NameMy Cat – Cat Simulator Game
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An exciting pet care simulator. My Cat – Cat Simulator Game is a fun Tamagotchi-like pet care simulator. The game is developed for mobile devices with Android. This simulator is like a children’s toy, “Tamagotchi.” Indeed, as a child, you had such a small device in which a pet lived and had to be looked after. If you stop caring for your pet, he will die sooner or later. Here you will find something similar, but with richer features. Before starting, you need to create a pet by defining its appearance. Then you start taking care of him. You must monitor its performance and replenish them on time. When the pet is sleeping, you can play entertaining mini-games. The game has an excellent, bright design and easy navigation.

My Cat – Cat Simulator Game MOD

itsso fun. games but shes always go in loptop but its ok cause its verry fun games thank you My CAT. I love it but the stupid V. I. P. is blocking me from playing the game pls remove so I can have a peaceful life with my cat without STUPID VIP in my life thank you. I'm sure this would be a great game but how do you skip the payment screen? I don't see anything that lets you skip the payment screen.. I paid for no ads and yet game is full of them!! And you can't even email them This!!This app is a scam do NOT DOWLAND IT!!!!Shame on you people!. I like how you get to pet it and you can really learn very important lessons how to take care of your cat or a dog and it's just teaching you that how you can take care of your cat or dog and it's like so awesome I can't get one game that's not like this one I mean the dog one you have to pay for that one who wants to pay for it you can just get you can just get a cat game where you can like this game you can like you don't even have to you don't even have to pay it's a very.

My Cat – Cat Simulator Game APK

I really like you a little bit because it is actually if you tell you is the cast of can you go to the cat game and and go still do you still go bye. I buyed the no ads, and after I reinstalled the game I don't have it anymore... And I get an error if I try to buy it again .... I love this game it's so fun to play but tell me I don't like about it is that there's ads most of the time. My daughter purchase something on this app accidentally but they didn't refund it even I tell them it is mistakenly purchase. i already msg google about it they said they will not refund it because of the term with you.

My Cat – Cat Simulator Game APK

Big scam! Like most people here have been scammed with the purchases. Google sends to the app developer for a refund and other way around!. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! My son downloaded this game a month ago and even tho I canceled my cards and uninstalles the game, they are still charging me 14.99 on days my son isn't even home. This is absolutely ridiculous. I tried emailing to get a refund and not even a message back. This game is a SCAM!!. 14.99 per week?! WHAT? I launched the game to play for the first time ever and got hit with that before i could even try it.. uninstall ;(. Sooooo cute game becuase there is cats and I love cats soooo much they are my favourite animal but I never had a cat at home so thats why I installed this game sooooo cute and sooooo cool.

My Cat – Cat Simulator Game APK

Instead of playing this nonsense whyuch you deserve creator of this game entitled hacker. Why mot adopt one? Its the same thing but adopting a cat is kuch authentic feeling as your in a pack you take care of one another you feed it bathe it let it sleep in exchange for protecting you and caring for you at your most vulnerable times. Thats an unbroken love. And if its time they go let them die in peace instead of euthanizing it. Let it have its last breaths spent time with you and your pack.. My daughter just installed This app and bypassed my password and got me a credit of 875 pesos.. now I reported it but no answer.. now i'm paying for it . I don't know what you people are talking about but you must be blind because It's easy to get away from the pay screen . Ok I saw the reviews and I won't install it because herring that it costs money makes me not want to install it so sorry I didn't install your app just no ty:/.

This play apps is really Scam and design to deceived children. All parent be careful of this app and do let your children or any to download this play. There is some option that only pop up and automatically purchased bypass some OTP or safety feature of the registry and try to refund it not be possible because of policy which a 5 yr old didn't understand. Try to refund the Google play they will tell not in the policy and I feel your frustration etc etc,try to developer in will direct to Google. I could only play if I would subscribe and pay them 14$ A MONTH I should not have to pay to hlown a virtrule pet like COME ON. THIS IS JUST AN AI BOT CAT.....AND I HAVE A REAL CAT THAT SHOWS LOVE TO ME...IF U MISS UR CAT......LOOK AT .......AND MY REAL CAT IS NAMED LIAM....AMD LIAM SHOWS WAYYY MORE....IF J WANNA BUY A CAT BUT U GOT FAST FROM THSI GAME...u will miss out on the life of having a REAL LOVEING CAT!!! MY CAT EVEN PROTECTS ME BY GROWLING AND MY CAT CAN MEET OTHER PETS BUT THE AI MAKES NO SENCE U ONLY TAKE CARE OF THE AI CAT GET A REAL CAT THAT LOVES U AND BE SHY AND SAD AND MAD AND U CANT FEEL FUR!!. This game doesnt even deserve one star. Some how they have taken 30 out of my bank account without permission. I would like this problem solved asap. I am extremely angry about this..

Cat is really cute and I gave it a name the name was pudding and putting was really cute name this is the best cat I ever take . Please refund my money to your application thatt i dont use. its unfair that you will just charge to your application that i dont used refund now !!!!!!. This is such a cute game I personally think there should be more skins for the cats and a low prices I'm in love this made me beg my mom & dad to get a cat but they cep't saying NO. I love this game. This is a Scam your kids will buy stuff and not Even knowing it. Then it will show on bank statement So angry .

This game did not allow my Google protection to authenticate a password before a payment was submitted. I'm not sure how you're able to pull my credit card information from my account when I have all payments require a passkey before payment is submitted.. Dear community, carefull with your children using this App, my little boy played here alone and spend 59.99 accidentally, he said it yo me and I asked for a refund in Google but nothing to do, if the boy didnt prevent me perhaps is a big amount of money. What I think it is that the company (My Cat App) or Google, should have given me the money back. I HAVE SPOKEN TO GOOGLE, THEY SAY THE TRANSACTION HASNT GOT THE REQUIREMENTS OF THEIR POLICY, NO MONEY BACK THEN, PLEASE, CANT YOU DO ANYTHING?. I was so excited to download this, but it costs 15 dollars a month?! At least on your advertising to say it costs money.. Be careful! If you have a toddler that always mess with your phone, this kind of app will make you broke. All this company's apps are around 30 per week, PER WEEK!!! And rated as age 3, which means Google Parent Control won't stop its download, that's how they cheat, and no one is trying to do anything to stop this kind of crime whatsoever..

My child was able to do $75 purchase in minutes somehow passing through Google verifications. This sounds like scam and cannot be used by kids. It's not just a few dollars. I am willing to report this app. Very disappointed by this developer. It's just unreasonable. My 5 year old nephew paid 20.99 for a VIP without my permission is all good got a full refund don't know why try make kids pay kids don't need to pay to play lol. I want to say that tamadog is better. In case you do not know, tamadog is a little like this game. Gave me back my money . Just my daughter click your app. I need my money for her to feed her please .

This is a SCAM and too many ADS. I tried to play the game and it was charging me ( $12)this game is the stupidest thing ever ever in my Life so you guys can hit the road with this game!. Do not download this game. It is free but an add pops up for a weekly subscription which mu daughter purchased as she couldn't get off the app any other way... My kids must have downloaded this game and it's charged me $43+ for what?!?! It's obviously a scam because it catches a child's attention and then it starts charging your account. It makes me sick. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This game started to cause ad pop up on my android phone even when I'm not using the phone. Google please check, it's alarming..

Hit immediately with an advert for 15 a week subscription and no way to exit so is the only way to play to pay the fee?!? Its cheaper to own a real cat!. My daughter accidently set this game up on her phone and now I've been charged just over 15 I've emailed Google play for refund. I would like my money back please!!. I want to stop the Premium VIP Weekly 14 (My Cat - Virtual pet simulator) my daughter did it keep take money every week without my consent .. I payed 10$ for an app that crashed in the first two mins and won't let my kid play after the first ad. Waste of money. I'm instantly cancelling the subscription and won't be recommending the app..

Hi! I really wanted to play this but I have ti pay and Idk how to skip the subscriptioncan u plz tell me. Hey my 4 year old boy subscribe to one of your weekly vip rm 74.99 amd when i request for refund google reject it !!! Refund my money back !!!. THIS IS A SCAM! BEWARE. I WANT TO CRY NOW BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH THIS APP WANTS TO CHARGE ITS USERS DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT. PLEASE DON'T GET SCAMMED.. If anyone complains about the payment screen here's the story So before I downloaded this game I actually bullied this game So when I was interested I downloaded the game as everybody know the PAYMENT SCREEN and I was so sad I pressed the terms of use and I said sorry for bullying you before :( and when I go to the game again there's no payment screen that's why I'm giving this a 5 .

I don't have the payment it just lagged and got off the screen but when it comes to finding the ar thingy I got mad cause I just updated my android tablet and it still doesnt work please make is available I also uninstalled it.

Download ( V2.5.2.0 )

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