NameWORLD Builder
ReleaseJoyBits Ltd.

Create your land and manage it as you see fit. Download WORLDS Builder for android, you will face the most powerful forces of nature to create the world you dreamed of.

Create land, define water, mountains, and more that should be on your planet. and Plant lush forests, golden fields, and swamps to make your land real. Shortly, you will be able to create the most powerful civilization that will rule this game world. Everything will be in your submission, technology, nature, society, and much more. Explore absolutely everything on this planet, trade, strengthen your connections, and do whatever you like.

You will have to raise this mighty civilization to incredible heights, and bring it to the space age. Immerse yourself in exciting gameplay, build huge cities, experience the possibilities of this simulator, and also make your old dream come true. A completely open world awaits you, in which you can create the perfect land. Powerful alchemy, experiments, a powerful economy, as well as a variety of resources for future development. You choose which path your development will take.


I love this game, my biggest issue is that there is no edit map function where the game gets paused while you rearrange any or all buildings you want to to change overall layout, and there is no option to move buildings or anything made into a storage box or similar if not needed at the time.. I LOVE this game! I have played many of this style and this one allows you to build new lands and has lots of goals and rewards and no ads! Havent had an issue so far except one suggestion: More options for items you can add and the ability to rotate objects and change colors. Also id love the option to talk to other people within the game in the near future it would be cool to be able to invite other players to the worlds we build. Actually a good game ,no forced ads , nice world building mechanics, resource management plays like that township game needs constant attention or no progress ,timers on construction etc ,recommend trying it ,but it's not my cup of tea. Love this game, but a lot of issues with getting kicked out of the game/server down would give 5 if those issues would get resolved longer than 2 days.. I was unable to even start the game because it keeps asking me to check my network connection even though I'm connected to the internet....


my game is not running even i though i have good strenth wifi but still game is not running please fix. Great but be careful, you cannot watch ads anymore if you buy anything, si the better value is still to watch the ads to get crystals instead of buying anything.. This has great potential but I've never known a game that doesn't just let you sell extra items in the warehouse. The warehouse gets full all the time and you can't even sell the special materials. You also can't just harvest like 1 item you have to harvest them all at once which again fills your warehouse. Game is now just frustrating to play.. I really love this game wish they made the map bigger and we could zoom out more. And if the civilisation could go a bit fast and add more creatures like deer,rabbits etc.


More works has to be done by the game developer's.. Pls. Try making the game more fun to play, for now it very dull.. No Data Collected must mean during the game's download, because they ask you to violate that the first time the game is run.. Absolutely loved playing this game, very addictive, great graphics. However, I had to drop my rating from 5 star 1 star as I was not able to get into the game, and when I could, it crashed. Fix the issues and will edit star level. Also, don't count on help from support as they don't respond back.. This is really a wonderful game for young and even for there parents. I found it so creative for all ages of children. So good to play it. Thumbs up for the creator. Very very nice game..


Used to be a 4/5 game. Starting about a week ago, every couple of minutes random ads will pop up. Not ones that I clicked on, no rewards, just ads that interrupt my game and use up my data.. Second day in, and I was already reminded why I've dropped this beautiful game a couple of years back. It crashes. Lost the connection to the server, and based on other users' posts it's global. Now I am happy I haven't bought the subscription. Seems like I'll be dropping it this time too.. It was good for about 4 hours and then I sudden began to receive an "unable to connect to server" error message and now I can't play at all.. Watched an ad and get stuck in a loop between ad and play store. What kind moron designed this? Trash game..

I confess I did uninstall this game, but I soon regretted doing it. This game is definitely the best game in this category, there are loads of plus points to it, no steep learning curve, no pay to win, it's easy to learn and it could be a great family game. The graphics area also really good. The alchemy elements add a nice twist to what would otherwise just be another city builder. I recommend installing this game and giving it a go . Very fun way to play a sandbox world game. With a mix of alchemy.. very fun! Only wish developers kept working on it to refine the nitty gritty workings of the game. Love the game it has elements (pun intended) of little alchemy, really easy to use no ads, reason for four stars, cant zoom out, and also cant figure out how to get the baskets to the market, as they go straight to the store room, and as far as I can tell theres nothing in the market to request any, also would be great if there was an option to zoom out Edit: I figured it out so, here's your extra star . The limited view is very inconvenient .....I need to keep rearranging my buildings to get how I would like my village to be & in order to do so, I need to create more land,which means more land to scroll around takes forever. Also, not being able to rotate anything is also frustrating. And one last thing.....Why does my land keep disappearing ?Every time I make sand,I notice it disappears in certain spots. It even happens on my grass areas..

010823: Contrary to Google Games listed Data Policy for this games DEVS DO COLLECT & SHARE W/ 3RD PARTIES. They advise in their TC&P you can opt out, but I don't trust after I have to opt in first to get into game. Don't appreciate the hook&bait. Uninstalled.. Please reduce the ads. There are a lot of ad plugins where we need to watch ads to get daily crystals etc. The random ads in between are really annoying. If there was an option to buy the game/remove ads, I'd get it, but I don't see any.. It is interesting at 1st . But than I was loosing interested later, I can't make new things it is not good as I thought. I really like this game .it's much different from other building games for sure .I take it back on being boring.. because I did get bored a bit..and it stopped giving crystals which never got fix..I hope that gets fixed..and also I hope you guys add more to create and do...maybe add some different animals sure would make it more interesting then it is now.. waiting for any updates for new things to do.. because this game could be awesome..

I am liking it except it is a little hard to understand how to create different terrains and new land. I restarted twice and am getting the hang of it. We'll see how it goes.. Was able to play till last night now the game is saying I have a network connection problem but since I am writing this I guess I have no problem. Still playing the game just feel like we should be able to build homes just as much as we creat more land !. Great game so far but several issues wish we could lock screen in place to build.. mine keeps glitching, waiting on support to contact me.

Great game! Good payout for efforts given. Fun attributes, worth while packages available but NOT necessary - which is awesome! You can play at your own pace & around your schedule. I love this game!!!. UPDATE: ---5 suposedly the developer responded to my review!! Hmm WHERE?? there's NO response!! So NOW JOYBITS STEALS, CHEATS, & LIES!! REALLY NICE WAY TO DO BUSINESS. GOOD JOB SECURING THAT ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!! HOPE YOU CHOKE ON THE MONEY YOU STOLE FROM ME!!I cannot get HELP FROM ANYBODY!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS. JOYBITS WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!. Game takes too much time. Certain areas are kind of confusing like how to expand the land and what materials to use.. This is a 5 star game until you hit the pay wall. You can build everything even the very ground your village sits on. It is actually very fun. But then, you can create worlds but can't make scaffolding, drills, or other things someone who can make a world can obviously make. You make a lot of progress then suddenly no progress at all. Hi developers, I understand that you need money to support your products but if you imbalance your game so much with the pay need people Uninstall. Like me..

It's a beautiful little game it will keep you busy it's a lot of fun to but really Worth it. so i have been playing this game for 3 days and today i made one in game purches and i plan on playing this game forever ;). Very good game love the graphics and the game play well done Looking forward to updates and events Well done. Highly disappointing. Had high hopes for this. The idea of the elements was promising but in the end, the combos are limited and they don't always do what you want. You get far too few coins and the price of buildings are too high. You can't upgrade without specific parts you can't produce and they are too rare. Made it to level 11 but can't get any farther. The wait times are execessively long. Just another game devs don't want you to actually play..

Edit - please fix crystal tree. There is a glitch that keeps saying it needs attention or resources next to it, refuses to let you daily collect. Very frustrating. Have already sent correspondence to developers, hope it's fixed soon. The bad- More ads than I'd like, however, decent payoffs for watching. Fair trade, in this particular case, I think. The good - type of game play is versatile, creative, addicting for those with curiosity, and science fun! Interesting take, I like it! Thank you! . This is the funnest game in history! Create... Form your own world... Sell your items to others... And there are even clans to join for more fun!. Excellent way to Express my inner creativity on the world an watch as well as experience that I of my expression love it. I couldn't finish the tutorial, i can't move 5 seg without something asking watching an ad or making a payment. I can see where is this going....

This is an awesome creative game that mixes alchemy with town building and you can literally go anywhere you want with anything to build a one of a kind world. Only thing that's been irritating me is any time I watch a video to double my rewards, it'll finish the video then kick me out of the game and I don't get the double rewards. Other than that, great game.. Great game for very patient people who love to micromanage. I had fun but got glustered a few times trying to remember the combos to create things. A key to help as a reminder would b great.. Game is money hunger try it greed will kick you. Out of this, sorry to much you making money, but greed will work. Great game,lots to do,never boring.Beats any game out there.Would highly recommend,join a Clan and make new friends from all over the world.

Kenapa harus ada iklan acak yang sering tiba-tiba muncul sendiri? Biarkan kami menonton iklan saat kami sendiri yang memutuskan ketika menginginkan bonus atau sejenisnya, tapi jangan paksa kami menonton iklan yang muncul secara acak, sangat mengganggu. Fix that or I leave this game.. They've recently added WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY TOO MANY ANNOYING ADS, TOO FREQUENTLY!! My ENJOYMENT playing this game is DWINDLING with EVERY ADVERTISEMENT!!!. I like this game. But it would have been better for me if there was a new game or reset for if I wanted to repeat what I did.. I have played this game many times and got bored because I run out of stuff to mess around with and it would be soooo cool if it had 2 mode sandbox mode is for people who just want to mess around and a classic mode is for people who just want to play the game in the sandbox mode you can just mess around and have fun with all the elements and stuff and classic mode would be the original game where you have to descover the elements and stuff.

I'm loving this!! Ads do not pop up in the middle of the game, which is a BIG plus for me. There are ads, but they are optional to watch and if you do you get rewards that will help you in the game. These sandbox type games are fabulous! Basically you use elements with other elements to create something totally new, you truly can do whatever you want exactly how you want. It's very relaxing and it's complete creativity. There are also quests to guide you. But it's all self paced. Relaxing!. Started out really well then error messages prevented me from adding any further buildings. No help received from support so it's an uninstal for me.. Lovely to have a game that's almost free roam. You have to learn through trial and error. Once you grasp the basics the world is your oyster.. This was a great game until this latest upgrade. Now I'm constantly bombarded with ads, even within a few seconds starting the app & they aren't short ads either. It happens every few minutes and it's ridiculous. Most of the time after the ads run through, it kicks me out completely. Usually there is no x button but an arrow which directs you to the play store, regardless if you want to go there or not. I'm about to uninstall if this doesn't get fixed and I've been playing this for over a year..

It may be fun, but have a big problem - it tries to show full screen ads, that is unacceptable! More than that - it freezes on those ads and have to be closed abd relaunched everg time. Unplayable due to described above problem. Remove ads and it might become playable.. I can build an iland and i love it but you need to be abel to make more then 1 setelment cus i need a war mode that i can see. Far, far too difficult to acquire upgrade materials as f2p. Gameplay is awesome for the first few hours before you hit this early problematic pay wall, though.. This is the game you've been looking for! If you like casual world building this is your game. You literally start from scratch and put your own land and mountains in. The only thing I would change is that there is no 'zoom out' button. Also it would be cool if the location of your land gave you snow or tropics..

Really love this game there is a lot of reactions to remember lol, this is a great game i have found till today. Is a lot of fun, really well done :) Only BIG - is that I can't play with the same UID in all my devices because it doen't connect to Google Play user. That's why I took a star.. I really love this game..Thankful i am, because it was updated.. i've playing the first world builder, 3years eventually...And this game is absolutely my favorite.Awesome to feel that i have my own world...

Download ( V1.0.113-prod )



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