NameDino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur

Real dinosaur simulator. In the fascinating story of Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur, you will be able to face a variety of dinosaurs. This will be very interesting for fans of Jurassic Park, so start your game and find something new. You just need to connect the same dinosaurs correctly, breed a new species and earn bonuses.

Play an exciting game, have incredible fun, and discover many new dinosaurs. This vast world is home to various dinosaur species that you will soon meet. Here you will need skill, attentiveness, speed, and improvement. Control dinosaurs’ evolution, create new species, unlock categories, collect bonuses, and move forward. You can at one moment launch your branch of dinosaurs, which were not on Earth, and get something completely new.

Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur MOD

ITS ABSOLUTELY AWSOME AND ILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!! TY for this and have fun every one including the person who paid for the ad.. I was enjoying seeing the new dinos but at about level 8 or 9 dino, it cost so much to get the base dino that it is super boring and I gave up.. the game is quite easy to do & is good to pass the time & I had no issues with ads by turn my phone on airplane mode but it means you miss out on bonus eggs & double money, but I must say the only issue i had was That the game play is short & I have merged anything to the max within 24 hours so now there is nothing for me to do which makes the game pointless in keeping the shortness of the game is why I have rated the game 3 stars. I love the merging in the game but there are way too many ads in it and ad pop's up after every level you do. If the ads were did not show so often it would be a five..

Download ( V2.8.2.5 )

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