NameUsed Car Dealer Tycoon

A kind of business simulator with exciting gameplay. Used Car Dealer Tycoon is an exciting business simulation game in which you have to become the owner of an operated car dealership business.

You will learn how to manage a saloon of used cars in this game. You will start your business from scratch, but in the end, you will be able to develop it to an unprecedented scale if, of course, you follow specific rules and take into account game features. You must help the main character stay afloat and bring the company to an expected profit and systematic development. You will have to build various buildings, buy tools, purchase technologies, repair cars, tune them, style them and successfully resell them. Control in the game is carried out by pressing.

Used Car Dealer Tycoon MOD

All things about this game is best but i want to say to the organisation to give us real amount of cash when we come after going offline only that is my request. It is working without network and this game is very good I am giving five star but the price of upgrades is more when we are going up. Cool but reduce the ads that pop up while playing since I watch a lot of the Rewarded ads. Would make us last longer in the game. Can't do anything after prestigeing them all to the highest level. Was hoping for an upgraded car lot. But nothing. Wish I hadn't bothered. I liked the game but money is slow in it and if updates come then it will cost a lot thanks..

Used Car Dealer Tycoon APK

Not a second without ads interrupting the gameplay. Even to claim your rewards you need to watch ads. Waste of time. This is not a game, but advertise platform.. Truck lot area the last 4 spots are glitched so the last 4 truck can't be sold makeing me less money pls fix if ya do imma rate this game 5 stars this was after the 1st renovation. It is really a perfect game for who loves car selling. And such i like thi game and car more upgrades are touch my heart. I thanks to maker of this game. And best for Android mobile. This game in the range of Android. I spent 2 hour on this game. But in vip section plz some changes for golden car change like in golden car we have to bargain option like other car.. cool game but literally forces you either paying or watching ads. u cant progress without watching ads and on top of that they force you to pay as the money you get offline is way less.I have 3b/m and for 2 hours offline i should recieve 360b but i dont recieve more then 100 everytime.But i can watch an ad that skips 30 minutes and i get 100b ?.

Used Car Dealer Tycoon APK

Download ( V1.9.926 )

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