NameTropical Merge: Merge game
Size86.3 Mb
ReleaseClever Apps Pte. Ltd.

A great combination of a colorful farm simulator and a match-3 puzzle. Tropical Merge: Merge game is a fantastic match-3 arcade puzzle game with elements of a farm simulator for Android mobile devices.

In this game, you will go to a picturesque tropical island and join one family. You will find a beautiful world filled with various secrets and mysteries, unique characters, colorful natives, and exciting game levels in the game. The gameplay is the passage of the storyline through the mechanics of “three in a row” and a variety of actions in the format of a farm simulator. You will perform some actions in your settlement, complete tasks, and complete three in-row levels. The mechanics are classical, so there should be no problems with understanding. Management is also standard for the genre.

Tropical Merge: Merge game MOD

This merge game is somewhat different than most of it's kind. It's not a bad thing. I love the way it plays.. 30thAugust2023 new review-when the new travel map event will start?I am now in 22 level.please do answer.this time I will delete the support team works think you dont want anybody to play the game.only wastage of time for your response.. I THIS GAME BUT IT WOULD BE SO MUCH MORE FUN & LESS FRUSTRATING IF WE COULD LOCK THE SCREEN SO THERE WOULDNT BE A STRUGGLE TO MOVE AND/OR MERGE ITEMS. Still can't give you a five star rating. It's hard to play when you can't move anything around without the whole game board moving on you. Sorry but I had to uninstall the game.. So I found out that nothing is wrong with the game but it is being Block so I try to unblock it but it still does not work when I open the game that it is still open as a black screen. Please help.

Tropical Merge: Merge game APK

Another 'free' game where you do the same after day..and make NO REAL progress unless you spend real money. level 9, I'm done. UNINSTALLING. I thought this might be a nice cute game. It is. But I have to wait to open (time Unlock ) the first chest I manage to create from digging!? NO. Uninstall. Restored my progress but didn't get back any of my purchased islands or Rubies for completed levels the cost ($23.99+ tax) The Mergest Kingdom is the better game between the two. This game used to have 5's from me. Have a great day.. I'm only giving this game one more chance! Do not made me go to a different game world. If or when I'm ready I will go there myself! You will just wipe out any progress I make there & your rewards are not worth it!.

Tropical Merge: Merge game APK

Your games use to be enjoyable but since you flooded the games with only one ad, they are now not worth playing. Its either ignore all ads or use an ad-blocker. Too bad they were fun.. There does not appear to be a way to transfer progress from the web version to the Android version of this game. Ads don't work on the former, so parts of the game are unusable. I stopped playing rather than start from scratch.. Most things do not work . They do not deliver rewards . Cinema is useless And no one ever responds to support . Missions takes forever you have to play with coins eg cash buying items with money so if not you don't get anywhere at all. Love the game but don't think I'll be playing it much longer. I enjoy this game. But I have got to a point that I need mailboxes. I do not know how to get them so I can't progress ant more.

Tropical Merge: Merge game APK

Love this game! Hours of things to do! Don't know why other reviews say different. Maybe they need more time on it for things to build up? More instructions would be good, but still 5 stars.. is anyone having trouble making in-app purchases? I'm totally, ridiculously addicted to this awesome game but need help. Purchase keeps canceling (only this game)?. Please see my review for Fairyland: Merge & Magic as the same applies. We liked Fairyland so much we checked the Clever App website & downloaded this game. This game is so cute with the little chickens & cows lol. It will take your mind off your worries. We love it!. I've kept this game on my phone the longest. I gave you a plug on YouTube. I was watching a short about females... I left a comment... I play a lot of video games on my phone, and I don't let females win anymore hahaha. I went on to say that I play tropical merge if any of you females wanna get your feelings hurt. Hahaha .

I ended up getting so much energy and couldn't use it because of the hours and frequency of the mine recharge. I Would buy stuff but I still hit that wall. No thanks. Hope you can fix that. I can't find ads since yesterday (ads button still gray), Mergest Kingdom too... Clever Apps, please fix this :( *check on other publiser games, ads are available, so the problem must be from you. Am enjoying the game. The main game is fun. Dragonia is . . .a struggle. To REALLY advance it is designed to spend real money. Ruby amounts are outrageous. And most of the land costs rubys. I like the play,but the cost is ridiculous. Its very relaxing game. But failed to underatand how does the cinema shop works what does 0/ 10, 0/20 etc etc means ? No one is able to get explain nor able to find it on internet.

Somehow the game got deleted. So when I downloaded it again and logged in, it had reset my game to the beginning. So I've lost all my progress.. I like some of the games from Game Insight, but this game I don't like. There is no way to earn more moves. The only option is to buy them. I play the game for only a few minutes, then I have to leave the game. Because there's no more moves left. There should be a way to earn moves for free..

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