NameIdle Baseball Manager Tycoon
Size99.67 Mb
ReleaseNeon Play

Cartoon baseball with clicker elements. Idle Baseball Manager Tycoon is a cartoon baseball simulator with clicker elements for Android mobile devices. In this simulator, the developers offer everyone who wants to create a stadium and the best baseball team in the world. In essence, you will become the manager of a baseball team that needs to be developed and led to the championship title.

It is noteworthy that you will have to develop the team, following various areas of the club, and directly participate in baseball matches, managing your team. The games won will bring your club not only glory but also money for which you can purchase new players, as well as various additions to your stadium. The game received exciting gameplay, sound design, and excellent voice acting.

Idle Baseball Manager Tycoon MOD

The game is rigged to make the player lose other then that The game is great. I wish I had more control.. Too much of a grind with no real meaningful progress. You need to buy IAP for stars to boost offline progress but you cannot increase time offline you can only increase multiplier. You can never earn stars so unless you pay an absurd amount of money you will never reach end game. Also I have all 5 star players upgraded fully yet we still struggle to win. The AI is just awful and stats don't have any real impact. I have over 100+ hours in this game. Fml. Progression Why would you have the progression so long? Its time consuming to get no where. Tier 3 section A is 25bn. Whe you have to take 3 daya just tobget north stand for 200mil. Waste of time. Spent money on this game and feeling like uninstalling it. You need to change base running my batter will get on base and them run when the pitcher has the ball I cannot win any games I haven't even scored. It's kinda hard to enjoy it when it when it will take weeks to increase profits if you don't spend money. My gosh, are my players drunk? Ever attempt to get a player out is way off, and they have to run stop for 3 seconds, then throw the ball? And how is the other team able to steal for home when my team is in the middle of a pitch? Seems this game is made for you to lose and pay for up grades.

Idle Baseball Manager Tycoon APK

Could use some better AI or plays. Team always makes dumb moves like passing the ball to the first person rather than to the person which a player is running towards the base. Also, add some sounds. It sounds boring af in the game.. The game is reasonably fun. But the baserunning mechanics are so broken that the sheer frustration makes it almost too stupid to play.. The reason I rate this game 4 stars is because the pitchers are broken. So far, in all games that I play, it always is a tie. The batters never hit no matter the stat.. Super fun. One tiny problem, though. My game freezes, and the only way to unfreeze it is to restart the game. Which restarts the baseball match..

Idle Baseball Manager Tycoon APK

They should have 4 umpires instead of just one, also I can't get my game data back and have to start over from scratch. I was really enjoying this game, finally decided to make my first in game purchase.. worked great boosted my match earnings and a couple other things then I play a match or two and log out.. login an hour later and my upgrades are no longer there!!! But they sure didn't give me my money back. I wish I could give this game zero stars at this point. I'm glad I didn't spend more money on one of the bigger deals. DONT BUY STARS!!!!!. I don't recommend not to play this game bc when my teammate hits the ball for it says strike when it hit the ball. Agree with other reviews; poorly developed game. No tutorials, matches are auto-played with no input from game player and are only 1 inning long, poor base running with no tag-outs (its like the writers have very limited idea of the rules of baseball) or runner being able to run back to an empty base..

Idle Baseball Manager Tycoon APK

I like the game, and it's a great idea, but the AI for the players is not accurate in comparison to how baseball is actually played. I would love to see improvements to the AI because it would make this game perfect, in my opinion. Edit: This games AI ruins the game. Don't play it or you will rage.. Only baseball game where the AI offense can make a triple on an infield hit and your offense can get out time and time again trying to go for a double on an infield hit. Too many times where your offense "just keeps running" into bs outs. The idea is good and it's a great easy time waster that doesn't need on game purchases..but you might go gray watching your team. 1 star. Totally not freaking fair because my teams strengths and powers are being super weak. I would love telling everyone... THIS IS A BS GAME!!! I'm done! I quit! I uninstall! 1 star! 1 STAR!. This a not good game the players make stupid discions like runner on second hes running to second the dumb player holds the ball or the players no catching the ball even if my catches max that makes me mad.

Needs more of everything. When you put more into it like the sound of the game, more players a lot more players like 1000, I'll give more starsit's a very good start. I give a 1 star because of many things first. your opponent hits to left or right short stop then they throw the ball to out field not first. second they hit the ball to pitcher first and second base and pitcher run to the ball. Third when your at bat they catch 85% and they throw the ball to right base they don't bunch up hey hit the ball right in front of first base then the pitcher goes to get ball then throws it to third base.out 100 matches I've won 19 it's always 4 nothing there first4bats. It's a fun/annoying game your team must be the dumbest players ever they run to the next base even if the ball is there so your auto out. The game is quick to win top league witch you get nothing for and then you do it again. Upgrade cost scale is dumb it goes from 20 million to 25 billion for next lvl. The game needs to let you manage your team like play safe/steal base/ go all out. And pitcher like fast ball/curve ball. Batter like aim left/right/middle.. Seriously, 2 outs. Tie game against the league leader. 3 batter hits grounder right up middle. Single. Instead he kept running and they were literally standing at 2nd with the ball, touch the plate and he is out. So I tied and lost the league. Stupid. Fix these issues please. The game is awesome.

Major Grind Once You Hit Major League. After you get most of the stands unlocked and all the shops, upgrading becomes so tedious. There is a cap on offline earnings. Sure, you get 3x with an ad. With the ad I'm earning $9m from offline revenue, but every upgrade costs over $100m. Have to open up the game throughout the day and watch an ad just to upgrade one item. No sense of advancement or progress at this point.. Not bad but so infuriating if either team gets a base runner the other team goes completely brain dead in the field. Game does not save your progress. Don't waste your time playing and having to restart everything over and over again. This game is a great time waster. My issue is the stupid plays that your team automatically makes....sometimes when the person on second has the ball. The person on first starts to run and is automatically out. Sometimes when on defense there is someone running from one base to another, and the stupid player just holds the ball...makes no sense. If that was fixed, it would be much more enjoyable, and less frustrating..

It's great accept I have problems with some data being reset so like if I leave the coins or things I upgrade are reset a few levels or so.. A fun game, but no baseball, the runners suck and never stop running and getting out, you can't get honeruns it just stays as a normal play, and there are a few glitches, so could be good but wasted potential.. It would be really fun but its not that fun because of i lose almost every game i play because of how dumb the AI is please fix this if you do then i think this game would be really fun. Too many outs that couldve been stopped, need sounds, more leagues? More power ups and the game drains my battery. This game is low graphics and should not be taking 1% a minute..

Is it me or is anyone else having difficulty saving progress.... I play a few games and get new players only to log on and be back where I was before the player purchases.... The A.I. in this game is brutal to watch. The fielders barely field and just throw wherever and the base runners run into outs constantly. In need of a serious update on that. Otherwise its a decent game to pass a few minutes of time with every so often.. Would give 5 stars but am running into some issues. First, there should be some baseball sounds, not a must, but would make it more Interesting. Second, everytime I advance to the pro league 3 and exit off the game, once I open the game to play again, it takes me back to being in the local league with 2 games left to play til advancement. It's happened more times than I can mention, so it's not a one time ordeal.. The game is just a concept no sound effects no tutorials nothing telling you what you need to do this game has along way to go its like the dev just put it together in hopes to make a quick buck and didn't really care about it at all.

Give the ability to control baserunning, I'm tired of my stupid runner running home when the pitcher clearly has the ball. Literally 20 something games in and I still have yet to get a hit and much less a win a game. The AI in this game literally ticked me off to where I deleted it and I'm mad because I spent the $10 to remove ads just to get this poor game. Update things are far better but the AI make so many mistakes and questionable runs still that can costs games. Bro, the teams are garbage. The other team will score like 10 points while my team scores none, and all my players act as if they have no brain. Worst of all, everything is so costly, I want to upgrade the stadium, easy, but if I buy a pack, it is millions of dollars unless you want garbage already owned players. This game really sucks. It's not really fast-paced. None of my characters hit harder, even when upgraded. All in all, this game is complete and utter garbage. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.. Played 6 seasons. No matter who i upgrade or what I do, every game ends the same. Just a tie 0-0, three up three down every single time. Nothing changes no matter how many ads you watch or players you buy, it always had the same result.

Awesome baseball idle management game, I love it. You can upgrade your park, add vendors and shops to make more money, then use you in game cash to buy packs with players, dups upgrade your players, and get new better players! You can also upgrade your players stats yourself, you get skill points over time (1 every ten mins. and you can choose to watch an ad for a point after a game is played) Oh ya, you get to watch games and manage your players positions and the batting lineup. Really fun!. A decent idle-ish baseball game. Watching the players "play" is pretty bad. They force play everything even when it's not and always throw to the most advanced runner even if the play is right next to them to end the inning. Also, if you buy the no ads you can make a great team pretty quick and earn a bunch of money for upgrades.. This is a decent game however the AI is completely awful and will screw you over in games even if you have a better team. Everything else is really good and I would recommend it just please improve AI. The A.I.s suck let's run from 1st to 2nd when the second baseman has the ball. No matter how many upgrades o. The players they still can't throw or catch the ball or hit. My 5 year old son plays better baseball than the whole team in this game.

Every time I buy the west stand and I log off and Log back in it's gone it horrible and a waste of coins. Could use actual baseball sounds. Crowd, crack of the bat. Also the ability to stop a runner from proceeding to the next base. Countless outs could've been avoided if they didn't try to steal the next base while the ball is being thrown around in the outfield. Also, sometimes they throw to another on the field when they should've just ran back to base themselves. I posted on your discord! :). Wow. More boring than the real game. You can't even upgrade your players unless you spend real money! What's the point of this game?!. It is a fun game, but I am having quite the issue. After setting up my player/team name and playing the game for a while and backing out of the game, it reloaded it as if it was the first time on. I had purchased the no ads as well. how can I get this resolved? I enjoyed the game while playing and would like to continue but only if I can get it situated or at least a refund on the no ads purchase. My in game name was La Porte Bulldogs. I have the order number and other info needed. Thank you.

I'm not sure if whoever designed this knows how to play baseball. The AI makes REALLY dumb decisions. Plus base runners can get called out as if they were running to first, but for all bases. Could maybe be fixed if we were able to control the team more, like choosing when to advance a base or steal or choosing a defensive shift.. This game cindu makes me rage so if you adhd i would not play this. it makes me rage because the players have no iq they think they can keep runing while a player with the ball right next to them.No that an't it where just getting started next thing when the other team is bating and then the ball cames right next to the person and then he just stands there acting like the ball is coming straight to him.Next when you open a pack and you get a person that you.well i could give you more but 500 le. Pretty boring to start and a lot of adds, a lot more better tycoonn games are out there, definitely needs some work. My ai players make the worst decisions on when to run for bases and where to throw. So constantly losing..

Yes. This game is structurally flawed in its actual baseball mechanics, but this game gets too much hate. If you're looking for a die hard baseball game with perfect everything, then go play MLB the show. If you're looking for a fun game about managing a team and progressing through leagues, while maybe not playing the greatest baseball, then this game is for you.. This had to be created by children, the A.i they created is the supreme leader of stupid in this game lol oh well.. Game absolutely sucks doesn't follow the rules of baseball you upgrade your players and they do worse they don't even throw the ball where a player is at.. Edit: As of 4th Feb, 2023, I've had no response from the developers, so I would say don't bother with this game. The way the player's team reacts, is like watching children playing a game for the first time. This game could be more... disappointing.

Seriously, how are you going to make a game that is centered around A.I. Baseball players, and then make them make the most little league decisions known to man. The AI is horrible, and I can't enjoy the game because of it.. I don't understand the mechanics and there's no explanation. I've gone about 25 games in a row, maybe getting on base 3 times, and not a single point or win. Investing all gems into batter accuracy and hitting, to no benefit whatsoever. My patience ran out.. Its a bit frustrating if you are a baseball player or know the game. I know its not really important to the game, but watching players not throwing the ball to first, watching balls get past fielders that are right next to them, and seeing outfielders throw to cutoffs that are literally right next to them is annoying. Sometimes runners will advance to the next base all the while the fielder is holding the ball but just doesnt throw it to the base..

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