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ReleaseGenius Inc
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Chase Love in Japan

A visual novel with an epic storyline, simple controls, and anime graphics. Chase Love in Japan is a visual novel for Android mobile devices with an epic storyline and simple rules. You play as a sweet girl who has just graduated from high school and is about to go to college, where she can finally make her dreams come true. The heroine goes to Japan, where a new future awaits her.

However, the heroine did not have time to arrive and enjoy the first minutes of freedom. She immediately found herself in the epicenter of an international intrigue that threatens to turn her life into a nightmare. Three guys actively seeking the heroine’s attention will make her regret more than once that she once envied the heroines of her favorite dramas. In general, you need to help the heroine make a choice and give preference to one guy. To do this, you must communicate with them and discover their secrets to make the right choice.

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