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Try to start acting right now on the truck! Have time to download Mini Trucker and plunge into this amazing world of transportation and transportation of various cargo.

After a couple of months, you will want to play it again and again. New updates are coming every day, so try not to miss them. However, all the players have already tried the latest development from the transportation developers. After a couple of years of advanced time, now the phone has the opportunity to download various games for free and play them. This was not the case before. And the children entertained themselves as best they could. Now everything is different. You need to start mastering your future profession or have fun urgently. In both, mobile games for the phone will help everyone.

It’s just that now smartphones have become so popular that even a baby knows the device’s name, android. However, this is not only because of its convenience, optimization, and portability. You need to be able to make mobile entertainment. The truck simulator for android will help you with this. It combines all aspects of the genre and will please all future truckers. Load up and move forward. Realistic physics will allow you to feel the cruelty of reality.

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I love the game, it's simple art style too, I wish I could make drawings of trucks. I'm sure I definitely could but I'm not one for making code. Anyway yes the game is good and the only thing I can think of to pout about is the ground clearance of the electric truck is so low every bump in the road causes damage if I'm going over 10mph. But that's all really!. I am giving it 4 star rating but there are few problems which are as follows 1) it is very hard to earn money it is due to the very much burning of fuel while driving through off-road 2) there are so many off road routes you should add some other routes of concrete roads 3) the railway station should be started in all map 4) and also make some easy off-roading maps 5) and also make easy to earn money in game for players I hope you will do so the following upgrade Thegame is nice. Absolutely unusable. Got to pick out a vehicle, that was it. The truck would not drive. The controls loaded but we're completely unusable and unresponsive.. hey man your game is completely awesome, I love playing it for hours. the only problem i face is that there is no clutch , the high engine rpm while sloping down damages i solve the problem of clutch,please explain.. It's pretty good. Some of the trucks are a massive pain to use, either because the ground clearance is way too low (causing you to take expensive damage when traveling) or because the automatic transmission seems configured to stall when pulling heavy loads uphill. Otherwise it's fun but I wish there was more content, trucks, upgrades etc..

Mini Trucker APK

Best game I've ever played downloaded No ads May take a while to get a new truck but it's worth it the games fun and in the late game you'll have to repair roads heads up My opinion 5 stars. hey Developer, I rated this game 1 star because you don't often reply to 5 star reviews.I tried to contact with you via gmail but you didn't reply So here are my questions, When is the next update coming Will there be any graphics improvement Will there is any weather or day night cycle coming Is there any physics improvement update coming (like the tire being rock). It is a very good game, but please update it from time to time. Add some vehicles in it like tractor, pick up truck and crane etc., offroading road, motorcycle company, car company and steel sheet company etc. Multiplayer and race modes can also be added.. Suspension update when? Tesla truck is useless on even paved road without a lift kit bigger tires. Can't drive 1 road without breaking down..

Mini Trucker APK

Bro it just stops in 22% download for no reason but I have played this game before and it was really good but ........ Edit: I fix it and I love it hop to get more updates. And you should add ASR to all vichile or a buyble ASR for some money . Very nice game. Plz add some extra features like auto accelerator paddle and location selection from map to go one place to an other place like other games. thanks. Game is great but PLEASE change the "+" and "-" buttons' location!!! MY HANDS HURT Edit: thanks for the answer but I meant in a way that leaves one button to each hand, like CSR Racing did! The way it is today they're too close to each other and too tiny in both configurations!. A great game to keep someone busy.. I love it but please add some controls like clutch and make the shift be H to support the clutch.. Thanks for the App.

Mini Trucker APK

This game has amazing features and good physics, but a graphics update will be very nice now a days mobile phone are getting more powerful so it will be fine to use more processing power. Amazing game I love it shout out to the developers if I can make a suggestion add a H pattern shifter or I beter struck sounds pls. Its great because i have figured out how to shift but you should add traction control ESPECIALLY the 8x8 trucks how this works is that the wheels not in contact to the ground will have power cut from them and transfer that power to wheels in contact to the ground because the 8x8 trucks have a ground contact problem so half the power is wasted so to fix that and to make 8x8's more viable in terms of load and money i often overload it to get as much money as possible so i get stuck and get a tow. Pls add better graphics and just a thought usable trainsnbecause u could have them only for big long trips of hauling cargo and u would have to bring the cargo to it to use it also I love ur game its amazing.

I love so this game. What a amazing one Especially when you use a premium upgrade I love all trips and adventures. My hard disgust is this chinese regulation on preventing minors from indulging in online games. How do i cancel this if I'm not Chinese? Please answer me . I think adding names should allow others to better differentiate them. Also, maybe you should try adding deformable terrain for the off-road routes. It's super nice but can you add more trucks and please add new trailers and keep the work you have done. You should put more places to go like islands and have bridges that connect them so I drive over instead of jumping 1 place to the next and another you should put is a day and night system with a clock.

Would it be possible to just cross multiple road sections from one destination to another, like you can probably plan the traveling trip on the map. Good game so small but so detailed l love this game? , And another issue add facility for hiring drivers to assist on demand thank you. Its very nice and cheap to play and download but there is only one problem, it's that I don't know how to get a job. I really like this game, but one thing that would really improve it, would be if you could split loads, i.e. fill the truck with one thing and the trailer with something else from another place and deliver them each to their destination in a round trip, or be able to put both steel beams and wood on the back of the flatbed together. I think this would really make the game more interesting..

Hello human i just want to have a ute in the game as I think it would go well with the game like a fj45 or a hilux that's all I got to say thanks for your time have a good day. Game play is good, I recommend adding another starter truck GAZ 51, so the player has an option for an other cheap truck. The GAZ 66 is good, but it consumes lots of fuel and lacks power, so adding the GAZ 51 can be good as it is the highway version of the 66. The GAZ 51 can be a cheap to maintain and low fuel consumption option for starters.. I like the game but it can maybe add oversize trailer and truck and maybe add truck name because idk what is the name of each truck and one last one is maybe ad like a suspension that i can see but not the one whith no suspension whith it. I hope this helps.. I would like to say the game is well polished and its very easy to get rich/trucks i would like to ask to add car factories and more bulk types and maybe show the altitude of places so you can expect hills or not and also add more cars and trucks especialy the starter ones and also increase the prices they are to easy to grind. Thank you for making such an wonderfull game! Hope the next update is close.

I'd give 5 stars but I am out of fuel in all my vehicles and can't afford fuel I cannot afford to by in game money I also can't use rewarded ads as they won't work yes i did have Internet connection so plese help as I will not reset progress plese help or I will delete the game. the game itself is fun, the truck physic are albeit a little janky but thats okay, i think road repair pops up kinda early, i didnt even have asphalt going before a road broke on me and i had to dedicate my time to making it, early game the only real struggle is gas price and thats easily remedied when you upgrade the 2nd truck. Good game, could use a couple of improvements in regards to future gameplay, game is fully functional and properly free to play.. Very nice game I gave 4 stars, bt I thought da electric car at some speed would be charging it's self so dat it reduce on the cost of charging if u can fix that u Wil have my five stay.

Pretty much amazing game. Simple and easy though Something is not right for your first electric truck. Try changing its looks like the other heavy trucks. Its also very vulnerable to the bumpy roads due to its body being low to the road. Try changing its appearance.. Edit: im actually being careful and also using it on offroads even though its only for road. Good app for the first one to go to the gym today and tomorrow and I don't want you to know if you want to do with the girls re so I have no idea what I was in a bit more than a week ago when he. The electric truck is way to low to the ground. It will break within seconds if I get into any good speed. I recommend putting the truck higher from the ground. Also good game . A very simple game and beautifully made only the roads are way too bumpy and the fuel consumption is too high because of that it is practically impossible to get any more vehicles.Please fix the fuel consumption and the roads,other than that the game is very good and I recommend that game too the people..

Thats my first ever game that i had played this game , when the game was launched.. thats my oldest memory of my life. Aloutta all ka do ka all is wet or web of am off week or week of ask LG XML put e'en or whoa. Pls make the background pop and more of a forestry with mountainous look and pls add a driver in the cab of each vehicle and add vehicles to sell as cargo and make the farm area require farm equipment and other places require certain vehicles. Good graphics but here's a problem you need tools to make iron ore but to make tools you need steel products in order to make steel products you need iron ore which needs tools so it's an endless cycle of nothingness and you need to make power so you can produce to make power you need coal to make coal you need tools so that answers it you made a cycle of nothingness.

I will give you a five star rating if you make a control costumizer on vehicle control , crane control, and liquids and dumper load control. Next I want you to make day and night cycle, seasons, rain, and effects to the road due to the weather and seasons like when it rains there are puddles of water and make is so when you drive through the water puddles the vehicle effects the water puddle. The best game ever but add more parts like turbo and other accessories but must say i play it everyday. Waste of time progress is limited at best realistic vehicles unrealistic terrain can't get pass routes and they don't want to change it so they give a warning in the intro to the game I was astonished at just how bad it actually is good luck to anyone who plays it's a cash and time grab not worth it. When i tuch the gfound at 20kmh it destroys the engine Atleast compenstate for the lost money with 50k and add armor and move the hitbox u know more towards the actual engine also add persenalisation to the trucks and add diffrent gauges for the trucks then it wil be worth it But overall the game is good.

Nice game but I will like you to add some other things like braking light,day and night shift and neutral on the gear shift. Things that could be added is day and Night cycle with headlights function, and a Horn button to tap for fun at anytime. Also can you give a transmission to all the trucks that hasn't all three and just low, they're getting dust because of it, alsobthere is no driver on vehicles or a silhouette at least, looks like the vehicles are from Tesla as or they are haunted. Or controlled by player via his place in any of the three towns.. Clear, simple and sophisticated. Pure enjoyment and still in progress without annoying ads, but an option for it. Thank you. Maybe there will be more content for late game? edit after 08/2022: Roadwork adds a long term need for supply chains. Also some new trucks did come in. Some long term goals would still be nice, but I do lack the ideas too.. Love this game, been playing it for a couple of years now actually, love that it's being developed and improved all the time, can't wait for the next update.

Snowrunner 2D! The off road mechanics takes a bit getting used to but I got the hang of it soon. This aspect makes it more interesting than the other 2D trucking games around. Thanks!.

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