NameShoujo City 3D
ReleaseShoujo City

Shoujo City 3D is a very non-standard simulator that combines elements of two-game directions at once, making the gameplay more exciting and dynamic and more realistic and varied. The best dating sim is on Android smartphones for every Google Play user. Not all phones have 2GB of internal memory, which will be needed to run all apps. Invite your girlfriend on a date and start a serious relationship like a romantic Japanese couple. The main character is a simple 19-year-old guy who will experience all the pleasures of life to the fullest. After graduation, life has just begun, and entertainment is through the roof. Youth is not what it used to be. Try to enter the world of authentic Japanese and go to the end.

Shoujo City 3D is a dating simulator; the girl appears at the beginning of the game (her appearance can be customized, so she will have a beautiful look or whatever the player generates). Players must survive in a virtual Tokyo based on anime and otaku cultures, date the girl, take care of her, and explore the city. The game is almost a full-fledged life simulation. Here you need to eat, wear, and buy the basic things required to earn money. Thanks to the mod earning a lot of money, making it much more accessible, life in the game will be more fun and active.

The long-developed gameplay has allowed every new player to join to enjoy the real fun. Arrange the first date of your life and make it unforgettable. Give your woman a gift almost every day, as you wish. Work and take your girlfriend to the concert. Try to be a severe citizen of the country. Excellent graphics create a realistic picture that helps the protagonist’s future actions. Explore the open world in detail. So far, this app is entirely free, and you need to download Shoujo City 3D ASAP!

Shoujo City 3D has no static storyline; the player can schedule dates, assign them to different parts of the city, and arrange them to her liking, but focus on her desired girl. It is worth noting that you need to eat not only yourself. On dates, you can cook something for yourself or go to a coffee shop and have a snack there. A big plus is the incredible character customization – both characters’ looks can be changed at any time, choose new clothes, hairstyles, accessories, and dozens of little things that make up the look. Photos and dozens of options this game offers.

Shoujo City 3D MOD

Ugh i love this game!! I just wished that there were more pants and top wear options!! Aswell as the shoes! I cant buy premium so maybe having more items on the school place is nicer for the people who cant buy premium! And also PLEASE add carpets or floor designs to choose! And also a toilet lol! But overall this game is really fun when playing offline!. Nt you can get some rest and water are the movie is the seet you can just come in years I think I am going to be today but it . It's fun and all but I have that U can only play in one area l would recommend adding a free city with Stores like Clothes and UFO machines. Besides that the game has no goal and Overall I love it but it's just pretty boring sorry but people will be willing to play this game more than other's.. I have downloaded this game since I played it when I was very young and never seen the other stuff like decorating the room or playing the pocky game, I realized there are a lot of things that could be added/changed even thought there is a premium package they should at least add more things for the free version, my example could be like adding unlimited attempts at working at the cafe or other jobs like maybe cutting other schoolgirls hair how they want it. But overall okay and other activities. ive played this game back when I was 5 and it was always such a good time and it still is..

Shoujo City 3D APK

This game was extremely fun to play, that is when I had premium. I'd bought it before but now when I play it, my purchase can't be restored, which I think is unfair. I also think that there could be more clothing options like solid colour skirts, patterned shirts and hoodies. However, it's still a fun game to play despite all this.. This is a very fun game, and when I play it, I feel extremely happy and excited. Even so, I still hope that the official can update more devices. For example, adding some places in the game that do not require recharging money, adding more characters and more places to make money. These are my few opinions. I hope the official can improve it effectively. Thank you.. Works well on a decent device. The gameplay is amazing. you can buy ingredients, cook by recipe book, even doing part time as a cook. lots stuff i haven't tried yet. traveling by bycicle control is hard, so better just run. . I really love this game it's so good and fun I love it so much Dow load it now I have a sister in her and I really don't care about everything In here .

Shoujo City 3D APK

This game is really awesome and cute, but the problem is that I can't afford the premium places. Still, this is a great game! . This game is really good but,if it had cars houses that you can buy,and more people store ECT.. This game is very awesome but l found alot of ways to get apk android game for more updates but nothing is change. Why my dishes that I cook always turn black?And how can i add my social skill?Then,can I use the computer that place in my home?How to resume my stamina and energy?Who can answer me,I am helpless.

Shoujo City 3D APK

In fact, the game was good at first. Until I understood that it supports gay people. The game says that because you are a girl, you must be with another girl, and this is too ideal for children to play with it or even know it. This is disgusting. . Can you add more way to get stamina? Like rest at the bed for some minute and you will get 5+ stamina. Great game, please make more cute outifts and more maps. And It would be great if we can hug/kiss our gf. 7/10 needs more update. Please update this game, the place, the people, the job, the city, make it details more. Please this game is good already, and make us can communicate with npc, make friends with npc, quest..

napapagod na ko maghanap ng mod na gumagana puro kasi may bayad di nakakaenjoy. Pwede bang pa unlock lahat thx . This game is absolutely fun but I can't go that many places and I can't walk around properly in the game the character just moves in a circle. I like this game a lot but there is no places to travel others are premium plzz don't do that. This looked like this was going to be a lot of fun but it's just lonely and disappointing, you need to add more freedom to the starter map and more people that you can interact with and have quests to do depending on where you are located on the map and not let the of want food from a different part of the map, that's destroying the relationship!! But good graphics tho.

Good dating game, but I wish that the other spots on the map were free, so can't you just make another spot free please? I get bored very fast in just one place. But, it's still a good game. Freemode is fun, and it can actually keep me playing like 3 or 4 (maybe 5) in game days before I get bored! So, aside from the fact that you can only go to one place (two if you count the apartment) It's a really fun game, just gets boring quickly. By the way, the full ver. of the game costs 8 dollars.. I like This Game But There A Strange Problem,Why We Have Pay a Real Money to unlock new maps And Why Does The Student Are Very Little,This Game Doesnt Update For months I wait For All Days. I play this game one year ago but im thinking if I want to get it back because this game is almost perfect, because you can only go to one map, and you need to pay to unlock the other map, but I miss it so I will just download it again. Such a dissapointment. The water gun event sucks and stressing me out. So in order to win Yuki heart, i have to go exercise, and that means i have to play the vr game. I keep losing every single time! How tf you expect me to win that, like bish? We have a little HP and the box monsters are always everywhere attacking me! Im deleting the game. :/.

Good game, but there's one problem with the girlfriend in the story mode, she say "I would like an ice cream" so her preferences are watermelon ice cream, so I give watermelon ice cream to her but she say "actually, that's not what I wanted" I became suspicious like she's want it eventhrough she likes it, it became harder for me to get what she wants. This was my childhood and I have to say, that they have improve a lot! I was glad that I came back to the game its really good!. The game is fun and all but if we had more locations availabe for FREE the game would be more fun.I also suggest adding anime merch and vending machines (Naruto,Demon Slayer,Jutstu Kaisen,ect.Overall the game is a 8/10.. I don't want it,you need to pay before unlocked places it so expensive,boring the places show in the playstore need to pay myghod stress.

My experience in Shoujo City is 100% bestest and goodest game because I love Shoujo City except PKXD. I love and like Shoujo City more than any games . This is a very great game I recommend it, but there's something bothering me, which is that you need to pay just to unlock the other places, and I don't know how to restore my stamina. But overall this is a pretty great game keep it up!. It could be better if you didn't have to pay that much i mean jeez it's not even a big game. Yeah not bad but... WHY I CAN GO TO 2 PLACE AND I NEED TO PAY TO GO THE ANOTHER AREA.

I like the weather when it rains, can I increase the duration? And add a snowberg map or a new house With a large size and a garden:) night time too FOR PLAYER IF U WANT KNOW WHAT YUR GF LIKE Try visiting a date with your girlfriend, at that time she will ask her what food she likes, there are 2 choices, if you answer wrong, then the other one does it as often as possible until you get everything she likes, her place on the school roof and near the school swimming pool(free mode). I have played this game for a long time but we can't go any places... There are only 2 . We have to give real money... I was thinking that it will be a really nice gme.... Please change it.... To make it more better. I would've gave this a 5 if you could switch your genders and choose different skin colors and watch a add to go to the places that cost money and If you could actually take a bath. I like it but pls add the update like this!:) 1.600986 coins 2.cute girlfriend 3.cute hairsytles and shirts<3 4.low pirces 5.Cute house places 7.cute pets bunny,cat 8.cute headbands 9.cute pillow girl friend 10.and free I hope its like this pls do it so everyone will be HAPPY!! :D.

The problem is the kissing game. This game is fun. it just needs to get bugs fixed and more features, make girlfriends' personality customizable.. bland, nothing to really do, and it won't tell you clear instructions on what to do most of the time LIKE HOW AM I GONNA FEED THIS GIRL SOUP WHEN I DON'T KNOW HOW TI EVEN COOK IT ISTG IM ACTUALLY TWEAKING... Literally cant even play. It freezes everytime i get to the part were u customize your partner. I do have to game on my phone who and its super fun there. I would rate 5 stars if it wasnt for the freezing. I just wanted to play a game who is both fun and enjoyable but instead I need to pay to go to different places to get different endings and that's pretty annoying. Idk why but when your in free mode your partner is always so demanding and doesn't even say thank you which makes this game unenjoyable. Also the only job that I can do in the game is time wasting and is a lot harder than I would expect it to be..

I like this game but many issues only two places school,or home it's boring please add one more place please,. I hate this game! Once I downloaded it i couldn't play it! Fix it ASAP cuz I ain't waiting for a hundred years. It's me Sadie. And I love to play this game. I love playing this game and I always play with my mom and dad. They always say city really liked this game and I would really do. It's always when I walk around. It's really funny and I was laughing playing life so fun. Many issues with this game first all the places are locked and why is this girlfriend is essential for every mode Please remove these thing.

This game didn't deserve a 1 star also but I m giving the worst game I ever had nd r those girls lesbian? There are only few girls and the game is soo oo boring. This game is pretty fun, but after a while it becomes boring and repetitive if you don't have the money to unlock everything else. It's incredibly lacking for those who can't afford or for those who just don't want to waste their money on a game. Otherwise, I'd say it's okay.. this game is so good it doesn't matter the gender is really good just I think we could have like the maps free but is really good. Jesus is good and he he you cast all your worries on him for he cares for you and I pray that his SUPERNATURAL love and Peace be with you in JESUS MIGHT NAME repent of lifestyle gayness is sin and this game is full of it.

I could only afford the default area and it isn't rlly fun so pls can the makers make other areas free and expand the default area. I really like it but i wish theres no premiums places and has a lot of students in the school. I like this game but I had one problem.. can u open the unlock maps... That would be better for me and others who can play this game... Because we won't buy it we will play the game as our mb is wasted... Please improve this problem.... This is a good game but can you please like make more places but free for players for more experience and fun please..

15,000 is the only one who can do with the money and I will be able to get it to you and. I understand some locations in this game are premium, but doesn't that make our access to play less? I mean like boring? I uninstalled this game, sorry. First of all, getting put in a situation of being a female and placed in a relationship with another female without the choice is very uncomfortable. Secondly, it lacks English or any instructions for free mode. Definitely immediate uninstall ~MysticRoseAdventurez YT~. looks Cool and No Trouble I Rate Three Beacuse I Even Play this In The andriod 11.3Version Anyways I Try To play This But I Could Say That the game Needs More Way to Bring The Girlfriends Walking I Seein That The Street Its all Close Would you make another Way Street ?.

I played this on one of my other devices before switching to this one, and the game won't even load in. It's stuck in the loading screen and I've already force stopped and uninstalled so many times. Please help..

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