NameChoices: Stories You Play

The storyline of this game will change significantly after communicating with the characters. It must be said right away that this game can surprise you at one moment with its unusual gameplay, and this is one of the main parameters of good projects.

An interesting and exciting story will interest any gamer. Choices: Stories You Play only after that will you be able to communicate with a large number of characters. Everything will change in the plot from your actions, and the number of endings will seriously surprise you.

That is why players will go through the storyline several times. Excellent graphic design, good game optimization, and bright colors all of this will be provided to you by the project developers.

Communication, communication, and more communication will all be essential components in this game. You can meet many characters, talk to them, learn a lot of new and exciting things, and also make friends with someone. Without this, it will be impossible to know anything, and your friends can help you in this matter.

If you are interested in this game, invite your friends to conquer this world of an exciting story together. It remains only to start this game, and then you will be able to understand what will have to be done next.

Choices: Stories You Play MOD

I'm surprised to see more VIP books than a non- VIP books. Badly wanted to read all of those VIP books, yet I can't. Missing the old version of this app, where every book is accessible.. Good app. The stories are unique. Good amount of spending diamonds and earning ways also there are free stories every day. There is no forced to play LGBTQ+ [unnatural behavior] (we wish there was a way to not show this part in stories if we don't want it).. Hello, I have played and finished 3 books but still I'm not able to collect diamonds after completing the books, can you please look onto the problem. Thanks. This would've been sooo good if you didn't put the price up too high, it's a rip off. And you have to wait 2 hours to get 1 single key, and y'all only give 2 free keys which is 4 hours of wait T-T? Please be more generous, am begging!!. What happened here? Most of these new stories are just trying to sell sex appeal and not gonna lie, this once wonderful game has lost its way. What was once an app to lose yourself into it's wonderful stories is now churning out things that hardly interest us long-time users anymore. It would seem that choices has become a sellout with VIP and its exorbitant paywall to access content like Blodbound Origins. Please try and bring back stories which had heart and soul and less of this sex nonsense..

Choices: Stories You Play APK

This game is great I just wish you could make your own character so itll look more like me and not like I'm playing as someone else and add more skin tones etc but atleast you can earn diamonds to get a better choice. Don't get me wrong - this game is very enjoyable. While the stories wouldn't win any awards, they did entertain and I wanted to keep reading. The problem is the aggressive microtransaction system. Any juicy story path requires you to spend 15+ diamonds, a currency available through real dollar purchases. You can only get a key to open a new chapter every two hours. If you don't mind spending $, go ahead and get the VIP monthly bang for your buck. I don't need to buy more diamonds.. The game is nice and all , but i constantly struggle with getting diamonds. I can't access the ads for extra diamonds, it's always loading . Last time this happened i deleted the app , so clearly this is a constant thing and show be checked .Regular check ins would be useful .. I genuinely enjoy this app Choices. And no, its not my first visual novel I've played. One thing I love about the app is that you can really connect and care about the characters. There's charactee growth and depth in stories and most pf the love interests seems fleshed-out. My favorite stories presently on the app are Endless Summer, Crown and the Flame, Kindred, Dirty Little Secrets, Blades, Open Heart etc Overall 4.5 stars.

Choices: Stories You Play APK

This game is great but tell me why I woke to my account being deleted, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION??!!! explanation whatsoever....please tell me I can get it back....all my gems and stories gone...very upset right now. absolutely enjoying your game, great stuff ;)) can I do 2 books at a time or must I complete each book 1st ?. I Really Enjoy This App!!! They give you a clear cut option to earn diamonds and keys to continue stories and I enjoy that so much. The other apps are not this straight forward and don't allow that much to earn, bit this one does and I love it. I would recommend this app to others. Happy reading!!!. Like the books and the design but choices are very expensive and bought diamonds cost a lot for very little and to only get 1 gem from videos is a bit pointless needs a better reward system.

Choices: Stories You Play APK

Okay. I bought keys. After a day without playing the game, I found my keys back to 2 per logging in. Where are my keys? Although my diamonds has not been deducted in a sinister manner.. I used to love this game, but recently their updates have been adding bugs and when you contact customer service about them they ignore the issues and/or blame you for them. This includes when you don't receive the rewards you worked hard to earn. They refuse to honor them and treat you poorly when you politely contact them about the issues. I've seen a lot of people have been leaving for alternatives like Romance Club and I can understand why. It's no longer worth playing Choices.. I really enjoy the app, but I do wish we had more options when customizing our characters, especially being a mixed race person, I'd like more representation, skin tone options and different eye color options.. The game is perfect, the story,Art and those But we beg you bring more fighting chapter in like Soldier episode and you no more fighting.

Great game but how about instead of using keys to go to your next chapter you go for free and VIP is available for under 18 gamers. I hate that, the choices dont really give you choices just an illusion of choices. In Nanny Affair, I did not want to end up with Sam. Infact i liked Jordan more. Unfortunately the story is locked on Sam. The new book about a Billionaire, it kinder felt rushed. Chapter 1, already you flirting. Thats a no for me. But having writen for Story loom. I know making a story is actually hard. Its even harder to make different choices have different outcomes. But i do hope they change this.. This is the 3rd time I log in and diamonds are missing, example:3 days ago I sat just watching videos for diamonds, today I log in and only have 49?! I was close to 100! And no I hadn't played it so whats going on? Last time I had 80, didn't play for 1mo came back and there was 20!!!?. I love this game because in my tablet there isn't this game so that why I love it and because of the chapters inside. Thanks to pixelberry.

This game looks like a Episode game which u make choices, but I give this 5. Thank you for making a hardworking game than others.. . The best story app I've found. Well written, no plot holes, if you do spend gems for a choice, it's worth it getting a much longer scene, the choices aren't a zillion gems like other apps, and the opportunity to get free gems is much better. The outfits could be more stylish and I wish they were full length during the story, but the closet option to change at any time is genius. This is the story app to have.. Only one good series endless summer and the only good series Other than that it's all those teen romcom. The key system is a way for them to work and I hate there premium choices those are just stupid they are just better and the only good choice but you need to pay in diamonds so it's locked for free to play. And I hope they make more good series like endless summer. love the romantic, 18+, and danger/adventure stories. Bloodbound and Kiss of Death are the only two books that have managed to capture me so far. more of those please! haven't played in a while, i noticed today(nov.15/23), you guys added A LOT of in-app add popups. i got 4 in a row... i understand ads help fund the game... but please... don't do more than 2. i want to play my favorite game not click out of 6 ad popups .

This was one of the best games that have choices that do matter. I guess thats why this game is called Choices. But it would be nice to add videos for keys.. Already had around 170 diamonds on my account and when I bought vip I was supposed to get I believe 180, instead I was only given the 30 for the daily check in. I feel extremely disappointed.. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Big sky country was amazing! Loved the story with sawyer Oakley he's sweet, kind and nice it was a really good story! I just wish that you could earn diamonds a lot faster and easier than watching ads in spent more than 2 hours watching ads to get diamond. But other than that I love the game!!! Love the romance!!! But seriously please lower the prices of things I'm begging you!. Have been playing this game for a long time. I'm sad because nowadays stories are made to be very vulgar. I miss light stories like High School Story, etc. The story now emphasizes the element of intimate relationships. I just want a light, light romantic story to play :').

Well, it's not perfect, but no big company ever is. The latest gender of choice books have been good, glad we got away from the "straight ladies only" mindset. Then again, I pay for VIP not to be treated as a secondary, forgotten consumer. Take that as you will.. I have been playing this game for a few weeks and I've been enjoying it alot.I like that you can watch up to 100 ads a day to collect diamonds , which may seem like alot but It feels like less. I've seen another user mention this but I feel like they should give you the option to customise your character a bit more and your lover in the book.And maybe work on the background music.But it really is a wonderful app and I highly recommend trying it.Emotionally I've gotten attached to my books . They say to many bad words and youthinizim words also please change the characters attitudes please don't download till this problem is solved . Love the app. Need more male mc books tho and another crimes of passion book cause need to know what happened to mc's dad. Love the books, especially blades of light and shadow. Overall has great stories .

Anjalie says she hate this game and that she gone i hope she kys .i lime this game form 5 students should be playing this.have a pleasnt night -jacob ramsey. I'm playing this for a few years now. Quite a variety of stories to choose and play. Though I'm disappointed that there are very few books with a Male MC. Whenever I find my pick of book, it mostly offers a Female MC. I request Pixelberry to consider the Gender Of Lead options available for books to start with the desired MC, Male or Female. And because of the lack of stories/books offering Male/Female MC options, it's a bit difficult to find or play a new book after the previous ends.. This game is interesing and at the same time romance for my like how i which i do this i rate this app over millions over 10. Before it was good but now ... not anymore its just female mc everywhere and not male I mean before you could chose but if even if you chose male like in the shipwrecked book. your arms are 2 to 3 times her size of her arms and she is still stronger apparently.??? Only new book that I'm reading is blade of light and Shadow the rest is. Not for me.

I love this app, but like many other people, it takes too many diamonds and I hate the fact that after I have purchased an outfit I can't use them I have to buy more outfits. I will not spend real money to buy diamonds, I think there should be a way to get more than one diamond. I also would like to have an option to make my own facial shape, eyes, etc. I can't believe they let you get half way through the darn book and then stops it for you to buy VIP....well you will NEVET get one thin dime,. I love this game so much! I have been a fan of these stories since 2019 and first read blades of light and shadow (my favorite story ever!) AND have Uninstaller and re installed constantly waiting for book 2 and after not checking for 2 years it's upgraded so much and I'm absolutely delighted. Very few male lead stories and the ones that are male lead make you extremely submissive. This app used to have great stories in it and now everything is just smut. No matter what the story is, you end up lusting after someone you don't know, and someone who only said maybe five words to you. Not to mention the same faces get reused for almost every story. I'm genuinely disappointed in how far the app has fallen.. My progress is gone, the app is back to it's initial mode. All the progress I've made is not present.

While it has tons of fun stories to play, I hate that the premium choices cost tons of diamonds and I have to constantly pay for more diamonds. Great game. I'm wondering when the dalton affair will become available to those who are NOT VIP. I really enjoyed the nanny affair and I've been waiting for a continuation of it but I can't because you have to be a VIP.. Gosh I feel free and happy when I play this game It feels real I'm addicted to this game. This is a perfection.. I use to enjoy this game, but the way the game makes you spend diamonds for the better choices is a little annoying. And get more diamonds by playing other games is glitched and doesn't pay out.

It is an awesome game with soo many new exciting stories of any favourite genre of yours!!! But you missed the one star because I need to receive 200 diamonds from 2 weeks ago and 80 diamonds from a few days back for the free book reading challenge and every time I press to receive it, it says received but I don't get any. Few minutes later, it shows me the option of getting them again. I need my 280 diamonds. that's the only thing that's bothering me in this game. How do I give an in-game msg??. I am beyond excited to start Blades 2!!! I restarted the first one and am playing through it again and then playing the new one. Absolutely my number one favorite. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you so much for this!!! The best interactive story app hands down. Keep up the great work, guys. Edit: Got to say thank you for adding options to watch ads for free diamonds/keys. It's a really great addition. I watch daily, and it ads up. Absolutely no complaints. Thank you!. Stories are fun, but most are shortsighted, monogamous, led by a femme like player character, even if they are male characters, and restricts diversity to labels. Can use lots of updates on already existing books to increase readers relating to the characters.. Very few things that I give a 5 rating to, especially this early on. So plz don't be put off b y my only giving the 4. Now... With that being said, I must say how pleasantly surprised i am by this story so far. Due to my last experience with a story line game I completely ignored this 1 when it appeared on my lineup on $$2 play app. The last 1, the choices were trashy and trashier. Not my kind of thing at all. I'm just fixing to start C3 and can't wait to see how this story goes....

Room for improvement, better than most similar style games top 3 for sure and crucial lack of choice and diversity with regards to speech and or options for story development (in my opinion)with that said its a great game but hopefully you! Choices work like you're young and hungry. I enjoy your stories regardless, though I know you can be better, and I would love to see it ok. That's all PB. I used to love this app! So much so, I've bought VIP and diamonds before. It was fun to have unique characters, a fun story, and choose a gender. Now though, things have changed. The staff doesn't listen to anything their consumers are saying, the stories are worse, the mc's are weak and boring, the new stories are terrible, and books are gender locked. Not to mention getting diamonds is incredibly hard. There's more to say, but overall, I wouldn't recommend this app until something changes.. I've been playing this game for years. I absolutely adore this game. I only have 1 bad things to change. I wish they allowed us to customize our characters more and then our character is saved to profile to use in other stories. Like at the beginning of the book ask if we wanna use our character or make one specifically for the story/book. Other than that would recommend 10/10. Intresting stories however there aren't enough diamonds to purchase the answer you really want to give and not much choices of answers either to choose from in some scenes. I wish there was more optional answers to choose..

I need Pixelberry Studios to contact me immediately by email. Put it in your reply. You don't have any option whatsoever to cancel the VIP membership on my phone. I have now had to resort to shutting my card down. I literally tried that. It acts like my account isn't there.. Edit:You read my comment and did itSo many of my fav books are on their way!Resubbed,tysmHighly recommended from a bookworm:Quality stories,great content&amazing adventures!Can read a book again and again:CHOICES matter(Like BG3)Only app to offer gems4ads but never bothersome+family friendly content warning.Best books that a variety of readers would love.Since years I enjoy cool characters,breathtaking worlds&vibrant emotions-You're the best!Thank UPS:We had Cas&Adrian b4 Astarion. This game is freaking phenomenal!! One wish, WE NEED MORE 'MOTHER OF THE YEAR' BOOKS!! I just finished it, and i gotta say, it's my favourite till date... Update: really Good change adding the feature to watch ads for Keys. Another feedback I'd give, introduce a in-game book rating/feedback system. Will help yall as devs and help players judge different books. It's a really good game, I started to play it and clicked with it instantly, I've been playing for a day now and its beautiful.

U kiddin me no? One key on 2h? U are crazy, ..Is not fair for us to wait so much, . Game is good. The new update where you watch an ad for a key was a good idea. But I still am not satisfied. Waiting 3hrs for one key is just ridiculous.. I love this game. I thought I would have got rid of it ages ago but I love the story lines in the books. Really like this game and the stories, but it takes to much data to download one chapter. Also the stories are few in number when you play for a while giving you limited options. Otherwise it's a fantastic game really.

I would give it an full five stars IF THE GAME DIDN'T GET RID OF MY FAVORITE BOOK THE ELEMENTALIST WE NEED AN ANOTHER BOOK. Just wanna say I'm loving being a VIP .. and the new displays while waiting for Choices to load .. and the Choices Pass.. the latter 2 introduce me to stories which i would not have thought to explore. I think 15 is just nice.. enough for me to explore hairstyles and outfits and try out the options.. and then decide if I wanna continue the story. I love the dialogue, Choices, outfits, characters, storyline... (not here for supersmutty stuff hahaha) Thank you Choices teams!!! I SALUTE YOU!!. I genuinely love choices the story lines are good and interesting storyline, but regarding the outfits they are beautiful but the diamonds for it is too much, that's the only problem I have, further its a very nice game. Hi, weird suggestion can you please change the app icon to something kid friendly hahahahah Please make more fantasy adventure stories and murder mystery! Thank you so much..

This is probably the best story game I've played! The stories are amazing and I got hooked easily. The music are fantastic! I adore the HSS series and the fantasy, and mysteries books!.

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