NameInterior Story

In the game project Interior Story you will be able to build your dream home.

Here you can apply a cozy interior, a certain decor of the house itself, as well as much more. If you’ve decided to build your dream home, it’s time to start your adventure. An exciting game project of the three in a row genre, where you can become a designer and decorate your home. Everything will be in your hands, so you can realize the dreams of any customer.

Choose from unique décor, furniture, accessories, and more to personalize everything in your style. A huge number of levels where you will meet bright characters, and they will help you create the interior of your dreams. They all know how your room should look, solve a lot of problems and make a perfect choice. Bright graphics, an exciting adventure, and the interior of your dreams.

Interior Story MOD

All good until around level 30 or 40 something when you get like 10 moves and need to get a ridiculous amount of things to clear the level. It's clearly a game you need to spend money on. That's fine for some people, but yeah, not for me. Cute game, nice looking designs, just simply not for me. Uninstalled.. I've been playing this game for several years and enjoy it! I got a new device and had to download it again. I didn't mind the ads until now. When I complete a level, it downloads the game in the ad despite my action of closing out the ad. It's very frustrating!. Did you know this game collects your data and monitors your device ...there is zero privacy ..I only downloaded to try it out.. I was enjoying the game, everything was running fine but now it has taken me to some new room and nothing is showing. I have updated it but still is not allowing me to play, because nothing is showing. Please fix it and I will give it five stars.. Love this game, play daily. However I am now out of rooms and at level 9527. I still play but designing the rooms and getting rewards is the best part!.

Interior Story APK

NO JOY!!! I have been hoping to get the Halloween 2023 to be activated. I wrote emails to Danko Games and I was told to Update the Game. I still cannot access it... . Ok when it up loads and say play it won't nothing works I try rebooting it nothing I really love this game and I wish it play game. Love this game it's fun without being so hard you can't keep going and I've been playing longer now and just love it more the decorations are awesome and the game is so fun I can't quit playing thanks for the great game. Rude. Can't enter name that has letter combination "gay" bc that's so crude and offensive and inappropriate because maybe it will offend the homophobes for reminding that we gays exist... how dare I? So I tested other names Censored: gay Not censored: straight, hetero, poobum, serialkiller, troll, adolf, voldemort, queensberry, nuclearwar, hatespeech, firearm, orc, cannibal, grimreaper, slavetrader, joffrey, opiumlord, sovietunion, sleazebag, dirtydirtyboy, stupidhead and idiot. Aight then..

Interior Story APK

I like the game. But glitches a lot. I'd like to continue playing at the same time I can't enjoy it.. Interior Story is a really fun game. I love that it let's you play another game to get the coins that you need to keep going in the game.. 5 stars so far. Great graphics. Cute storylines. Ill give another review later on as i progress further in the game.. #New update 7/23 .. STILL 4 BIG FAT STARS, the missing 'screw counter' I still can't get over [this helped, to take time and collect them - earning more screws] Still loving the game, I think the old version was much better in my opinion. Some LEVELS are so GOOD to PLAY but cannot REPEAT that SAME one again! like OTHER games OFFER [I'm the type of PLAYER that LIKES to REPEAT levels to BEAT the previous SCORE] ! This game has alot more to offer..

Interior Story APK

So many ads. After the first room you have to play at least two levels to be able to do one task.. Fun game but the decor selections are horrible. I didn't care for any items in the first part of the games. It looks too 80's.. I like it so far but hope your game doesn't charge an arm & leg for items to help with the game like others do !!!!!. I just started playing so far it's fun. I like that the choices are decent designs and great colors. The story line is a little cheesey but short enough not to make a bug deal about but over all I like the game..

Both Parts OF This Game Is Great!! The Decor And Match 3 Are Equally Fun And Beautiful To Play! Thank you.. I do like it but I'm POOR and can't Afford to pay to play , it would be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME if we could WIN the things we need to get through the game but because I'm POOR I get penalized for not being RICH It's just not FAIR to POOR people . This game is Simply Amazing I just downloaded it just started it and I'm already super pleased with the game kudos to the makers please make more like this I will always give my honest feedback and tell you what I think I love it I love it I love it!!!. I really enjoy playing this game the designs are amazing but the only down fall is that after each level the game closes out on me others then that I still give this game 5 stars Keep up the amazing work Can't wait for up updates.

I've really enjoy aspects of this game, like the decorating & special events. However the need to spend to win & glitches that make it impossible to win levels are becoming more frequent. When the game crashes & I reload, it takes a life. Responses from customer support are slow to nonexistent. I sent some screenshots of glitches wanting my boosters returned & was just asked for more specifics, which I couldn't give because I obviously don't remember every single move I made in a match 3 game. Ultimately whenever I am supposed to , out of nowhere glitch starts to happen and we have no other choice to either lose or quit game. Kindly fix the problem.. I am enjoying playing your game very much. Moves a little slow but still lots of enjoyment. Great way to pass time.. This gme is like candy crush but little bit different 8 enjoy this gme for 1 year I like this game so much.

Pointless. Im noticing that this game is controlled. Im only really winning levels when the controller of this game wants me to. I've also not completed a level properly, yet Im told I have won the level, then when I have only 1 more target to hit to win a level, the flying explosives that automatically hit the right targets are sometimes not doing this & hits a non target instead of the actual target causing me to waste energy left & lose the level. Whoever is controlling this is changing rules. Why is there an ad after each and every level? It's awful the amount of ads you have to watch. It ruins an otherwise good game. I understand you need to make money but geez a little much you think? Stop being so greedy and cut the ads down a little bit and I'll give you five stars.. I've just won 25 games in a row & spent lots of money but you don't give any bonuses!!that's just not right.. I don't recommend this game. The game freezes and glitches. You spent more time playing to get coins than actually designing and it is extremely difficult trying to pass a level. Whomever designed the game to get coins didn't design it well and they lowered the amount of coins earn. Don't waste your time on this game unless..

Sent you screenshot game has just froze out on second room won level then it froze no way to play any further I restarted tablet still the same plus it's taking ages to load sort it or will have uninstall. Would be a good game but you get the same amount of points, usually, only 1 at the end whether you have a stick of dynamite or TNT, WHEN trying to collect sticks of dynamite if you explode a barrel next to them they don't count. Just makes it want you to spend money. No daily bonus. Points are very high to decorate but you win very few..

Download ( V3.8.5 )

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