NameIdle Supermarket Tycoon

It is interesting to know, are you ready to become truly rich? Idle Supermarket Tycoon plays a severe role, becoming the owner of the coolest supermarkets in the world. Yot need to prepare well, set up yourcolossalge business, and earn a lot of dough. Try to make the world’s relaxed supermarket chain that will constantly grow and make a profit. It all starts with a tiny baker you must to develop and make prosperous. Buy the most important food, fish and me, to start your trade. Do not forget about the perfume and electronics departments, as these are incredibly successful products.

Expand the most essential features, get-quality produce, ts and earn your first medals for the besoutcomect. Soon you wily be able to expand your businessmakern big money and invest in more important things. You will become the best supermarket owner in this city, geincredibleol bonus, es and enter the global market. Beautiful graphicsyourmost more excellent’s most remarkable features, and, much more will give you an unforgettable experience.

Idle Supermarket Tycoon MOD

The game is fun and everything but way too dependant on ads. It gets annoying having to wait three hours to upgrade your department, especially when you prestige to a new town. Also, the reward system update was really good! I like that you can have multiple goals now instead of just one. But its glitched, it's saying I have to build a telecom department when I've already built it and it won't let me collect the money. Please fix this, and thank you for the updates.. I used to love this game. I would play it and I even got to the last world. I came back to it and reset my progress because I wanted the experience again. Horrible idea. The game forces you to watch ads or you have to wait 3 hours to upgrade. This game is greedy now. If you never changed this game, it would of been 5 stars but it is so horrible. I wish you would actually respond to my review instead of sending out a prewritten message like the other reviews. I will be deleting until it changes.. Great game, progress is good, departments are nice, but consider adding more as i'm in Beverly Hills but there's only 3 departments that i havemt gotten.. This was the best idle game I played. But now it's just not the same because every time you upgrade something you have to watch an add to upgrade it. So please read this and please remove the adds for upgrading.. Up until 2 days ago (the last update) the game worked fine. Now it won't open. Pity because it is a fun game.

Idle Supermarket Tycoon APK

Pretty cool game. Nice and fast not to many ads and well cool makes me feel like I have my store already.. It is a good game .there is mantly types of fruits are given by the those name which we can't know.. When I try to purchase the NO ADS it tells me error you already have this item. No I don't and I would really like to purchase the NO ADS or I'm deleting the game.. I started playing this game again after a long time only to see they added a timer to your upgrades. Now you have to wait 3 hours between every 100 levels. 99% of the time the timers glitch out and are stuck at the 3 hours even 5 hours later!! You could watch and ad to bypass it but again 99% of the time they also don't work. I don't recommend this game until they remove this feature. I'd rather have a pop up ad after so much time then this..

Idle Supermarket Tycoon APK

Great! Love it The problem is just that when you get that like bonuses or more... It will take some time to skip and I think it's annoying. When I watch an ad to get a reward, half the time it doesn't even grant the reward. I spend ages watching ads for no reward.. Rly good for passing time, but at the start it's very hard to do pretty much anything unless u watch ads, and later on it's a lil too easy but we love a good game to pass time :). This is a great game, but progress is too slow and the adverts become annoying, but without them you'll not make any progress at all..

Idle Supermarket Tycoon APK

I liked the game when they didn't make you spend 11 dollars just to not have to watch videos to evolve your department it is very stupid I'm deleting this game until they fix it.. It use to be fun and satisfying until they made it impossible to upgrade the markets for 2 hours like why I don't need to to that I got a life to life and have fun with. It used to be a good game but now it's nearly impossible to progress without watching ads every few minutes. Most of the time you don't even get the reward for watching the ads, I only started playing the game yesterday and had to watch at least 10 ads where nothing happened. I just wasted my time and you got money for basically nothing. It's not fun anymore when you have to watch annoying ads that often. And all the in-game buttons that try to make you spend money are annoying and way too big.. During lockdown, I played this game quite a bit, it was always a great time waster. I dont know exactly when it happened, but they started to make ads appear a lot more often and even to upgrade stations, Which is literally the entire games purpose..

Played this game a lot from 2019-2021. Recently re-installed the game and it's so much more irritating to play. The game now forces you to wait before you have the option to not view an ad, and if you want to upgrade something you either have to wait 3 hours or watch an advertisement - it's a TYCOON game and you're making me watch ads to upgrade?! Before I'd be happy to watch plenty of adds for extra revenue, but now there's so many I can't be bothered to play at all.. Game won't load in so I can't really give a review on the gameplay but from what the other reviews are saying it doesn't seem like I'm missing much. Im truly disappointed that this game is ruined, it was a 5 star and now it's just another mobile game that is progress locked by ads.. I use to own this game a few years ago but from the latest update to level up a department you now need to wait 3 hours or watch an add, for me that's not much of a problem, only a slight hindrance, but what anodes me is that when I finish the add, it crashes, fix your game or remove the feature.

I love these devs but they push the limits on their ads 18 cad with tax just for no ads that's crazy this game is impossible to play with ads 3 hours to wait for an upgrade that's crazy but I still like the game and I'm gonna beat every game I like from these devs one by one.. what I've been told about the game is the game crashes alout I would not recommend to play but if you want to than play it even if it craches but I'm not the boss of you so plamy if you want to me I wouldn't play it and I've seen the game and it does crash alot and every other game they make crashes so if I were you I wouldn't play it!!!!!!!!!. Zero stars! This game will not load! We tried to install it on three different devices and the game is defective!. Apparently the no ADs pass was a scam by the developers. In addition to this it's painful to evolve each section because if I want to do it for free I need to wait 3 hours. And sometimes watching an AD to evolve one shop does'nt work the first time. In short the success of Codigames has complety ruined the game for me and many others who downloaded it before the update. I'm starting to regret my choice of getting this game. At this point the developers only care about the money over quality..

This game is so good.I don't see anything bad except now you need adds to involve,but not that bad.The major problem here is now everything I watch an add when I press x and exit I get my rewards and everything but sometimes it crashes the game or I can't hear the music or sound unless I leave and play again.overall the best. The evolve button when you meet a shop milestone is actually bent the game used to be class when it didn't have it. I can only echo what others have already wrote about how good it USED to be. Also I have been scammed when trying to watch several videos almost 300 o. Unfortunately it's nothing like it used to be. i realy wish i could re viset old stores sens i bout the city i cant upgrade my old stores but besides that it its fun.

Honestly super fun, but the downside is for some reason there are no more missions? Did I complete them all or what...? I'm pretty mad about that. Also the amount of ADS.... having to wait 2hrs to go past lvl 100 when you are on the 12th city in the game.... Can we get a list of the $ codes so I know how long it will take to sell to next store. I thought once it changed to start with O it was the amount I needed but was wrong. I just downloaded this game again after a while of not playing it. It used to be not a requirement to watch ads or wait insane amount of time just to evolve your products, but now it does and it's annoying. I uninstalled again because of this.. Way too many ads. I used to love playing this game, now with adding the feature where you have to either wait 3 hours or watch an ad to level up your stands starting from Level 100. That is just ridiculous and unnecessary. It also just makes the game more boring, especially for franchises. It's like they really want you to spend 12 DOLLARS on that no ads thing, which is way too expensive if I say so myself. The developers only added it because they wanted the player to pay those 12 dollars. .

Too many adds to play. Gets annoying when you try and upgrade somthing and you have to stop and watch an add. I rate this game 3 stars because 1. It is online, which is a bit annoying when you want to play it offline, because yu can't. 2. It seems too boring. I wish it was like some other games where you can help with doing things. There's just nothing to do in this game but wait. And finally 3. There are lots of ads that are just in your face and the only way to get rid of them is actually watch them. This makes the game incredibly frustrating sometimes. Besides from that fantastic game.. Great game for when you are bored and have nothing else to do.It would be a 5 stars but there is a glitch that won't let me complete a mission. The mission is collect money from 100 trucks it won't go up it's stuck at 0.If you fix this i will change this review to a 5 star!. The game is loading and does not run I waited a long time, but it still didn't work I went with its vp and it didn't work What is wrong ? Is it because I am Iranian? Is this game banned for Iran?.

I enjoyed playing the game but I already beat the game I got all the upgrades and unlocked everything I would like to start over on my progress but I also want no adds because I paid for it. Overall, it's a very fun game. Played it for a few years but recently they've added an evolve button so that every time your shop reaches a milestone, you have to watch an ad. There's no point waiting 3 hours when originally you didn't have to. Plus when i watch the ad to evolve it doesnt work and the evolve icon is still there. This really puts me off from playing the game and the issue gets resolved.. Terrible. It used to be ok, but now has a forced ad every time you want to upgrade your stalls, also an INSANE $18 price tag for no ads. Don't play it. really fun and whenever I have a headace or am really really sick, it somehow helps! Great game totally recomend!.

These people want you watch there ads videos for us to have fun in the game. You watch the ad videos and you app closes on you. Fix your game. You never updated it no more Ms nice lady I give this a 1 star it seems you made it more expensive. Fun and addictive game but all the ads bring it down to two stars, it forces you to watch ads to proceed in the game and they throw them in your face every 5 seconds too, not only that but you have to pay 10 in order to remove them! this game would definitely be 4 or 5 stars if they cared about their players and gave them the option of watching ads instead of making you.. The game ir great but the only problem is that I get board after a while maybe add quests or something.

I love the game, but there's a bug now for me, I'm on "really?" Where you collect money from 100 trucks, but won't register my progress. It's annoying me and I wish I can get some assistance. This game would be so much more fun if it didn't have that damn evolve mechanic, I get you want more ad revenue but this Is just annoying....

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