NameSneaker Art

Sneaker Art is a simulation sport developed by TapNation, with over 100k downloads within the App Retailer. You can design footwear in this sport no matter what you need! Design, lace, field, and promote your shoe designs for an enormous revenue!

This sport lets you design due to the number of colors, brushes, ties, and containers! No matter whether it’s essential to create beautiful footwear, the app has all of it! Learn on to be taught extra. It’s good to design footwear by buyer necessities to earn cash! Right here, you must also lace it and field it to verify it seems good!

Moreover, there are various ranges that you can complete! Are you able to do all of it? Learn on to be taught extra.

Sneaker Art MOD

This app is so bad I spent so much time playing on it and I finally saved up for the spray can and it didn't even wo4k I was so depressed another terrible thing is of how bad the shoes look it is so hard to get the padd on the front it's the most annoying thing ever. The ads never play and when I close out of them it deletes all of my progress. Also, for no reason at all, the app isn't letting me paint the part of the shoe that is required to complete the design.. I wanted to say this is unbelievable because the grand shop . my grand shop is 88 shose. one of my shose now is $2000 now.. I like this game, but somehow, after a couple of weeks of playing , it wants me to click on the marketplace, but I click on and nothing.. I like this game however it keeps telling me I haven't painted all the sneaker when I have and it won't give me the maximum rewards because of this fault. I have gone over them again and again only to get the same result every time. It also says it gives me 5 stars but will still say I haven't painted the whole sneaker. Apart from this it's a great time filler. It could do with more colours in the special paints and I still have no idea what the spray can does as it doesn't seem to do anything.

Sneaker Art APK

I am giving this a three star because I am enjoying the game is just that I am not sure if I had finished the game because I am waiting for the unlock shoes because it says coming soon. the game keeps kicking me off after i finish a shoe every time and there is to many glitches need to fix that by away i almost forgot every time a ad comes on when the ad is finished it takes u back to the beginning of the game . The ads are so much. Ads pop up every minute I do not recommend this game if you install it you are wasting your time and data . I'm just loving it because it's the best one to play and I love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much!!!.

Sneaker Art APK

Every time I finish customizing a pair of sneakers, an ad pops up. And every time I go to click out of that ad it resets the game and I lose my progress.. It's really a fun game for me,the only problem are the ads which is easy to get rid off by turning off the WiFi.5 stars for me . it's really cool and I think it took a down fall but it's still cool I think we should have more games like these. THIS GAME IS SO GOOD LIKE FR IM SOOOOOO ADDICTED LIKE EVERYDAY I PLAY THIS EVEN WHEN ITS LATE, MIDNIGHT.

Sneaker Art APK

this game sucks the spray didn't work as an effect and super tired all my money is low b!tch. such a good game, relaxing and fun but the coming soon shoes are really annoying bc I know I have half the collection left. needs to be sorted badly. They game would be perfect if thr sneakers went into the box properly, and on the 2nd try only one went in the box fix and I will reinstall.. Good game but alot of ads popping up after you have done your process of making a shoe, where is the new update also.

There's no real creativity, just copying what they present for you to mimic. If you would like doing that, it's at least challenging to match the colors and stay within the lines.. had fun with it in the beginning, but the game lags or crashes. Downloaded it through just play and did not get my payout. Don't waste your time with it.. I did really enjoy this game but... it just stopped letting me make any more progress. I'm stuck on a point to where I have already designed a shoe but it won't let me click the done button. It's already pretty glitchy but now I'm just at a point where it's stuck. I'll try the app again in a few months but for now I'm just going to delete it. Recently there is a thing where whenever I'm busy customizing a shoe it kicks me out and I have to redo the shoe I was busy with please fix this bug..

Seems like over the past day the ads are way more constant, getting 5 ads in a row even after watching an ad. I'm unable to unlock new boxes which is annoying and makes it hard to match shoes to a specific box. It's not that hard to earn cash unless you watch ads constantly. This game is fun but you can't play it offline anymore, and there's a lot of ads that it's just a cash game for them.. This game is so fun but that one annoying thing is why is there so much ads??? And always send me to play store!!. DONT EVER EVER DOWNLOAD THIS APP . MY LITTLE BROTHER DOWNLOAD THIS APP BECAUSE HE SAID IT WAS COOL BUT I NOTICED THAT HIS PHONE WIL CONSTANTLY POP-UP WITH ADD FROM THIS APP. I HOPE YOU GUYS DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.. The game was super but the ads are more in the game so the game developers are point thpis in the game.

Game suck it makes my tablet lag and stop working too much ads and it says offline but u need to use wifi to play. Every is amazing but i dont know how to use the spray can and wheres the update with new shoe. I made a lot of pair's sneakers and I made copy of jordans this game it's so f**king great . Farigi game nahi hai , I like this game it is very nice game but not the way ads 1 to 1 minutes and money and the way ads are used for Speed in the world sandbox mod apk and all characters are not a single line of kotha bole the way to be the way ads are in a year and gems or 10 de in the way ads is very easy to use a way to be a way to be a way ads in the way to be a single to h and money from the,i like this game .

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