NameTug Of War
Size106 Mb
ReleaseBoomBit Games

An interesting truck simulator. In the world of Tug Of War, you will have to squeeze your engine to its fullest to win in a crazy confrontation. Enter the world arena, and prepare your tractor to win the craziest competition. You will have to try to pull your opponent over a particular line.

The more you win, the stronger the opponents meet. Try to keep up with your opponents, earn bonuses and essential points and defeat each opponent. You will have a powerful engine, boosters, fantastic prizes, and more. Continue to win, score points, and soon you will be first in the standings. Experience a powerful beast, press against the bumper of the enemy, and pull him out of the line for complete victory: excellent graphics and many strong opponents who will not give up.

Tug Of War MOD

This game is so fun, if you're just bored in the car, or on you're couch, and you don't know what to do, play this game, it simple, and easy to play, there are upgrades aswell, it's a game you can play with only one hand, there are very little of adds, I recommend to play! 100% best game. This is a great idea. to Play the best way to upgrade cars is with money. and every level there is ads I will give you feeling five stars,. I have the lambo and I'm beating everyone cuz my engine is Max out my engine levels on 70 my boost leve is on 90 but it's a really good game I am a god at this game. This game is the best game ever i am so glad they made this game this is the most fun ever had in many games this is so intense i give it 5 star good game. This is better than a toothless fat woman without a gag reflex that can suck all the ingredients out of a polish sausage and separate them while swallow them.

Tug Of War APK

Nicc game I like it but add more hourse power cars because I have a last extremely car and I done all services so in the last nobady defeat me.

Download ( V1.5.26 )

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