NameHouse Designer Fix & Flip
ReleaseKarate Goose Studio

House Designer: Fix & Flip, be the designer of your own home. We are waiting for a colorful and funny performance in which you will try to update your home. Here you can realize all your incredible fantasies.

Feel like a professional who can do a lot and surprise your relatives. First, you need to buy a house and then conduct various experiments. There is considerable furniture, chairs, beds, bathrooms, kitchen fittings, and much more. Show your skills and abilities in the world of design. Create wonderful harmony in House Designer: Fix & Flip, and arrange objects perfectly to please everyone. Plant the most beautiful flowers, plants, flower beds, and much more that will be placed in your garden. Put a gazebo to make it comfortable and fun to spend time here. Do whatever you like and show your friends this magnificence.

House Designer Fix & Flip MOD

I love it so much and tha graphic is so realistic but it's so hard to find the other trust and pick it. In my phone it is not open I attempted 40 to 50 times but when I play this game I feel good so I Give it 3 star rating please house designer simulator improve your System please and some people Who tell it is my phone problem So no their is no problem in my phone Because in my phone I play dude thief War etc heavy games and house designer simulator improve your game Please!!. This game was so cool not much as to laggy but its so relaxing not so much ads i really love it but its so expensive but atleast its good. maganda naman syang laruin, but I suggest sana nabubuksan yung refrigerator,cabinets and sana may mga picture frames na pwede din mag upload ng pics and madagdagan pa yung paintings. Sana din is mas madagdagan pa ang mga gamit sa kitchen like foods juices etc.. Finally after 1 year you listened I'm leaving a good review just for listening. Also I want to report a bug that's weird, the big is that sometimes the birds just do 360 around the dustbin near our house which looks funny so fix that..

House Designer Fix & Flip APK

Couldn't save the game. I liked this game but there's no way I could save the progress or link to any accounts so I can play it again to my new phone or different device without starting a new game.. Good it is fun I like the part where you restore the house and cleaning everyone should play this game. I like this better than house flippers because you can actually make profit renovating and it doesn't feel to grindy.. I really enjoy this game a lot but I would suggest the switches actually work and it would be nice to add curtains and blinds for bigger windows but either than that nice game. thank you.

House Designer Fix & Flip APK

Love this game! I guess it is better than "House Flipper" itself. But, this game needs more everyday items such as (Laundry detergent, deoderant, TV remote, toaster and etc.) Would you make it? Anyway thanks for making this game. Love it. Um I like the game but you can't exit your house I don't like that... and the job is boring can you add people in the job and make the cars a little cheaper. You can do better . It's nice,but homes are so expensive,it's kinds boring cleaning the same houses all the time,and it's pays less then supposed to,fix that please. I love this game so much so enjoyable but they gave money so less but give work so much but I like this game sorry sorry not like I love this game.

House Designer Fix & Flip APK

I am rating this game 4 because there is not enough decoration items like colourful wall lights in different shapes like in cat shape etc and decoration items for gaming room.. it would be nice to have an update to this game with more options of items.. and more modern and matching items and colors at that. It's basically been mostly the same items since they made the game years ago. There's no real variety in patters OR colors. The carpets, flooring and wallpapers are all meh. There's not many items or colors to match the paint you can use on walls either. It's all very bleh. We could definitely use more pastels and vivid colors for items and flooring.. I really appreciate it it has no ads no lag realistic and so much thing and if you work you'll get so much money! This game has no problem so download it now!!!!!!. Good game. The prices of the houses are too high and get a dirty house, please change that it's annoying doing work then only get 3000 then comes a dirty house worth 2 million. Please fix that.

Amazing game! Best option if you need to practice your house designing skills in a perfect realistic way, just like it's real life. But i just have one problem that i don't understand. I have the house on park ridge dr. And the pool is supposed to be in the back like it is the picture, and its just right beside the house. Also the path infront of the house is bigger in the photo, but i only have 2 straight lines. I'd highly appreciate if you fixed this problem.. Thanks a lot!. Quite good game but you should add houses with under 900.000 or 100.000 and you should change the design of swimming pool. Hi! I have some problem with your game for example I want to buy house which price is 27 lakh dollar and you give Only 6 to 7 thousand per house cleaning if you increase this like 10 to 15 thousand per house it's good or you should add add watch in this game like car for trade it's totally offline but if you watch adds it will give money like 1 thousand to 5 thousand. Nice game. Very helpful but two suggestions that can improve the game 1. You can get out of the yard and have a map because being at the same place is kind of boring 2. The cars that we buy are not even used for transport. Despite we pay a lot of money and the are used for decoration But its a really good game. Looking forward to playing another of yoir games. I love this game because it's a fun game and u can play it offline and I feel like when I'm Mad i just play this game and I have no more stress.

For devolpor it is a super fanatics game but there are missing things like gaming furniture sports cars and a big building like an office please add in new update and some more pets and modern houses with basement plzzzzzzzzzzzz add this. I have never seen this kind of best and smooth game if ur child loves architecture don't waste their talent just give them these kind of game like house designer and Minecraft best game ever loved it. Amazing game ha yarr sachiij ma bota maza hata ha is play lar kar , is lay ma 5 star dogay is game koo i realy like it. this game is so good i love this game but there is a problem that is the house are very expensive so i cant buy all the houses i only have 247600 money.

Over all this game is good but you cannot get profit or make money When I bought a house and furnished it it cost me 140k and when I sold it with full 100percent it just give me 138k litterly we cannot make profit only just buy the house and sell it and you will be on the money where you was only we can get money by completing orders pls fix and add profit by solding houses . Also add more things to place there are not more things to place add more living room things and more..

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