NameJungle Snake Run
Size46.62 Mb
ReleaseCave Style Games

The original runner with a snake in the title role. Jungle Snake Run: Animal Race is an original racing runner. The game’s key feature is that your ward will be a snake.

You will take the snake under control and help it go the distance. Your journey will take place through a dangerous jungle inhabited by various animals, including other snakes. Most of them will prevent you from progressing through the level. It would be best if you turned on your talent and reaction to the maximum toll obstacles and obstacles safely reach the group’s ends you will receive some game currency. When you accumulate enough money, you can buy yourself another snake. They differ here only in appearance. The characteristics are the same. For control, it uses swipes to the sides and taps.

Jungle Snake Run MOD

This game is the best! You can race and like have fun, you just need to race! This game is the 1st game l like the most. Cool game just because some snake's are cute looking and l'll never say no to...the snake's! Thanks.. Its a race I thought it was survival but no all you do is run and if you run out of energy you lose it's not good to me so I get it 2 Stars. The game is tacking awel but im suer it will be grat! But sinc I havent played it yet i don't know how it will be and don't lisene to the peopel who tell you the game is bad and this is comeimg from a person who din't even play it yet. I also love snake's so don't think that I'm a mean person.. I DO NOT LIKE THIS GAME!!! Its beyond boring all u do is race a snake. I wish it was rpg snake game. If u love rpg dont get this game its no fun.. This was one of the worst games I have ever played plus I didn't even get to change my skin which I find false advertising also I really like snakes and find this get a insult.

Jungle Snake Run APK

So borring .im sorry if i just rated 1star couse its just about racing i thought its a wild life sim .if you install this app you will be so bored.. This is not a survival game! It's a snake racing game of some kind, it has nothing to do with survival. You just collect coins , the snake just moves and you to have go left or right to avoid obstacles. A survival game has nothing to do with racing and collecting coins.. its about playing as an animal, getting food and water and avoid dangerous predators. This game has zero of such thing. I am highly disappointed that this is not what it claims to be on the play store. I rate this 1 star.. Boring, I'm sorry but i thought it was a wild multiplayer game with epic bosses and fighting online but it's a race solo with no one? I'm sorry but it's boring. Im sorry to say but everyone looking at this game and my rating, DO NOT INSTALL THIS UNLESS U WANT TO RACE ALONE AS A SNAKE.. Wow amazing I actually like animal like bird, ziraffe and pet and snake This game is very good pla download .

Jungle Snake Run APK

This is a pretty good game and it like a real life game it's clear and fun but this game could get a little upgrade so it will cooler!. Good game for some but I found it boring and really hard to control. Although I didn't like it I'm sure other will. Check it out !. kip on go wing like dis alot betr den di ader snke gems butiful garfiks sow kip on go wing meke dis ay beter geme tu palay nes job. I love the 4th snake 8 snakes would be awesome for your game ! And I would love if all the lines were taken by snakes but we could still go and swip the snakes to anothers places!.

Jungle Snake Run APK

Stupid the snake are hardly realistic because they are not a real type of snake ony one slightly resembled a milk snake and soooooo meny ads it is rubish dont waste your time. i havent even played it yet and i love it. can ya guess why? BECAUSE I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SNAKES!!!!! im so glad somone made a cool snake game like this for people like me to enjoy! thanks.. The graphics are Actually GOOD but can you make a menu on one of the sides and put a survival mode,free play mode and a multiplayer mode? Ok so i dont have anymore problems you're doing good keep up the good work!. It is a nise game but there is a reason why i did four stars THIS IS A PROBLEM IN ALL GAMES THE ADDS! I this game there is jus adds and adds so it is not just the adds .so there is the grathics the grathics are ... well bad when i zoom in i do not see a snak i is a big problem.

I don't like the game but I have a great game in sted It was good fun bad night lol. This game is over rated I would not recommend it and I would give it 0 stars I think you should add more details can play on line with friends and should race wherever you want to and like I said you should be able to play with friends.It's be better also if you could breed snakes and show them off and race and I looked at all the reviews thinking it would be fun but it's not fun at all!and I hate them crappy ads this game is stupid please make it a better game.. I saw all the bad comments, but for some reason I thought that game could be great. This game is trash. The graphics are bad, the controles are bad... I think that nobody would like this game.... Will to be honest I thought this was "survival game" I dont like getting tricked but if I was in to animal racing games I would play it welcome for the comment :(.

Im a new player so i wanna say pretty good so i wanna ask Is there any family??? If not pls MAKE IT PLEASE. knew that he had to go lovingly and to the point that I had one more reason than to get to know about him in a bun with the other guy who needs to 89how surgery will take place. I mean it is a good game but it did not tell me it was a racing game so maby next time say its a racing game please and thank you.. I thought th at this is a survival game in the picture but i am rlly mad cause its a racing game very bad!.

Awful game with ad after ad after ad it basically scams you because it isn't a simulator it's Just like subway surfers in very disappointed. i HATE this game all you do is race and not explrore its so not fun and there is WAY to many adds and there all unskipible. heyo, I the animal queen, and I am not pleased by your game. I opened it and all it showed me was a black screen and a message that said, "your game is not responding. would you like to close? "you are autistic idiots!. Um I mean I dont and do mostly dont like the fact that it tricked me from a survival game but instead a racing game? im confused it says survival also??? and also please stop with the ads I got hit with two of them when I started and 5 in the span of 1 min of racing which Im sorry but thats a bit over my sanity of ads and I dont like racing games over i dont recommend it but you can get this game if you want to and when it says the graphics are amazing they are uhhhh prety terrible..

i couldn't get into the game because 5 adds Came Up horrible game do not install and there all not sure because I couldn't get into the game!?! fix it and I might improve my ratings.. i like the game but i feel like its not really a simulator game, and thats really the reason i downloaded it, so if u could fix it to a simulator level i would consider downloading it again. I Hate it! I thought you could go were ever you wanted like a snake but its TODOLY DIFFERENT you can.... Stay in one path and slither around. What's the point of this app.. wow. amazing..... the world's no 1 game ever thanks for this game producer....... i loooove this game so please download guys ... and feel this amazing game thank you so much for this stupid game but you needs my stars.

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