NameMy Cat Club Collect Cats
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An interesting simulator of an incredible designer. An exciting and very colorful adventure called My Cat Club – Virtual Pets, where you can test yourself as an apartment designer.

Make your apartment stylish; try to turn it into a cat shelter and decorate it with the most incredible possibilities. Just at the moment when your cats can get comfortable in a new home, you can take a picture of them. Make extraordinary repairs in the house, and pick up unique furniture, so every cat is happy. Decide on a style, and prepare the ground for your future photos. Try to learn more about fashion, choose a specific type and decorate the room. Take fantastic pictures, post them on your profile and get famous worldwide. Soon you will be able to make friends with your neighbors, create a family of cats and get offspring.

My Cat Club Collect Cats MOD

I love the game!!! I want an update, please develop and share more content! I finished the photo series available (8). I just need to finish leveling up my kittens and furniture ^-^. I do agree with others about having to restart the game, its very annoying and irritating because, I myself, haven't been able to restart it as I'm simply confused. Overall there is a few glitchs as sometimes it won't let you place furniture. It's very cute I'd have to say, but push that aside they need to work on everything else except the cats and furniture. During events sometimes it just the same photo over and over again which can get very boring.. The game beautiful and enjoyable, I went back into this game because of my childhood. But im facing a problem not long ago when i go to breeding, but i doesn't let me in and always tell me that if it still happens i need to reset the game, but I've already reseted it and i even uninstalled and installed it back but it doesn't work. Hope you can fix this bug!. I love cats so this is an awesome game it has some problems though. Sometimes the game crashes out of nowhere or if I lock my phone without leaving the game first, I need to reset my phone because it dies. And to play in events is REALLY slow. Overall it's a very good game for lovers hence my review of 4 . Update: I wrote a comprehensive little review previously, but now after 4 months with no update to fix ANYTHING. The events are broken and cause crashes. The subscription WOULD be worth it if the game was completely playable (still unbalanced but worth it overall). Several aspects are unbalanced but it was new so I figured they'd work the kinks out. Support gave no help only to say it would be fixed. No timeline. It's been 4 months. So much promise and fun wasted on a pump and dump app.

My Cat Club Collect Cats APK

I <3 this game! but i have 1 question. how do we get the rewards we got during the event this december? i got first plance and im itching to buy some cats. i wonder when it will be! but again, I <3 THIS GAMEEEE!. I love the game but I wish that there was a way to speed up the breeding pairs or, the timer to turn the kittens to adults but anyway, the game is the best cat game I've played so far!. I hate it. The photography part of the game is honestly kind of infuriating, and I don't enjoy it, which is a death sentence for a game.... ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY.. I loved this game, but this game needs better improvement, such as more storage and maybe a better way to get snacks within the game, such as mini games. Also, i did have a problem with my game crashing while trying to do the events..

My Cat Club Collect Cats APK

It's a great game!!!! But I had a problem. When I tried to breed my cats after having a kitten, the game said "Oops, something went wrong! If this happens again try restarting the game" and I did twise and now after that message it doesn't let me breed at all it just throws me out of breeding! Pls get this fixed. Very cute and I love the idea. The horrendous thing is that it crashes a lot and when you buy things it takes you out of app (but it does indeed let you claim it once you open it up again). The art and cats are amazing and I love all the different combinations I'm seeing from breeding.. This game is wonderful! I love it alot. Maybe you can make another one for dog lovers. Don't get me wrong I love cats but I also love dogs. Anyways keep up the good games!. Because of the stupid Event problems, I missed out on trying to get a Cobalt kitten. I wanted to get my breeding ticket from the past event I was in but I can't.

My Cat Club Collect Cats APK

The game is so pretty and the graphics is good but the reason why my ratings are only 4 stars because they always says connection Failed. Update fixed the issue i had with events. Finished the "take photo" levels, only 8 so hoping for more soon. Also noticed you dont win furniture on level 7 or 8. Idk.. its a cute game so Im willing to stick around and see what they do with it in the future. I really liked this game but I've completed all the levels and have seemed to have topped out... When is this game going to update?????. I love this app, the cats are adorable and there are so many different patterns, fur types, etc. I think the events are a fun way of earning gems and, unlike other games, are quite easy to earn without spending money. I can't wait for more updates!.

I love it! No adds unless you pick to watch them! The cats are sooooo cute<3 I would like that you can customize your own avatar. But no need for that. If you love cats you wil love this game!. So close but still not quite there. The cat breeding mechanism is so far the only one I have found on play store however that's about it. Room customisation is limited, and you cannot actually interact with you cats (can pet visitors). The photo thing is nice but you cannot earn money from your bred cats by selling them. The online aspect just doesnt work.. LOVE IT!!! Pikpok makes THE BEST games!!! I can't wait to see what they do in the future. This cat game has me smiling the entire duration of my play time, it's so so fun!!!! And cats!!!. Beautiful game, nice and relaxed, I use it to destress Please help, the events never work for me, I can't even get past the tutorial, how do I fix it??.

I really enjoy this game, I love the cats and the kittens, my only issue is that you need certain criteria in order to complete the photos witch it's basically half the game but in order to do so you need to subscribe I'm order to do that, it's the only down side to this game. I love this game i don't really like cats but this game is awesome There's so many different breeds I love it. I love this games is about playing and canpliting leaves and breeding so incredible who ever made this shoud be proud of them selfs. Eh, it's cute and fun, but it seems to be a pay to win kind of game.. I can't even get past stage 4 and the things I need to get me past it cost money so... idk. Also the event page freezes up really bad every time I open the app. Please fix?.

It's been glitchy and kinda freezing up on me and it's hard to play it if I can't really do anything. Adorable game but can't play without internet which is annoying since it's a single player game. But other than that it's good.. I can't breed my cats anymore, and there need to be you know, less Vip exclusive stuff, most beautiful patterns or cool patterns are locked away leaving the players to do a hellish amount of picture grinding for something new-. could have been the best game if, i can just go play and pet my cats without doing stories but the game is awesome!.

It's been a really great app, level up fast and get lots of cute little babes. Edit: App won't open up stops loading at "connecting to server" please fix this!! Also sad I'm out of room for cat storage already . It's cute, but it's got issues. It's buggy, it glitch a lot when loading into the photo series selection screen, and the furniture overlaps... have weird glitching issues. It's too difficult to get over the photo series 4 without paying. I think it's okay that it's difficult, but maybe it shouldn't be to the point where im stucked there for more than a week, with consistent log in everyday and spending all my photo energy more than 3x a day etc I played 2 years ago and I prefer the old one. it was really great game. I finished all quest I needed to do to shame it was only I believe 8 levels I needed to complete. feel like there should have been more or like it would have been nice if I could play with my cats too in a way.. I have a bug every time I do emotive event it makes me go to shop instead and I try to collect my items but it doesn't let me and always says "connection issue" all the time Pls reply!!.

This game really restricts you if you refuse to pay. And not in a "watch a ton of ads" way, but a giant middle finger, you literally cannot keep playing if you don't give them money. And it's not even that fun. You decorate the same room endlessly & keep taking the same photo in the same room. Bugs and freezes up whenever going to photo challenge in events.. Uhm..ok i do like how the cats and kittens look but it does'nt seem to be that fun anymore because,when your new photo shoot update came,i started missing the original gameplay of the game where you'd send kitties to a quest on a map where they'd explore the map and find coins and food for you,maybe if you just bring that back,and mix it with the new photo shoot update,i'd probably rate this a 5 stars and if you don't mind can you put a feature where you can dress up your cats.. I cannot deny it this game is absolutely amazing but it can be very buggy. From my internet connection even though everything is fine I'll switch to multiple internet and it kept on saying the same thing. But overall this game is fun entertaining an amazing. It's great but I keep getting a bug where I take the photo and the picture goes lower on its own afterwards. This happened when the newest update happened so please fix this. I love the game but I don't want the bug to ruin my favourite game..

Can you please add like a cat archive because i want more cats but i dont want to rehome them. Also, I like when you use to collect furniture; where did it all go?. Amazing, but there are a few flaws. For one, I wanted to go check out my daily gift at about 12:15, but it said it had 6hours left! Also, I would like to see a update adding adopting cats. There could be a tab that says, adopt.. Fun for a while, but has gotten super glitchy lately. Freezes a lot and forces me to restart the app to play anything, losing progress.. I love the game cute cats and it's super fun but right now it won't let me in and keeps telling Mr connection issues .

Very cute game but does need to improve quite a few things for a better rating. It hasn't been out long but the biggest issues for me are the bugs. They make it impossible to play without having to restart the game at least once. Not very F2P friendly at the moment. You have to wait 7 days to get a free cat with a tag you need to progress in the main story, which is only 8 short chapters long. Photo competitions are glitchy and you have to pay for special event packs to get started in them. I love the game, but I feel a new feature needs to be added when breeding cats, how about if you breed cats of the same blood line too much (A.K.A inbreeding) deformitys start popping, and they differ from massive dysfunctional pupils, and excess chubs, to major ones that effect movement and living qualities. Thanks for reading through (if you did) I'll update this if I get more things that'll make the more interesting in mind. Cute but a bit irritating. Im stuck at a level because i have yet to find a tortie while breeding. Theres also a bug that causes the photos taken to have a blue streak at the bottom when stickers are used.. All it is was taking photos of cats you didn't get to edit the decor but the design of the game was amazing but like you don't get to edit anything or really have much freedom in the game..

It's ok I was hoping for something different like the game that's been inactive for a while now " Pet Amoeba Friends" or something like that I wish someone would make another game like it.. It's a good game but I wish I could have more cats as I wanna have more this is not a very detailed review but yeah.. I like this game I think it is inspiring It is really fun and calming I enjoyed it very much. The game is very fun and relaxing to play and was immediately one of my new faves.Then I realized after a lot of increasing space that there was a limit to the increase.As well as I finished all the levels quickly, almost immediately after I bought my first subscription.On top of all of that, the game continued to glitch.I would earn gems in a level, so instead of 200 I'd then have 300.But then I'd continue playing levels and it'd be 210 by the time I was done.Great game, but needs improvement.

I downloaded this game because the dev makes good games. And even though this is not my style of game, I thought I'd try it and give it an honest review. I very much enjoyed the fun style and cat influencer theme and the creative ability it gives you is great! Definitely a good choice for kids getting more into games and apps. And Definitely worth a try in general... especially if your a cat lover!. So far its fun play my only complaint is there is no option to refresh things like cats for breeding of cats for sell at the shop. Other than that love the game so far It has potential. edit:please add more ways of getting breeding tickets, and I think that all cats should be sellable unless it is your last cat but the hole can't sell your first cat thing I don't like the first one just takes up space that can be used to have cats I like more so I am not getting rid of a cat I actually like.. It should cost coins to breed tbh 20hrs is a lot to wait and I can't seem to get the breeding voucher things and can you do a update where you can interact with the cats besides posing them like petting feeding baths cuz all you can do with the cats right now is take pictures of them and the levels get hard to fast and least but not least can you add accessories for the cats thanks anyways it's still a good game tho so 4 stars edit: umm sometimes it randomly takes my gems away. Fun game where you collect, breed, and photograph cats. A lot of QOL changes have been implemented since launch (like an increase of cat storage) and I've enjoyed the game quite a bit. There is a limited number of photo challenges, so there is a finite amount of new content to be explored but I look forward to seeing what content the team is going to implement in the future..

Post update: My new favorite game on the app store! I love how much easier it is to breed cats & have enough cat spaces to keep the ones I like the most instead of removing them all! All of the different traits make it fun to see what kitten you're gonna get next . I am loving this game! It's challenging in some aspects and not quite there yet in terms of polish (it glitches quite badly on one specific screen now and again). I would've rated it low but I just discovered they've allowed us to unlock more slots for cats easier! Now that I can save up coins and keep my kittens, I'm so much happier.. Cool game, I like it. It's just sometimes very hard to progress. Getting the right furniture anf cats for the missions and leveling them up can be difficult. It takes a bit to really get going.. This game is so amazing if your an animal lover especially a cat lover this game will keep you happy and busy my only complaint is I wish I could do a yearly subscription instead of weekly for the benefits..

Great premise that needs some polishing. There needs to be a way to upgrade star-levels because, if I'm going to be sticking with my OG cat and you give us very limited slots, I want to at least make him viable. Also, sometimes I get attached to cats but have to let them go bc they're a low star-level. ATM I'm keeping my VIP subscription, but I hope in the next few weeks or so they polish these sorts of oversights and I'll keep it. I love the breeding/recessive genes; hoping for kitsune event. I love this game! The only thing I might change is how you can only have a certain amount of cats, and then you have to rehome them. Overall this is a definite FIVE STARS . Very cute, but slow game play. Retaking the same pictures over and over gets boring, whole waiting to meet new criteria. Maybe we could play wit them, or feed them? Add something! So much potential here.. This games is cool and fun but apparently I thought before downloading this game that you can take pictures of your own cat. A real cat instead of a cat from the game. I got all excited I was ready to show off my pet cat Cassidy but when I download the game y'all pick the cat for us. If y'all ever make another cat game it would be cool to take pictures of your own cat .

I'm head over heels for this game only problem on my end is the lag and crashing also game has been gitching. I just spent two dollars for the cat misty for a dollar it took the 1.12 and now it says I don't have misty refund me Google play credit or give me misty I payed for I want her.. It's a really cute, chill game but it's disappointing that we don't have access to the rest of the cats without paying every month. Some people don't have money to spend every month. Giving it 5 stars because I absolutely love the game. There are a few questions/issues I would like to see answered/solved. - There is a bug currently. Every time after I do a picture quest, the game starts flashing and freezes. I have to close it and restart. - The breeding seems to lean to much to certain shapes/patterns. I would assume each trait has an equal chance (25% chance) but I only get shorthair or tuxedo out of matches and it's starting to make the breeding a lot less fun..

Its okay. Cute graphics and such but your just kind of taking pictures for a fake social media page.... and honestly it's frustrating when you hit the point none d your cats hit the requirements and you can't move forward since there isn't a way to like develope your cats skills or something. There isn't much room for owning unless you want to remove all the time... which makes no sense.. Its nice but buggy. I'd get stuck adding furniture and have to close and reopen the app several times and now I'm completely stuck on the "your kitten is ready to grow" screen and neither options are working. Its mildly frustrating as I do quite enjoy the game and want to play it more, but I can't. This DID NOT live up to it expectations. I thought it would be a cute collecting cats game. Spoiler alert it DIDN'T!!! Instead it's just a repeat of, take a picture of your cats, take another one wow got so many views. Like if I wanted to see cats I would go on Reddit thanks.. I love the graphics. The cats are cute, and the game is entertaining, but it gets boring really fast. All you do is breed the cats and take pictures. I wish there were other entertaining things like being able to collect coins and diamonds in like mini games or something. Also soon after I first started playing the game it started glitching, and I had to close it and start it again..

It is so far a decent game but I keep getting an error when I want to breed the cats and I've restarted it 3 times and it keeps giving me that error I have no idea what to do in that scenario cause I need a certain breed for a level but so far I'm not getting that breed cause of the error 7601. This game is unplayable yet it has potential. The main gameplay is collecting cats and taking photos of cats. But you can't enjoy that gameplay because the game stops you by putting limits on it. You have few spaces to hold cats, taking photos can have ridiculous requirements that require you to have a certain cat which means you may have to wait for multiple weeks to see if a cat pops up with that trait to breed with it. Even the prices with using real money are way too high.. I love this game thank you for giving me this add it is a grate game I love it thanks!!!!!!!!. I'm am stuck on level 3-4, and I have a kitten waiting. Help me beat it or make it easier please..

Can be a bit annoying but love it. The 4th stage(?) is hard for me to complete because I am unable to get a Tortie cat due to it being locked behind a membership. Game is very cute but I feel like making a certain stage multiplier exclusive to paying players isn't very fair. Still love this game and will keep playing, this is my only complaint really. Can't wait to see more updates!. Completely pay to play. I already got stuck at chapter 3 simply because I dont have high level furniture and cats. You either have to wait hours to watch ads that give you random furniture or you have to pay. Very disappointing. Besides that, the game is unique and adorable. The graphics are beautiful. Wish it wasn't pay to play though.. Love the game so much I can't stop playing it and taking pictures of the cute cats. Putting stickers on them and making them look adorable or funny I love it!!. I still have not tried this game but feel it is crucial that share in a few words one clear fault from the begging with this game. IT TAKES OVER 12 HOURS TO DOAWNLOAD ITS JUST WRONG. I hope u take this into account even if it is a good game but I have not had time to try it. This is before I have tried the game. I have had chance to play it now and it is a fab game except when i bred the second time it won't let me collect the kitten it is stuck no button or anything I tried everything. FIX IT..

Cute, but boring. Levels quickly get too hard to get gold on. It's just taking pictures of cats and matching furniture and cat traits to what the photo wants. There isn't really any interacting with the cats besides posing them. That's it. Just matching furniture and cat traits to take photos.. Extremely cute game I definitely recommend for people who are into these types of games but there not really my type, its extremely cute and fun as more of a relaxing type game only issues are the lags and some pf the small details but everything else is fine, the artwork is my favorite part though 4.5/5. I can't breed right not it is is not letting me saying sorry try restarting app amd I did thst need help please. I love this game so far and it's cute but I hope it gets updated with more variety and spaces for the cats..

Looks good, sadly my phone seems to be too old for it so it crashes. Will play more in future when I'll get new one. Not the best game but it has great potential! I pre-registered the game and downloaded it as soon as I found out it was released. Gameplay is simple, cute, and relaxing. But like others, I wish you could have more spaces for cats. Having to buy more spaces is difficult as photo series do not pay many coins. Constantly rehoming cats is also not very fun. Other than that, I truly enjoy this game and can't wait for future updates. This game could really be something beautiful. . This game is amazing I was waiting forever for it to come out and it is great.most things were explained thoroughly but I don't understand how to get some tags, they don't explain how to get more points either.. I like the cats' designs and different genetics you can get .but I am having trouble being able to make new cats .other than that, it's a great game..

This game is so cute! Totally worth the VIP. My only suggestions would be more minigames with the cats, and possibly a cat genetic "calculator"? Where you can put together different genetics and see what they'd look like. Possibly, even the ability to buy your creations, to get a g1 cat. The price would be reflecting of their rarity in the shop, or only low quality cats can be purchased..

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