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A beautiful simulator with exciting gameplay. Paris: City Adventure is a wonderful and exciting simulator in Paris. In this simulator, you have to get used to the role of the mayor of the city. You have to deal with its arrangement and work on various aspects of its development. The simulator opens up quite broad perspectives. The player will receive all the tools and resources to create a full-fledged city with vibrant life inside. You can design districts, build skyscrapers, install parks, and squares, change road schemes for automobiles, lay new highways, install bridges, and much more. The simulator has a multiplayer mode, thanks to which you can trade with neighbors, sell products to them, and so on. There is also a chat through which you can communicate with other users.

Paris: City Adventure MOD

Love the game it's so amazing I can hardly put it down but i think it'll be even more fun if there's night time in the city. Love the game. My only issue is the front is really small, so when completing the task. I use a magnifying glass to see full instructions, or leave it alone for a while, due to the strain on my eyes. I love the its so good and about the subscription for think it will be good if you add for month that's wold be good . No room in barn can't delete items to make room because it charges You to delete items unlike most farming games it allows you to sell items so not being able to makes it impossible to make any extra room to expand and grow awful game only played to receive my points on mistplay. You not just'up $$ on the gamd helecobther ud to date from !$49 to 79 last ud date 147and today up to 179 what is it 'greedy not enoug????i am goona tell peple who i know and who i didt know all about it and very impost it yesteday on 12 oclock i bough your FRENT 25 .99 like suffport you 3 time a weeks I have plus somimg you ask !10$$ sweek! And plus capton 999 $$franl And very imprten Yesytereday my !$! Was 18oo snd l was chock that !$ was dissuprar 10000 im so mad did is happening.

Paris: City Adventure APK

This game is set in Paris but it is essentially a more expensive and limited version of the game Township. There is a constant push from the game to try and get you to pay real money. NOT IMPRESED! When you have a speed-up token, the game will not allow you to use Francs to do minor it basically forces you to use the tokens. I don't mind paying real money for a Season Pass, but it's truly disgusting that you force me to use certain prizes I EARNED, like the speed-up tokens! I will happily come back & give a full review (and also a 4* or 5* rating) if you fix the game so we can choose to use francs OR the speed-up tokens. Please fix this problem, thank you!. This is a good game but yesterday I reached level 16 and today game is not starting at all. Bad thing. I installed the game. It won't let me play. Says must complete tutorial first. I'm supposed to plant first crops. Please fix.

Paris: City Adventure APK

They did not pay the reward when reached level 16. Is a lovely game but I was disappointed because I was playing for the reward. Enjoyable and addictive. My only problem is that this game is not that generous with the francs reward yet everything is so expensive in the game .. I like this, it's very similar to township. But, could be a little faster paced that's how they try to force you to spend money. It costs money to play at a faster pace, but this one's even more expensive than township. WEEKLY subscription prices from $5-$20/wk to get benefits required for more active gameplay. Plus $6 for "seasonal benefits" which was monthly on township but don't know for sure yet here, &another seasonal benefit addition to add 10 levels (whatever that means) @ $12. 2 much 4me. The developers keep on making you chase goals totally unesserly for their amusement. Instead, you the playe isr left frustrated and not having fun. Not a cool game.

Paris: City Adventure APK

I like the game but too much spending to expand barn all the time plus game freezes when trying to claim free cash. I TRY TO WATCH THE ADS BUT ALWAYS STUCK UP! CANNOT EXIT THEN WASTING TIME I CANNOT AVAIL WHAT I'M AVAILAING, CAN U FIX THAT!. I love playing this game,,there's so much to do,,,a bit frustrating with the constant full warehouse situation,,but other than that that it's a great game!. Good game, downloaded from harvest land, so far I'm enjoying. Buying francs is quite pricey and buying blueprints off boats you'll need a mortgage, I know there's a lot of new players so must be a new game, UPDATE Downgraded. Takes too long to build, trains hard to fill when they ask for more than your space in barn. 900,000 for a 2nd mill, 350,00 for 2nd sheep pen. Jewellery shop lol takes your ingots in the hopes of something good. I need to take out a mortgage to play.

After you watch ads this game crashes as soon as you finish then does not give the reward. After completing the Swagbucks requirements on time Swagbucks takes back the reward a month later without explanation.. Ok so graphics are ok but as for game play its abit slow at leveling up I was hoping it was going to be like hayday the game as I do like farming games but this one definitely needs some attention to it unfortunately it's a rating 2 for me it's the first farm game iv given a low rating for the times it take to get nails to finish off a building I have gone up levels 5 times in other games I'm not deleting up as I do see potential in the game its self so will wait for a updated before I go. The hardest thing is that there's no way to offload the goods after you missed a train cart; loads of plants and grains and etc... And ignots are rare to get s you level up. Hi mysterytag. I am your loyal harvestland gamer. But now i start to play this game. One thing that i want to inform you that i often lost the chat in the game. Have to refresh it so it will be visible again. Please fix it. And we need something that similar to harvestland, a ship that bring goods to buy. This game must have that kind of market or people will lost interest and stop playing. No merge game for me. Its unfair.

I hope we have a ship and sell our goods. And also I hope we can do 2 tasks at the same. Overall, the game is fun.. in the ballon race to move the ballons forward it requests things I can not make or get access to for several more levels with no way to clear those things off the board. this makes me not want to continue to play. I tried to access help and no help pulled up. I p;ay on my Lenovo laptop.. The worst game I ever played. Every single time I need to claim an item it hang and I have to restart the game. Pathetic craps.. I like it but three workers for all the task I think is ridiculous I didn't realize I could be cutting the trees and between stuff and not sure about getting materials to expand other than the tool shed which takes an hour along with the houses to get more workers taken our can't build the things fast enough to fill the orders.

So far it's been good. Huge fan of Harvest Land and this is set up a lot like it. Wish they would add the boat search for goods guy to the Harvest Land whale, and it seems much easier to get francs in this game than it is to get gems in Harvest Land. After playing for awhile it is a good game....takes patience but you can see your town coming together....offers options to watch ads to get goods or can purchase which is always a plus.... I loved playing this game,l then I had to SUBSCRIBE TWICE, PAYING Out around $15-$20 dollars because I had to UPGRADE the subscription so i would have BOTTOMLESS WAREHOUSES for storage, yet AGAIN, HERE I AM, AGAIN, WITHOUT STORAGE WANTING TO ME TOMPAY $20. FOR THE BIGGEST PRMIUM YALL HAVE!! I do not think it's right! Yall are stealing money, and honestly Im. Only playing it to get to level 25 to receive the gems for harvesting. BUT I am being ripped off!! I want all my money back!!. Shortly into the game ur hit with a roadblock where u have pretty much no choice but to spend momey to continue, uninstalled..

It is a nice game however it will get hang once a while and need to redo my task again. Graphics is fantastic. Flowchart for production will be great. The production gets to stop until you understand how it works. Thanks for responding.. You know I absolutely love playing this game but I'm so sick&tired of having to expand Everytime you turn around nickle and dimung you for every resource and the helicopter yeah most the time he ripped you off giving u coins only and u lose all them hard earned dollars. Best game ever played in my life Good graphics very interesting really good game and you can play it without Internet.

I do ENJOY it but.... I would love to be able to buy some more decorations, like flower beds or trees. It's mostly parks or fountains and with the trees it's a clump of trees, not just a tree.. I am having problems getting to know how to get money in my bank & such. I don't see instructions on how to play so this game doesn't make any sense to me!. Slow and boring, far too much effort to build things, and expanding storage seems impossible unless you use bucks that costs money, all the effort to fill market request gives little rewards, at level ten game becomes unplayable unless you want to spend money to buy bullion. O and far to many pop ups and ads. I forgot, to collect tools and equipment from the tool shop takes 15 hours lol and you only get 1 of each item you need 3 or 4 of each item for buildings, this on top of building times, . So far, this is a very fun game. I've enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere it has. Hopefully, it stays that way, lol..

I'm loving this game. The graphics, music, levels everything is so engaging and entertaining. I am truly loving the option of watching an advertisement for a few seconds(some ads are even less than 5 seconds), and I can get the tasks done just by watching ads(most ads are even useful for me). Love such games . I was trying to get to level 20 for a different game and I finally got to level 19 I set my phone down for 5 minutes and when I opened the app again I was back at level 1 and had to go through the tutorials again. Now whenever I open the app it takes forever to load and even then it says too many errors and crashes. I gave this app 2 stars instead of 1 because it was very fun but it was very agitating to go down 19 levels.. This game is colorful, interesting, and fun. But it's a bit difficult to navigate. I've played many online games, and this one has the most obscure instructions of any I've tried recently.. Wasted a week trying to get to level 16 to complete an offer and got no reward. This game is a huge waste of time, you have to pay to enjoy it..

He asked me to play the game until I reached level 25. The gift for Harvest land didn't really come. It was a disappointing lieMy time stole my bills, as I said, the gift didn't come, I had to play one game after another.It's mean. Needs improvement. Too much waiting,.especially at the balloon race. Hard to navigate helping friends. Too hard to get coins.. Worse game ever everytime you turn around there trying to make you buy something if I was you don't play. The distribution of workers is one I don't like about the game. How come building a house only requires 2 workers and making coffee requires 3 workers? I would understand if removing trees and boulders need 3 or more people. But cooking, making cofee, ice cream, flour, & muesli should only one/two workers..

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