had been experiencing.).

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