NameTaonga Island Adventure
ReleaseVolka Entertainment Limited

Taoga Island Adventure is a colorful simulation game in which you can explore the forests of the Taoga Islands and build your island in the Pacific Ocean. Explore the new lands of the island and find the treasures hidden there. Meet the locals, create your farm, and uncover the island’s ancient secrets. The game takes place on one of the islands of the Taoga archipelago, where your heroine has come at the request of her missing uncle Alan. In his letter, he says that their friends from the Quinoa tribe are in danger and must learn about the happenings and how to settle there while on the island. Explore the island’s territory, collect resources, and build your small farm there.

The island your heroine lands on is in complete oblivion, but with some effort, you can restore it. Grow your farm, grow and harvest crops and raise pets. Establish trade between the inhabitants of other islands, and receive income and valuable artifacts. Meet the locals, follow the story as it unfolds, and discover all the secrets hidden in the archipelago.

Taonga Island Adventure MOD

I'm enjoying this game a lot. But after completing island of the snake temple the next island is not opening. I'm in level 26. Can I know the reason why? Should I level up more to unlock? Even the missions in home got over. Edit : When will the island of the deadly swamps will open? It's been a year. . No update the game is so good but we can't unlock the island even we have finished every single quest. I enjoy the game, however it refuses to load properly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it will not load, or it freezes on the rare occasion that it does load. I am not sure what to do at this point. I want to be able to play. . Thank you thank you thank you so much I like this before it I am looking at this game again and again because I like this game very much and thanks for making this offline. Its very difficult to get energy I will you update and make 50% faster to get energy and make more ways to get energy. If possible please make.

Taonga Island Adventure APK

I was loving this game but can't get to Island of the Deadly Swamp. Have I already reached the end of whats been developed? It's been over a year and no new island?. Hi! I like this game but 9 island is the only open , Island is not the next open why is it when is the open . It would be a lot more fun if either energy restored faster or plants/rocks cost less to clear. Otherwise, I can literally clear one thing every few hours. Needless to say, not a fun way to play. Edit: the balance is still awful and makes the game pay-to-play if you want to advance at more than a snail's pace. Edit: Dropping another star for the very poor taste in the use of 'Shaman.' This is not ok.. Game sucks. Cute game...but not enough energy to out to fast.. The rest you have to pay $$$$ .

Taonga Island Adventure APK

I have deleted this game not enough chances to build energy & too much energy needed to be able to move on. When did the deadly swamp island will open,it's been one I've been waiting for that to open . Is there is update ......????????. What I don't like on this game is that, it will take forever of getting energy and you can't proceed on the task without the energy... I'm uninstalling this game now.. This has now become ridiculous. Since level 25. Nothing to do endlessly, doing the same thing all the time , I'm now at 35. !!!!!!!!! Still nothing to do or go to any where else. It started off very good. But now. Its a pity you didn't forsee this..

Taonga Island Adventure APK

I've been playing for a while now, and I really enjoy the game. However, I'd like to know when (or if!) the rest of the Home Island opens up? Are there quests to fulfill, or certain levels one must reach before it does? Or has it not yet been written?. when are we having access to the new island ? it's been a while and you have not updated this game . I am waiting guys!! please update it. Update - still stuck & nothing new happened really bad game I stuck in island of lust meadow I finished all the task & still can not unlock new islands So boring & u guys should do something about it If you guys do not do anything I am going to delete this game. I would like to know when the rest of the game will be written? I have noticed numerous players asking this same question as we are all stuck. Literally STUCK. We cannot move forward in the game, all missions completed, islands cleared of all resources, now we are just twiddling thumbs waiting for new islands and missions to open up. I am only on page 2 of the map and the next to last island on that page, and there are many more to get to..

Not long started, and the game has frozen already. When I log on, it goes to the first visit of the "Baron". Then that's it, won't acknowledge the comment box or the 'skip' button, so I have to exit... tried several times, but the same thing happens all the time.... 7/22/23 Hysterical!! The developers responded and actually said they are still working on new levels!! What a joke! 7/21/23 Still no update and nothing new! I'm sure glad I quit playing! 8/27/22-Changing my review to ONE STAR as they keep promising new levels that are never coming. --------------------------------------------------Fun game, good graphics, NEED MORE LEVELS! I'm a fairly new player sitting here for over a week waiting for more to do......I need more levels!. Was enjoying the game but once I got to level 20 no more islands will open up and there is only 1 mission at time. I am now on level 23... Gonna delete soon if nothing changes.. I really love this game but I have not been able to play for 3 days now. Everytime I try to load the game, a message pops up saying it cannot connect to google play. I have tried the try again button several times in the past 3 days and still no luck. Any help to get my connection fixed so I can get back to playing would be greatly appreciated..

It's been a long time since we got new island's good game at first but it's boring now not recommend it I would not advise people to play it you all will be disappointed......I am very disappointed it should be removed . I really like this game, there's quite a bit too do and the graphics are good. But it is too difficult to get energy. You litterly have to have lots of energy for almost EVERYTHING but yet it's hard to get energy? I have to stop playing the game for hours hust to get enough energy to play. Also it's hard to move the story along without energy because once your out you can't do anything. Please add more options for energy or have the energy last longer or something.. Where is the rest of the game? It's a great game, but incomplete. I would give this game 5 stars if I could keep playing. Unfortunately I can't do either. And the developers answer? "Be patient " My response : for how long do we need to be patient?! Edit: still nothing?! How long till you add more islands? Or should I just give up & uninstall? A little honesty please.. Update: Lately find 2 many items requiring massive amts of gems or energy i.e 10 torches, ropes, or simply 200 energy that takes quite a bit of time to develop. Am low on storage & whilst trying to regain more space, find the Order board way too expensive to have items I can sell but need 2 retain; low on credits while still enjoying this beautiful graphic designed app that has no glitches; is very relaxing & find it % the best in its categoryTime to say adios soon though..

I love it but my phone got a virus and unfortunately I had to start all over it sucks cuz I was on level 30...not happy. Save your time and energy. Fun game but then you get stuck because they won't open a new island. Been a year now with no new update. Some automated computer will respond saying they are working on it yeah that's a lie. Like I said a year.. Freezes at 22% repeatedly. I love this game on PC but the mobile app wouldn't let me connect so I had two games running which wasn't horrible but the constant freezing on load is annoying. I have to force close and reopen 2-3 times and it's not worth the five minute load time.. Loved the computer version, love the mobile app....but...I would love it more if I could move it to the SD card so it isn't taking up precious internal storage space!.

Got up to island of lush meadows and cannot go any further,there are more islands on the maps.othet than that it's fun. Was good till the open islands ran out, be good if you could get them going especially for the phone version as the computer one seems to already be active but that one is so bloody slow. 2 years you've been saying soon, soon means earlier than 2 years, that's just a joke on all your subscribers. A whole lot of waiting; very low reward/effort ratio. Takes way too much energy to do things. You run out in five seconds flat. There are ways to get energy but it's not enough to sustain you. Basically P2P. Otherwise it's a cute game I'd probably enjoy playing. Not about to pay to do so, though. Plenty of other options available. Uninstalled. The graphics are lovely and the stories are fine. HOWEVER, energy is used up incredibly quickly, any method of gaining more is time limited (like eating food at the house, you can do it once to get HALF a bar of energy refill then have to wait 2 hours to do it again), it does not refill when you are offline, therefore it's impossible to play for more than a few minutes. Another annoyance of mine is the forced zooming in/out when you click to collect goods from a workshop. Do not recommend..

I am stuck in the game. It won't give me anymore missions and it won't open up a new Island to travel to even though I am finished on the last one.. Graphics is great. Easy to play with however i will only give 2 stars since it does not give enjoyment to the player. Every tasks and moves requires a lot of energy which in return the enery you need to keep on playing takes you almost an eternity to replenish. I am about to uninstall this app.. I have been playing this game for a few months. Please please please add more islands. It is so boring now that all I can do is fill orders on my home island. I'm almost ready to delete. You have been saying you're working on it, but geez!! How long does it take. I'm beginning to believe you have given up on adding anymore to this game. The response you left is the same response you have given to everyone. How about give us an actual time frame as to when you plan on moving forward.. Done all that can be done been no updates or new islands opening, think developers have forgotten about this game. Update...5 months have past still nothing new.

It's a great game, but frustrating you can't move past Lush Meadows. Perhaps you could reopen some of the islands already visited (but then locked) to keep people playing while waiting?. I enjoy this game but have gone as far as I can go. Is there a development timeline for new adventures?. Once I completed island of lush meadows tasks I can't go any farther. The next island is still locked. From reading other reviews it has been this way for some time. When is a update coming? Why are we not able to at least go back to other islands while we wait? So far it's not worth playing. Last fall you said you were working on the deadly swamp island. Can you PLEASE tell me if it is. Still unable to get into it..

It's a really good game, but I kinda wish you'll let us go back to the other islands when we are done with it.. This game is very addictive, I don't feel like closing it. it is very nice game. I love such kind of games.. I love the game very much.. But how come i dont recieved a free gems or energy for months..i already updated it..and also it's been moonths but there are still no new island to open??. For a person who does not purchase, i love this game. I'll just spend 5 mins to accomplish some tasks and use my energy, and I'll just check again after 2 hours once my energy is back. Also, I love decorating my island..

I've completed the available islands a couple of months ago and just very eager for more updates. Please, unlock rest islands soon because I'm running out of patience.. Lots of fun and easy to learn to play. Sadly the developer has stopped adding to the game when it was only half complete, with some players complaining of no new levels for a couple of years. I haven't got there yet but I am ready to dump it when I do. There don't seem to be any adverts, which is quite refreshing.. This game starts off fun and adventurous. But when you get to Lush Islands the game is over. All the others islands are locked. They have no plans of unlocking them . Don't waste your time installing. It's an enjoyable game- I really like it, it's fun, and I love improving. However, an issue I have is with the energy. I left the game for months, got a bunch of energy from quests to do (thousands), and I still wasn't able to do a single quest (kumquats). You can't gain enough energy to break things down, so it's just physically impossible to finish a quest without paying. I used a thousand gems, still can't do it..

Great graphics, however, I have finished all available adventures over a year now and all the other islands are still unlocked. You should merge with the progress on the Facebook profile so players don't get bored.. Stuck. Can't visit more islands or have any missions. Discouraged. And it now takes forever to move to the next level. (I'm on 22). I'm not sure what the point is anymore.... Still love the storage system, but I hit Level 20 (now 21) and I can't progress beyond the Island of Lush Meadows. There's no new quests showing up, either, and I am at a loss. How do I move forward?. Don't even waste your time to install cause if you get to the island of flowers, you are stuck, and no new levels get unlocked... a waist of time....

Less than 1 star, -10 if I could. Same boiler plate responses to players experiencing problems, big talk but no walk. Waste of time, don't even bother downloading. Terrible waste of time!. I really like this game. You just have to develop a strategy. I'm editing my review, I'm on the verge of uninstalling this game it takes forever to update, so many people have been stuck on the last island for months with no more islands to go to. Another edit, so I uninstalled the game on August 11 of 2022. I just came back today, April 5 of 2023, and no new island is unlocked. I'm still stuck on the old island from 8 months ago. I'm very disappointed. Take a break? It feels like everyone who plays this game gets nothing but breaks. If I delete a game it's for good.. Wow.I can't believe this.Not just u guys are losers but also shameless enough to talk about management.I've never seen such audacity before.i play games to relax I'll enroll in university to learn management.So stop sending me notifications saying u r upgraded.U think people will pay u their fortunes for some energy then u need check up.People will slap on ur face and turn to another games. So hell with u and ur management. Losers.

Frustrating and annoying! Had the game for ages and quickly ran out of new islands, despite creator constantly saying on Facebook more were coming. False advertising, no trains, trucks or axes! Don't get me started on how much it would cost financially to play longer than 5 minutes. Huge disappointment.. This game is outrageously expensive. The coins you earn isnt enough for upkeep. Some obstacles cost 250+ energy, when I only get 42 at a time. To complete a task sometimes take 20-30 items. I spend most of my time Waiting. Seriously?! Delete. its cool except for the blah blah blah , let's see how long can I tolerate.... na unstalled ...can't take much fairy tales at my age. Game awesome I have being stuck and not being able to move too the next level or Island, I am also depleting my resources without any new adventures for months if your going to cancel the game then do so..

It was fun at the begging, but now,, Is getting boring after a while of fun and using my money it got dumb., if they don't open more lands soon, I'm leaving the game. Used to love playing this game. WILL THERE EVER BE ANY NEW LEVELS AVAILABLE?? I completed Island of Lush Meadows and there is no where to go. I'm on the verge of Uninstalling. It's been months!. just wondering if they are going under, or as someone died? been waiting for new missions for a long time why don't they tell us what is going on, in stead of us hang on it's really a lovely game it's such a shame well i do hope i am wrong good luck Developers what ever.

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