NameMy Foxy Girlfriend
ReleaseGenius Studio Japan Inc.

The introductory chapter of My Foxy Girlfriend begins with you on your journey to Hazushima Forest along with your outside membership. After a couple of minutes, you resolve to take a break, letting the others so long. Subsequently, again at college, three new ladies have moved into your class. Instantly, they change into fashionable with guys, together with you. However, there’s one thing unsuitable for them. Every one of those ladies uncommonly approaches you. And it would not simply finish there… Then you return house and are enjoyable in your room. All of a sudden, you hear noises at your window… It is three ladies!? What are they doing in your home? Wait… what is going on? They snap their fingers, and abruptly, they’ve fox ears and tails!?

My Foxy Girlfriend MOD

Give us more Fuka! Great story, absolutely adorable Fuka. The only real negative is the way they go after your wallet. Spending $20 won't even get you far at all. Seeing as how you can buy good games, novels and graphic novels for $20 That's the max for me. I install 4 different ones. Run the adds for all 4 x 4 times/day and don't play for at least a week. Then pick one of the 4 only and only 1 character while still watching adds for all 4 times a day. Swap to second when out of gems/repeat.. This game was amazing everything about it was so cool. The story was always interesting. The ending was good as well so amazing. It was worth my time! I absolutely loved this one its a favorite! I'll always think of it. Bad story (do not insult dogs!), and there's a pay wall that prevents you from playing the rest of the story unless you're willing to pay.. Really good game, but there's one flaw that puts it under 5 stars. The gems like you gotta, grind and grind so you can get 20 gems just to pick an option. So, yeah, that it. Because other than that Perfect.. Season 3 you Mary your girlfriend so I don't need to right a fan fiction plz ad it. I don't like waiting 2 hours to play the game oh and The premium choices plz remove them or make voice records cost 10 others cost 5 gems.

My Foxy Girlfriend APK

Would be five stars, but is cut down a lot because of the fact that you need rubies to get good options, then makes you feel guilty when you littterally can't afford it. 3/10, could be a lot better.. If you're a person hear who loves love,excitement, cliffhangers and of corse fox girl. Then you NEED to download this game RIGHT NOW. Note to the developers -> I would LOVE it if you could make a 3rd session. I like this game because some things you can anticipate but others are kinda random but it always makes me smile. But I wish the good choices didn't require $3 each, I missed so many opportunities because of the excessive need for rubies for the good choices. Overall pretty good but pricey.. It's a Nice Game But my Problem is Bc I either have To Buy Tickets To continue or wait a long time for one and The good choices are for Gems and sometimes The good choices are for 7 Gems.

My Foxy Girlfriend APK

For those not used to how Genius does things, I can understand why the ruby system is a drawback for many. However, don't let the ratings deceive you as that is but a simple result of its popularity relative to Genius' other games. It is very well paced and is more plot focused than a rushed dive into relationships. Definitely going in the right direction with the seasons rather than a one-off cash grab (not to say the other games by Genius are like that but it's a welcome innovation).. I hate how we have to pay tickets to continue the episode! I don't mind abou the gems but they could at least be easier to get. Pretty fun game, but it takes too long to get ticket. And by the time you get tickets, you will mostly lose your excitement to play.. The story is good but you need to pay for every best choice and it gets worse by the time don't play it ain't worth it and you can achieve no satisfaction with the free choices. Huge L .

My Foxy Girlfriend APK

So it's a solid game and great story, but I wished getting rubies were easier or not a thing, but I get why they have it.. I'm giving this 2 stars because the story Is good BUT It's crazy how if you want to stay on the good side of the story you have to pay so I Don't Recommend.. They give only 30 rubies and it cost 20 rubies for some options so most of the time you can't even do what you wanna do this game is bad don't download unless you wanna pay for rubies. I absolutely love this game, though the only problem I have is with the gems. It's only a problem towards me cause a lot of the choices are pretty like game changers, so when it costs more gems then I get it have it messes up it ruins the fun..

Its very good, but u should add some side games to play and earn gems cuz like some people cant buy those gems. So its hard to make some decision, and besides that, its an amazing story.. The game has so much potential if it wasn't PLAGUED by microtransactions. The storyline is simple and easily likable. I only got to the 2 chapters in the nurses office before giving up because I couldn't pick the choice I wanted without having to buy rubies, which is one of the in-game currencies. Honestly, if I could just pay for the game straight out or if they told you; you needed X amount of rubies you had to buy to play the game with you making any choice you wanted, that would've saved it.. I'm sorry if I bother you but I have played the seasons over and over again and the storyline is great but I realize how expensive the premium choices are and I think the gem cost needs to be lowered by a long shot or unlimited adds for gems instead of the slot machine I know this because I have read the reviews on here but keep on going with the great chapters.(can you make the people have a animation for what they are doing instead of just standing there.)other then that 69/10(nice)69. Here's a suggestion, why don't you give the user just enough to do a single character route (non voiced option) and if the user wants to make any other choices they have to buy, trade, and, earn etc for gems I think that would make it way more playable and much more enjoyable.

I had picked tsukiku as for my girlfriend and I want to see more of her, so please make a another part game of this, afterall I put my life in danger to save her from a meatcleever.. I love this game and find it very entertaining. The characters and the storyline are great but way too many options cost gems and that's not helpful. Also, I think that if it is called 'My foxy girlfriend' then it should include something to do with that. But overall this is an awesome game and I think more people should play it.. The storyline in this game is quite good and impressive but the only thing I hate in this game is when u have to grind for rubies ... please try making it cheaper so that we don't have to spend too much time grinding it...Thank you. I really wish there was more to this game, that's the only reason I don't give it a full 5 stars. That and, the romantic moments are too short and only happen a handful of times..

I have to agree with most of the people on hear, the story is really great and a good way to pass time but the paywall/cost to keep playing the good side of the story is too much.. not only that, its way too hard to get rubies to keep you invested in the story. I'd love to give 5 stars but the expensive spending stops that.. The best game of my life I have never play game like this if the developers get motivation for my message and I just want that please continue this story please I will wait for your next episode. I really liked this story personally it was fun to read but I really hope there's a chapter for the other 3 characters some time. The freak I can't watch ads?????? Why I can't watch ads dude that's annoying. It just says "Something went wrong. Please try again" dude..

Good game and story line it fun and i don't actually care how much is rubies cost but the peoblem is i can't see anything to choose how much rubies i can buy because i can't buy a rubies and ticket. game was amazing and was worth the time and I was 8 when I first played this game I just finished it 6 years later but that you for the emotional roster that was this game my first game from you guys hope you don't stop but sadly after playing nearly 15 of this games my foxy girlfriend bring first and being my last I want to say thank you hope your days are full of joy never forget this next few game will be my last thank you I just got to move on thank you I got to play 15 games as promised. The story is fantastic and I like it. But problems are it's hard to get rubies. Some of those choices cost too much like you can get premium voice thingy for 60 rubies?! It cost 720 points to get it what is so hard to get in this rate. Some of those choices cost about around 20-30 rubies what is sometimes annoying. I suggest choices cost less or less points for 1 ruby and etc. Thank you if you read it.. Omgosh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeree this is the best game ever WOW but I gave an extra star because of the Game this is cute.

The storyline is great but they should really get better backgrounds of the story you always see them standing even if the story says they are laying in bed or running or doing something they are always portrayed standing have the backgrounds live out what is actually happening and geez why are the premium choices so expensive and cost so many gems there should be other ways of earning points in game without playing other games or playing a slot mini game that has slight chances of winning. Paywall after Paywall after Paywall. Y'know dating games on steam are a whole lot better compared to this greedy garbage. I know slot machine yada yada but if I wanted to wait for content or story progression I'd be watching anime.. The game is amazing on it self the character development and the story but the game gets you hungry for more content which kinda left me upset but other than that I enjoyed my time on this app I hope more content comes out soon!. Just got done playing the spin off story with tsukiko and it was amazing! I loved it a lot and it was really fun too. It was great seeing everyone again, even the elder and ria too. I must definitely say I loved the background, it was lively and made the experience feel even better as I played. Lastly, my time with tsukiko was fantastic, especially the last premium choice, that was the icing on the cake. All in all, I loved it and I love this game even more and I loved it already quite a bit..

Good but clearly money grabbing. Tip for people who want to grind like crazy: you need 100 gems for 2 episodes. Watch a ad because 30 coins is very nice considering the fact the most you could get from the slot machine is like 39 on a good roll while the other rolls are maybe 4 and 12. Get a autoclicker for your phone and place it in a good spot so it automatically watches ads to increase coin gain by 3 times. -would play more if there is a season 3.. HELL yeah, this game is nice. I've been playing for a fair bit now, and daaamn, great story. And if all you fellow weebs out there want a tip, it's to not focus on this game intensely. Log in every now and then, claim the timed rewards, and do a few spins on that (probably rigged) slot machine, and then leave it for the day. Go play some other games. All that needs to be said is to have a little patience, you'll eventually get to see the storyline you want :3. I downloaded this game as a joke, but as I played i got more interested, I began to enjoy it a lot, however, there is a big problem. Gems. They are so hard to get, yet you need quite a few for 1 single premium option I really hope they change this because it could be a 4 maybe 5 star if not for this.. Very intense story content, they need to make an adult version. Downside: extremely expensive with the choices and stingy with the earnings..

Good but too expensive they should atleast add for free coins but you can only watch single and wait for 4+ hours straight pretty annoying. This is not a Game this this is a cash app where you have to pay to Do what you want to And you have you have to pay a bit too much money to be able to Play the Game I do not recommend this to anyone if you like this game Then I feel Sorry for you. I usually dont write reviews, but this game is so good and so bad in it's unique ways. I initially downloaded this game as a joke, but as time went on, I got invested in the story. Amazing story, art is just beautiful, it has funny jokes in there (chuckled a bit out loud) In the second season, the antagonist makes my blood boil (nice work) Problem, SO MANY PAYWALLS. First season is kinda frustrating, but the second season has so many of them! Want to say no? Paywall. Breathe? Paywall. Good game!. I just re-download every one of your games. I think every one of them. There is 118 of them. 119 when School Romance: Love or Loses comes out..

Masterpiece! If I could I would give it a 10 out of 10! Like there is a great story, great characters, great choices. Its just the definition of almost perfect. Im saying its almost perfect because Im sad that the game ended so fast! I want a series of it! If you are watching this review, Genius Japan Studio then PLEASE make another season of it! I have played 2 seasons of it 10 times already and I still want more seasons! Im begging you PLEASE make another season. I will be so happy of you do!. It doesn't let me trade or buy gems and such its getting on my last nerve right now and I'm getting ready to Uninstall this game I hate when it doesn't let me trade coins for gems. Well other than i didn't get to claim any rewards so I can get the awesome choices that needs to be paid with Damons and go through sadness. it was amazing so pls upgrade it a little bit because I still want to play some more . new version. This is a good game good story but it cost way to much, the mini game doesn't help and neither does the earn points.

Best romance story I ever played, and also the first app I ever downloaded from Genius Studio Japan. Hope they make a third season!.

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