NameDream Girlfriend
Size15.91 Mb
ReleaseAmbition co., ltd.

Dream Girlfriend, this game project, was downloaded by millions of players worldwide, enjoying all its features and other bonuses. Your main character has a lot of customization options so that you can find the perfect match for her. There is a relaxed chat where you can chat with other players and get any information and entirely new technologies. Choose the most beautiful girl for yourself, choose clothes and everything else. The unique Live2D technology will help you experience emotional movement.

Ultimately, this story will have 11 characters who will communicate and receive the most incredible opportunities. Customize all 20 slots according to your abilities, and upgrade your events and other opportunities to make the story more diverse.

You are waiting for genuine romantic relationships, unique mods, and everything else that will be interesting for each hero. Here you will find exciting anime-style graphics, incredible new story opportunities, and many relationships between the characters. You have every chance to solve all the problems, find an excellent friend, and explore a new world.

Dream Girlfriend MOD

Programming is not bad but it could be better .I love the game it s the game that i enjoy playing even more than others but to be honest when rating anime games Sakura school simulator is one of the best .The game is fine but could be better. Ut is confusing at first. Also the i like to give presents but u can't give rare things can you let us do that? I am sure people want And it has MR things they display white pls fix. Also can we pick to play as a girl on here not just a boy thanks.. I like the app, but Im having a problem, sometimes buttons come up missing and even when restarting the app it doesnt fix that problem, it doesnt really hurt it but as of now I cant veiw my Daily Tasks, Foot Prints, Gift Box or my Mail for announcements, plus a suggestion here..we should be able to exchange shells for NP though...expecially when you have max amount of shells. Did 'nt work but no problem and the is not from my cause it is broken and i wasted my data. I like some of the outfits, and I like the events. Wish there were more skintones and more variety in warm-looking clothing. edit: I wish there were more practical clothes, especially pants.

Dream Girlfriend APK

Review edit: as of 8-22, 2023 im unable to play, the game keeps saying " Connection error" cleared Cache, Wifi is 100% fine.. I've been playing this game on and off for years, but my question is more related to their other game, Dream Boyfriend. Why is Dream Boyfriend off of the app store?. It's a really great game I recommend playing it my only suggestion is to make it to were you can earn the dream girlfriend coins the same way as the shells or at least from watching ads and needs more outfits, backgrounds, accessories, hair eye shapes, pupils, skin colors and event prizes costing less will be great too, plus I want an easier way to make friends without using a user is id number to friend request them, and that's all. Love this game, mostly for the dress up. Having some poor connectivity due to the game being web-based, which does save a lot of space on the device, but causes long load times which make it hard to switch outfits..

Dream Girlfriend APK

It's a cute little game that to my fellow guys, who have a difficult like myself finding a girlfriend period. I definitely say give it a try,. Thcry yggyt? Vj udbyud7evbu hhxuc bu bxbsbsxxxxxxxxxuxbd sbyhzhxxxxxxuvd. Dhdvd. dhd d d dhd d dnhsve ejeue. Xxxxxxeyev ebdhd ehttcxyvd e eheg w ejc. Ehhe e e ehehehehheuev enfuf d e dhehhehhdvrjeudgehhe e. D eheyeyvebehhdyehhehehhhhehehhjdebhhrhdhe rheheheuhehehehuehehdyufhg8gogigkcicic. Jvkckvivk kvvicjcjcj cicuduxuxufifufifificicucififudududud ovififi kvicif bhwhehdbdhjdjdvdhhdhdbdbdbdhdbbejehevevehheheyeyeeehhejdiidudhdhehdjududhebbehehdhjwjw ehsjdhvevevevehudifinwb udue udhe hdhe dbuevhsu. The New UI doesn't fit my screen.. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A w/ S Pen. Is it possible to configure the UI so it fits better? (Edit: I contacted support & they said it's not possible to resolve this issue at this time. I hope in the future they add an option to resize the UI to fit different screens.) (Edit2: After a year, UI is still the same and confusing to navigate. The new Premium Mission event makes me feel forced to play.). I would rate it higher if not for the fact once I changed from standard personality it completely deleted my character lines all my character says Is ....

Dream Girlfriend APK

I've played this game for years now! I haven't broken my login streak since probably near the beginning of playing! There's always such a variety of outfits to put the girls in, and I've rarely disliked something! I do find it strange that there's no option for your "girlfriend" to refer to you as female, though. I mainly use this to dress up cute girls though so I really can't complain.. Been playing this game for years, it's been a great, but today they rolled out a new feature that is clearly money-hungry & quite scammy. Ive spent tons of money on this app, & I'm heartbroken to see this new feature. It shows they are comfortable with sketchy tactics to persuade players to spend NP (in-game currency that you buy with real money) the NP is already overpriced but this is a new low. I won't be buying any NP until they remove or improve the Premium Missions Pass.. this game reminds me of the game i really love way back few years ago and whem i saw this it gives me memories. It'd be nice if there was some way to exchange shells or points for NP or LG...It'd be quitr useful if one didn't have to buy eye color and eyebrow color every time! I mean if those colors could be kept in the closet(like for hairstyles). Event scenarios(all 3 of them) should be easier to gain, they're the most important part of events. It'd be better if personality maximum points could be raised for all girlfriends to the same amount at every related achievement achieved.

THIS GAME IS A SCAM Deleted data, constantly deleting data after I've spent a ton of money in the game. Had a bad experience with tap joy, and now that I've made it a known account suddenly my account IN WHICH I SPENT A TON OF MONEY ON IN GAME CURRENCY ON WAS DELETED Further more I've tried numerous times to enter my email linked to the account and it claims to send me the emails, how ever every time I check my inbox/spam I have not once recieved one single email.. I can barely even do anything currently. Since getting up today I've had a lot of difficulty with just simply logging in, and when I do log in and doesn't take long for things to stop working and be trying to log in again. I know it's not a problem on my end because other apps like YouTube work perfectly fine for me, it's literally just this game that's currently having issues.. Can't do anything even after logging in. It's not my internet. After the small patch just broke my game. Can't do anything. When this game first started Dream GirlFriend had the in game currency (Shells) that was easy to earn inside the game and was able to purchase any avatar outfits and accessories. But now the Shells don't pay for hardly anything. Now if you want to purchase anything worth while in the game you have to purchase NP with actual money to be able to purchase any avatar outfits or accessories. This game needs a shells to NP Conversion machine Desperately!.

The art and dress up are nice and is fun in some parts. However, what I dislike about this is this game is VERY P2W. Some of the mechanics like dating and talking with other gf's are very tedious. What's ridiculous is you have to pay VIP for you to access custom nicknames. Over the years, this game is slowly becoming unplayable for F2P players. (Them putting on Limited Gacha Campaigns constantly shows) Very dissapointed... They should really put a 30 daily login or something.... I have left and come back to this game many times. It's very fun in the beginning but then I remember the boring grind that comes after. The motion outfits look absolutely amazing, but they're almost impossible to get cuz of gross rng and thousands of other players easily outdoing you in the events. It's not very beginner friendly but regardless, the game just gradually loses its charm imo. It gets so draining to the point that I uninstall. Mad respect to anyone who has played this for 1+ years.. Amazing game, would love the events to go down to 140 stage to get the prizes and the MR+ To be from 1-400, although very good game. There are some glitches here and then but keep up the good work. 5 stars!. When i cleared the game in floating widondos it cleared my game its bad i Just hate it DONT DOWNLOAD and the dress up dont load.

It is quite fun game to play, and i really hope they add a Gal personalities then i might consider giving 5 star. Honestly it's not even fun anymore, cannot get the event clothes easily and would have to pay unlike last year's ago, BORIING i dont enjoy playing as i use to. Everything SUCKS in this game, not as fun as it used to be and there are less dialogs I can't create more which makes it the most boring game honestly. Wish I could send other friends Mr, Sr, rr and such.. This game is fine. It's a gacha game where you collect clothing to dress up a character however you would like, similar to cocoPPA. The art is nice and almost all non MR rarity outfits are available for free if you know how to get them. However, there are two big problems I have. One, that the premium currency is expensive and there are many things completely inaccessible without it and two, that you can make your "girlfriend" look, talk, and act like a middle school child.. Edited again, 3 to 5*. I still think the UI is too cluttered and confusing at times but other than that I genuinely have nothing to complain about - the app doesn't take up too much space, it works decently even with a bad connection, doesn't crash or bug. No ads either. Still would like more skin tones & a way to earn NP in the game itself though. And maybe a way to set the girls' age so, as an adult, I don't have my 'girlfriend' talking to me abt math homework or 'other girls in school'.

So I changed because they changed the UI. I am glad. 1 star less cuz it's too expensive. You're celebrating like your 7th anniversary! Give out some stuff!. it didint even let me play i was pressing start and it did not let me get in. you probly dont wanna get this if you got a cromebook. Long time player. There's TONS of free stuff, but there's a lot of premium content and it isn't cheap. The interface is simple and fun.. If your on cromebook DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT because its glitchy,never lets you continue the story,and you should read the rest of these 1 star reviews. PS:It would'nt let me install the first 8 times and my internet is perfect so developers please make it work for cromebook.

I've played this game for a long time and it was very entertaining, the current issue is that I can't use Facebook to log in my account. Please fix it. The Facebook login hasn't been available in months so I l've lost over 2 years with of login bonuses. I've tried contacting support but they won't help. Shame, I really enjoyed playing before but now I don't play at all.. I gave a four star before, but it's lost one. Ever since I got back into the game and noticed the total change. I haven't been able to properly play the game. The controls and the sorting system make the game confusing and hard to navigate. The outfits seem to be lacking lately as well. I get on daily but I just attempted for the first time to try to further my journey for new personalities and lost my previous one. Nothing seems worth doing anymore.. it's a fine game and the events are fun. it can be a bit of a whale game where you have to spend a bit of money but it's not too atrocious. my biggest complaint is the blatant racism and how it keeps reoccurring, ESPECIALLY the orientalism. it's really harmful and disrespectful to SWANA and desi people and their culture. do better, ambition..

I've been playing for about 6 years WOW simple game will cost you alot of money but there are opportunities to earn free coin by completing tasks in other games. There needs to a dream bf app too!!!. Each update made the game worsening. In lastest updated, did the developers do something to prevent the phone screen from being automatically turn off?. Used to enjoy this game. Have played since it came out. Events used to be easy and fun. Now the events are geared towards pay-to-players who will pay to get all items.. Recently had to re-download the app to find out that I can't recover my account due to a birthday that I forgot on my account.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! The free no section is a joke. You work hard to get to where you need to be and tapjoy will always say you didn't download the other tapjoy app through tapjoy. It takes days to week for a response if you're lucky enough to get one. They do all they can to make sure you can't receive rewards. Disgraceful service. 0/10 support and the game play is literally just a couple pictures. Super basic game. Not worth the 5 min game play you can achieve each day.. Can't play it. It always connection failed even I'm using Wifi. Walangkwentaamochuchu. joke. ayaw po gumana. Babae po ako ah, tsaka trip ko lang mag comment. ahihihi baliw amp.. I've played this game like 5 year ago... Also with the boyfriend ver. Nice for someone who need a waifu. Anyway where's dream boyfriend?. Personally, the game is really fun! The graphics are well done, the motions on the motion rare units are smooth and beautiful. However, I have been receieving an issue quite often, if I buy a backround with the shells, the game takes my shells and doesn't give me the backround of my choice. I'm not sure what to do with this issue, so please fix this bug/glitch when possible. Overall, the game is addictive and cute, keep the good work up!.

Finally! A game where you can satisfy your cravings of a relationship if you can't get one in real life. A game with so many things like pretty girls, outfits, accessories, backgrounds, gachas, a friendly community, and a feature that lets you like others outfits. Seems nice and all, until you realize this game isn't nice to f2p players. The NP currency is so expensive, I could spend an entire week worth of food just to buy one pack for an MR outfit. I could do more if this wasn't the case.. This game needs reporting acids for all your personal details when you go to play the game your ID and your passport code you don't need that kind of information to play a game contacting the authorities about this game because it's taking people's personal details. What going on to. What the problem is I can't log in to my Factbook account. 1 month from now. I trying to log in every day but its wont work. I try to data transfer but, i forgot my user id and i tred to forgot id or password but,i didn't get any emails please just fix this bug.. I Really Love this game! I also love anime and this is a perfect game! I really love the game! but i wish there are more hairs, clothes, then it would be more better! but this game is perfect! thank u very much for making this game!.

I really like the game although I wish there was a different way to get NP. Also my email is on a different account and won't disconnect is there a way ti fix that.. Great app! But you need to add a tenth girlfriend. It's getting a little boring with all the same tasks, when you can't level up anymore.. nice game but when I play game its like paper work plz change graphics thank you other wise its awesome . The app has recently seemed to have issues loading, sometimes completely locking me out. There seems to be a major issue that needs to be addressed..

Update-March 2023: every time I click on the NP button it says there's been an error and it's been like this for a few days? Not sure what's going on, never seen it like this before. Edit: turns out I was running out of data and needed do uninstall then reinstall to fix it. Very good customer service.. Dream Girlfriend is truly an incredible game. However, whenever I try to access the dream girlfriend memorial, the game freezes.. I keep giving my email to log back into an old account but it's not working (yes I checked my spam and settings!). I've had this game for a long time now and I love it. A few issues being the new interface is annoying and doesn't look as good in my opinion. Also I sometimes do offers for free NP and despite completing the offers I never get rewarded and support claims the app isn't part of Tapjoy despite me downloading it directly from Dream Girlfriend..

Addicting but -1 star because the menus are too difficult to navigate through. Unrelated to the game, but I had to Uninstal because seeing only one notification in the morning from this game made me feel lonley and depressed.. I've been playing for some time and I really enjoyed the game, but the new layout it's a turn off for me.. Like the game but like i said in my email to the develper it needs to have some offline playable features if they added that i would edit my review and give them 5 stars. I have been playing this game for a long time & I have some pros and cons. The events and gachas are fun to play, but getting the same outfit sometimes is very frustrating. Chatting & Girl Talk is fun, but the dialogue repeating itself makes it boring sometimes. The new look makes me a little lightheaded, but looks nice. I wish I can access all those items and outfits without spending money. Ends up getting repetitive or boring. Overall I feel mixed, and somehow it's the best GF game I played..

I played this for a few years. Occasionally I re-download it. I just love all the outfits :) Really cute game. DG is my favorite mobile game, but the new UI update is horrible and cluttered. Everything is hard to find and inconvenient to get to, I really hope they adjust it and this isn't permanent. Been playing this game for years, no ads, sometimes has very gorgeous outfits, nice coloring, worth paying for those wonderful designs for the girls. And I have been waiting for months for those limited face to be available, since I'll be happy to pay it. The new layout was very different to the old one but it's not that bad if u accustomed to it. The only thing I hope is to improve the load time each girl's animation. --Sum: no annoying ads, nice sim, I hope more people would support this game.. Like the game but wish some of the features could be played offline because I am in a group home and do not have constant internet access so if the devolper could make some of the features available offline that would be great.

Logging in through Facebook isn't working for me and it won't load my save file anymore and is instead trying to set up a new game. Very fun. Been playing for a while and I enjoy it quite a bit, not too hard to get gacha tickets and while some things like events can be frustrating you can still atleast get one MR every event. Good game overall!. Not only the new UI was unnecessary, but now my app keeps closing by itself either a few seconds after I open it or a minute or two after. (Even after I uninstalled & reinstalled it. And it only happens with this app so it's not my device's fault) As much as I love the game and the characters I made in it, this is unacceptable. Fix this.. I have lost my account and recently contacted them about it, they were very kind and patient in trying to help me retreive it. On top of amazing customer service, this game is very enjoyable and I find myself spending all day on it. The characters ate very interactive and the models are extremely detailed and fun along with all the event themes. After a few updates the game has become much easier to navigate and I can really see this game going to big places.This game is also now available on pc.

I've been playing this game for a while now and honestly, i still love it relentlessly! Cute clothes, great customization, fun events, and the community has been pretty nice too. I would geniunely recommend this one to anyone! Its a great time killer and its fun to make ocs or just characters you like in general with it.. changing my harsh review. not a fan of the new ui but it doesnt interfere with the game enough to lose all credibility. i will forever await the return of original, cuter and funner ui.. until then, i will continue to support this sterile, hospital-esque environment of a game . This game is the best girlfriend game I've ever played. There are new events everytime another event ends, new outfits, faces, hats, facial (Freckles, blush) and so much more so you can create your very own Dream Girlfriend. Different Outfits, different movement (don't worry, if you don't want her to move you click simple button). It's so easy to play. (). It's a confusing mess. It's not a bad game just confusing. It would be great to pick "Yandere" personality earlier. Idk what to do and the "help" option doesn't help at all. Meh..

The game is alright, but I would like dream girlfriend better if they have more challenges to get nps and when working, studying and going on dates change the background, and add some dating sense and have her look like she is also with her boyfriend.. Why is it essential to collect obscure data about a person's preferences ~ That should only be between the software program and the individual creating the perfect companion ~ Please ~ no computer generated response because that's scripted without the human factor of clarity !!!. Not as bad as I originally thought it was gonna be. But you run into the issue of getting your info and girl dark if you end up having to switch to a new system. The game is cool i'm in love with this game i advice other people to dowbload the game very cool game.

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