NameInsect Evolution
Size26.58 Mb
ReleaseInfinite light years

Unique casual action game with exciting gameplay. Insect Evolution is an excellent simple action game with addictive gameplay for Android devices. In this action game, you will grow an absolute monster. However, you will start growing up with an ordinary ant.

According to the plot, the ant left home searching for a better life. However, he did not find this life and decided to return. But he forgot the road and will produce along dangerous and unexplored paths. In the process, he will encounter many terrible monsters he will have to fight. But to fight them on equal terms, it is necessary to grow an ant, making it stronger. To do this, eat tiny monsters. Each eaten monster will increase your hero in size. This will continue until your hero becomes enormous and terrible, devouring everything in its path.

Insect Evolution MOD

This games #1 goal is to get you to watch advertisements, and it's barley a game. Can't do anything without constant pop-ups. Nice game bro . Whoever invented this must be a game genius . He may be the next albert einstien in games.. THE WORST GAME EVER I LITRALLY WROTE A DESCRIBE AND IT JUST DISAPPEARS!!! & ADS LIKE POP UP EVERYTIME U DIE'my rating would be better if its 3d and,NO ADS POP UP EVERY TIME. This game c just cap on showing stupid transaction for no reason and it just cap on making me lose all my focus on it making me lose. We all know you get PAYED for someone watching your ads but YOU CANT GIVE EVERYONE ADS EVERY 1 MILISECOND can't believe this game .

Insect Evolution APK

Its a very good game but the ads is really annoying but wheb i wad a kid i used to play this. Many ads its boring and kinda cringe when you eat the insect the spund is kinda cringe and i don't even click the ads but it's have still ads. My kids play this game so I thought I'd download it as it looks fun but blimey, I've never had so many ads in any game I've played. You expect ads when you maybe die but not right in the middle of playing and several in a row that you can't skip after a few moments. Game sadly uninstalled!. EVRY 5 SECONDS I PLAY I GET AN AD ITS TRASH I CANT BELIEVE PEOPLE PAY TO PLAY THIS BAD GAME.

Insect Evolution APK

It's a fun game and you can like evolve into insects and that but I just get bored of it but it's a great game. I realized this game is not online it's so fun omg i want this game download now I like it so much no ads so fun no need to go online yes you can play it with no data hehe loved this game so so much much I promise . Can't even play the game normally,everytime i press omething i get an ads, Are u that greedy for money, Damn lemme just play.. lzk off for delivery kf FL see LLC see to set kg see my DhL Lou my up SjSjshsg you go see zsb HK set hz Lou boy eh FL at db set up fee da putting FL kg for go see my set xv go see my.

Insect Evolution APK

I love the game but the adds are very super big annoying problem with a lot of games like this so I gave it a 4 for now l. There is many ads a lot it is super annoying but it is a fun game but too many ads probably no ads I appreciate if you do that and it a cool game.. Good game the fact like the game has so much insects like alien and mecha I give it five stars. Cant there at least be a 5 secs without an ad?why does every game have ads? The amount of ads are insane im not playing a stupid game like this in my life ever again peace out noob.

IT DOESNT EVEN LET ME PLAY FOR 2 SECONDS IF AN ADD POPS UP WICH IS THE AT THE FIRST SECOND OF THE GAME IT KICKS ME OUT. IT LOOKED SO FUN IN THE ADDS. DOWNLOAD IF YOU LOVE WASTING YOUR TIME . The creator of this is too greedy in money it will pop an ad even though you dont need anything too much ad it's ruining the game. Game good but the only bad thing about the game it's too many ADS AND I ALWAYS SEE TONGITS GO LIKE CAN I SEE A DIFFERENT AD. Very good game but the fcg ads of course you wouldn't care because you make money but one day when everybody starts deleting the game you will suddenly start listening to the community but for now on go get the money and be greedy ffs.

Terrible game adds pop up eblvary 5 seconds sometimes you tap and the screen to move then you have an add disappointed and considering I am in hospital looking for something good to play it just does not make me happy . Very good game and its very fun I keep playing this in about a month now and I played it and I rate it 10/10 its very fun to play. Very good game but there's ten billion adds when I play and the adds keep getting black and I have to play it again. Worst game ever. You are not able to play single level without full length unskipable ads. It is suffering 15mins i have when i try to play this game.

Very cool game but upgrade graphics! buy the way!!! if you don't need ads then off your network and then play. Running a bit late but I love to get out and see to get out to me and see I can do if I like it to me and then it was a great and safe and see I am going I am going out to eat with you and your video chat I love it fj I am going I love you too I am not so sure about I love you too baby I am not I love it will be a long way from it was good I am not so sure about I love it fj it fj it was just a long time to get it will be fine if you don't have a long. Sorry but I wasn't able to play the game because wen I installed it I entered the game but I cept on dieing and I wasn't able to move. 5 adverts one after the other with less getome and no back button... its a great game idea so simple almost zero movement graphics but it could be fun except your not able to find out because there's just way too much by means of FORCED ADVERTISING whereby you put the adverts in the middle of ganes and offer zero chance of getting out of watching them ... App Devl team- Your actually purposefully targeting children I mean WTAF??? SO I THINK YOU SHOULD GIVE IT A MISS .

This game is just asking for more ads. And it's amazingly my most laggy game I played in my life pls make less ads they are making me want to break my phone.. WAY to much ads. The game itself without ads would be great. If you lower the ads I will rate it better.

Download ( V1.9.9 )

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