NameForensic Master
Size92.75 Mb
ReleaseRuby Game Studio

In Forensic Master, you can become a detective, perform your duties, and become a forensic master. If you do everything right, you can solve the most complex crimes. Find all the clues that can attract your suspicion and solve the terrible mystery of the murder. Each level is an exciting puzzle. Try to get to the bottom of the matter and carefully select the evidence to unravel all the secrets of this complex case—many of the most exciting and free mini-games that will test your ability to solve murders. Solve tricky riddles, find all the clues, reveal the clues and get more experience. Here you will meet many detective stories, find hidden objects and unravel the most important secret of a forensic expert.

Forensic Master MOD

adds. too many adds. I get you have to have them for free games but does have to be after every 10 second chapter.. I would honestly give this only a half star, instead of a full star this game is insanely repetitive with the same exact cases. There are literally two cases to solve they just span them out over the various non stop ads they put you through. No Challenge!! Don't Waste Your Time !!!!!. To many commercials you can't play this game well..Why do y'all have so many commercials maybe y'all can get into our data... Soooooop there is way too many add in the levels just keep going over and over again there's no new levels we are done the same level like 100 times it's so boring this game should get defunded and taking off a phone forever. DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME.. A disappointingly poor excuse for a puzzle game. The physics aren't bad but it plays like one of those games played within the fake ad for another game, only with video ads bookending the, at a genous estimate, 20 second levels and banner ads in those. Found no mystery so far, only weird busywork. Only got through 3 levels, the last to check if you can play without internet (you can't) but they aren't respecting my time so I won't respect their game. Don't touch it. I'll avoid their other games..

Forensic Master APK

The game is good but after every activity which is only a few seconds, there are ads. This game is FULL of them. You go offline, but you need to be online to play.. I was looking forward to playing this game but it was just a simple 10 to 20 second puzzle followed by a 30 second advert after every level. Don't bother. Just dire. Playing the same games over and over. And calling them games is a stretch of the imagination. Not worth your time. This is good. but that's alot of ads in this game. i knowing this is a wifi game. Im just thinking this game was real.

Forensic Master APK

Aweful.. you'll regret installing. All the levels are the repetition of the previous levels.. it goes on.. I would have have given 0 stars if possible. There are way too many ads. You do one little thing and then you have to sit through an ad. Forget that.. Can't play when i got in to this game it got glitch and then just a pink screen there! FIX THE GAME PLS and THX!. This is so bad, the latest review was right you just rub things around it does not even look like the ad.

Forensic Master APK

Some kind of new ad game, where every 10 seconds you watch a new ad. Irritating forensic bits in between, though. It's probably a short revenue stream, though, as folks delete it pretty quick, I'd imagine.. Start the game... barely 10 seconds of gameplay and the advertisements start. every round is basically 5-10 seconds of gameplay and then an ad and then to collect any bonus round or "gift" reward it is another full length ad.. Worst game ever please do not play this dame has so many adds and when we pass 1 level there is add 2level then add. Waste of time don't ever play such kind of games.. lots nd lots of adds after 10 sec.. worst game ever.

This is not the way I expected. U show guys show the ads like this game is very nice but the ads, I can't tolerate this...happens one time, it's okay, second time, then also okay but after that I was very angry... It is not good game and very scary game for kids... Expectations were high... Uninstalling... how could you do make us hate this game by adding too much forcefully made us watch adds in every 30 so sorry but i have to uninstalled it... This is WORST Content comes while playing other Games. Please kindly remove this GAME from ADS. I want to give it NEGATIVE Mark for Rating though i don't have options. REALLY DISAPPOINTED..

Download ( V3.1.8 )

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