NameMonster Fishing
ReleaseNexelon inc.
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Monster Fishing MOD
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Monster Fishing

This an exciting project for all fishing lovers. Monster Fishing is the best fishing toy in 2019 that you must play with. Try to catch a real monster fish to become the winner in exciting competitions. You will receive your first equipment free of charge and then go fishing. You have a great chance to go on a trip around the world, visit a variety of places and be able to catch a lot of fish. The controls here are simple; you can see a good fish with one click. Soon you will become a very experienced fisherman, get to the top of the world ranking and catch many fish.

If you are a beginner in this business, do not be upset; you will succeed too. In the best fishing game, everything and every player gets it. Enjoy the full version; wholly free and exciting. You can catch any fish, even giant whales, constantly swimming around you. You won’t need any additional downloads. It has everything to have a great time, relax and look at the incredible expanses. In the end, you will become the best, and you will be able to catch more than 250 types of fish.

Download ( V0.4.33 )