NameCats Run 3D
Size131.72 Mb
ReleasePlaycus Limited

The Cats run 3D game project invites us to experience a new and crazy adventure. Take part in crazy races, collect all the decorations on your way, and get chic bonuses. Go through incredible obstacles and take your main character on a stylish and entertaining trip: stunning game appeal, addictive gameplay, fun running, and beautiful graphics. 

If you have been looking for this exciting project for a long time, then it’s time to experience it to the fullest. Open up to the fullest, transform your hero, and put on him a lot of dresses, as well as other exciting accessories. The most interesting levels are gambling adventure, cute cats, and many other interesting features—many exciting obstacles, chic bonuses, attractive opportunities for passing, and a fantastic game.

Cats Run 3D MOD

I like the game but it is too easy and it goes fast to make the top when I complete the game I can't exit so I have to start all over again but it is also very stressful.. This game is fun. It is like my life because people make fun of me, but, just like the cat, I always find a way to fit right in.. it's really fun it will probably not be fun for you but I like this game it's kind of hard for me because I don't know we're in going. SUCKS....DO NOT GET...CANT STOP GAME ONCE IT STARTS UNLESS I CLOSE MY PHONE???? No STOP PAUSE NOTHING....POOR POOR QUALITY.... The game has potential but it's really hard to buy items and there's too many ads, certain levels don't give you a chance of winning because they have a item u need but dirty so it doesn't count. And what are they doing at the end?.

Cats Run 3D APK

this game is realy fun and i love cats so much this game is probable one of my fav games BEST GAME EVER . This is a really fun game I hope you like this one I like the running and stuff I hope you enjoy everybody everything is super great on here I hope you enjoy it. . Okay okay okay so there's this funny glitch where in the first level when you get to the other cat the cat just runs off the building . I'm only a child and I'm on my mums account. So I love cats alot,and I find it really sad that the other cats bully her I mean,like she's adorable why would you do that anyhow it's a great game..

Cats Run 3D APK

This is a good thing for me up here in my house I love it when you have Robux to be able to make me want that much better than that means it would have been more for the best one. Its SUPER easy to make it to the top and when I make it to the top I lag into the ground and keep on going which is a bug that needs to be fixed it's also SUPER laggy but I want the bug to be fixed cause its annoying going through the map. Too many ads I'm so annoyed by the ads please can you make it so you automatically don't get any ads please and make the levels a lot easier please it's so hard to get to top. Why I rated it for because there was a bug and I glitched off the map and a captain going and it was not fine so that just happened a little bit go so I think you need to get rid of this bug it's not fun I wouldn't do this 5 out of 5 but the bug was not nice.

Cats Run 3D APK

It's a good game but ads pop up every second so I would give it a 5 if they lower the amount of ads. it was good at first but I started to get a lot of adds.But overall it is a good game.

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