NameKitty Cat Resort
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An exciting casual simulator with excellent graphics. Kitty Cat Resort is a compelling, simple simulator with amazing graphics for Android mobile devices, where you have to become the owner of a cat spa.

The gameplay takes place on a large remote island—an island without a single person. Only fluffy cats run everything here. Here they rest and work in a spa, where other cats come to get some procedure to change their appearance. You will manage the resort and, at the same time, take care of cute fluffies. You must hire staff, expand territories, buy food, toys, and other entertainment, build new facilities, and develop a salon and resort: simple controls, excellent design, and great gameplay.

Kitty Cat Resort MOD

This game is awesome to play with I can update their island it's awesome and I can pet them if they need a pet every time they need me i will always be there for them like i love this game but they do leave furrs everywhere but every time I see one you can pick them up my cats are so lovely i can't stop playing with them they are so cute adorable cool and lovely I'm doing my hard work to take care of them and it is a lot of work I just can't stop playing like it's so lovely and claiming so cute.. Awwwwww they are adorable I them! 1 question though when you move to the second island do you still get to see and interact with the cats from the first island?. I Love playing this cute cat game. I keep getting an error that reads Failed to refresh gifts. So as of right now I can not play the game due to this continuous error message. I hope this can be resolved soon as I do love playing this game.. Have been playing/using this idle game for a while now! It's really a cute game, watch the cats being cats! Ha ha ha, the behaviour of the cats are exact replica of how cats are. Ads are optional !!! Building the resort and the island takes some time though. Collecting coins and doing other tasks can be annoying or addictive. It's not very easy if you cannot dedicate some time to play the tasks. The graphics could have been better, you get the very basic version of graphics.. I lVE this game and the cats are soo cuute!!! the graphics are amazing and is also one of my favourite games! (I like it even more now that i named all my cats out of the warrior cats in the warriors series like Jayfeather and Tallstar) Although there are some problems: 1 the tortoiseshell cat looks too much like a calico 2 the facilitys keep getting more and more expensive as you keep playing the game(, but if you try hard enough im sure that you will make a perfect resort) totally 5 star!.

Kitty Cat Resort APK

I had to lower the stars because I keep getting duplicates on my costume pieces....we work hard on our islands not to constantly get rewarded doubles of what we already have! Can you please help . Had to delete the game and lost my account Can't unfollow novice users as you can't visit them please add a feature to remove them directly from the friends list - If fixed by review would be higher and say this is a very good game, cute, fun and really fair when it comes to cash and resources. I spend alot of time playing and I really enjoy it . I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! WHY CAN'T ANYONE MAKE A GOOD CAT MOBILE GAME?! IS THAT SO HARD? IS THAT SO IMPOSSIBLE?! ALL SOMEONE WANTS IS SOMETHING THEY CAN PASS THE TIME WITH Their phone. Like when you can't use something else. When your away from home. When you're waiting on something/someone. Stop over saturating app stores with grindy, ad over design, time wasting non games that you hide behind a "casual" label to deflect from their bad desgn, glitches, and calling something w/no gameplay a game. Dropped from 5 to 3 stars due to the need to watch insane amounts of ads at higher levels, the outrageous price for in-game purchases, and the massive gsme glitches as of the last update. The game is still cute, though a bit redundant but it definitely drops from a five star game at higher levels. Things get insanely expensive and unlocking new island areas takes weeks. One star removed due to Dev's response. Evidently, they don't feel the need to READ comments..

Kitty Cat Resort APK

I am so disappointed. Choosing and placing decor WAS so much fun. Then it disappeared. Don't use the snow on grass decor. It makes your other recently placed decor disappear.. This is such a cute game. Easy to play and the kitty's are so cute. This is a must for any cat lover.. I like this game, we're exciting for more cats which is the best resort for me in everything with lots of decorations and more coins with more cat skin colors and all of the things are such fun to everything. This game is so adorable and cute with the cats! But I have one problem. Everytime I try to load the game, the game keeps crashing. Please fix this and I will change it to 5 stars. Still this is a great game!.

Kitty Cat Resort APK

Just started this game...I am loving it so far..wish their were more a bit im winging it..I am thrilled that a part of the proceeds of this game goes towards our lovely fur babies all over the world!. OMG, just too cute! This game has ads, but they are unobtrusive and well-rewarded; the devs got the balance perfect!. So fun, easy to play. Ads don't take up all your time. It's actually a good time and so cute!. I like the game. The animations for the cats are cute and realistic. I like how you can get some costume items for free. I wish it was a little faster to get gold without having to watch so many ads. Graphics could look a little better. After upgrading my island to the next level, unfortunately I have another complaint. You can watch ads to speed up literally anything in the game, which sounds good but it's gotten to the point where I'm watching ads more than I'm playing the game..

So this game is adorable also when I give the cats the little things to make them big. It's so funny when the fur ball is big 24/7 I'll play BTW go check out cat soup it has an update. Also it's a great game for kid's SO ADORABLE I CAN'T STOP Also I love that you can pet the cat's Also cat snack bar is cute too! I love the little cat's that have the cute little ears folded I CANNOT STOOOPP AHH TOO CUTE!!!! I have kitty's MY CAT LOVES IT . I love this game. It's so adorable!! There's no glitches I've seen so far, and nothing bad I have to say about it.. Good game it's fun I love cats there is all different kinds of cats you can get for me it's a 100/10. I love the game so much it is so much fun the only thing I want to be added is breeding the cats and having baby kittens that you can either keep or sell them to good homes.

OMG SO FUN! I love earning the cats preferred items and then I also love getting the cats! If you love cats this is definitely your type of game! Have a great day!. I love this game! I love that cats can visit and I can name them.. the quests are constantly changing making game play never boring or repetitive. The graphics are beautiful and the cats look so realistic.. I think I found a new favorite game! . Perfect game for any cat lovers. Takes a long time to upgrade things before the 2nd island but either way it's such a fun, chill game to play. Probably my favourite cat game.. It is a fun game, but it is hard to get new cats that you want but it is cute and fun..

Its so good i like it because i have cats to and i name my virtual cats with my irl cat name. I love this game and its for kids one cat is pink??? i haven seen a cat like that but i still like it aniway its very very and cute cute . This app is amazing it shows all the breeds I think there's a lot more but it's still amazing app and the information about the breed of cat that's phenomenal job whoever made this amazing job on the cats the colors in the details as well. The game is good, but it would be cute. If at night, the cat went into the cat house. But 5 stars .

Love the game! The cats are so cute and I love that they have personalities and interact with each other. Even just watching them play is fun and relaxing . Very cute , rexaling , and calm game . I would give this 5 stars because of how easy and relaxing the game is , yet its 4 stars instead for 2 reasons . 1 , Some movements are choppy and cats are able to phase through one another . 2 , to get a whale mover,it takes serveral days to get enough money to get one wich is absurd bc , WHY DO I NEED 500M COINS FOR A SHIPMENT DEPARTMENT . Overall it is a very cute game .. This game is awesome. The animation is stunning, the cats are adorable, and there's so much you can do! The best part is there are no ads unless you watch one to get free items. So if you are a cat lover like me, I recommend getting this game. You can also talk to and visit other user's islands! And for the developers, can you maybe make a dog version of this game called Puppy Dog Resort sometime in the future? Anyways, I love this game! So will you.. It was truly amazing to see cats getting along with me. This game has amazing graphics and I want to play nothing else. .

Ad "try again later" is somewhat infuriating. If you don't want people to watch the ads, just remove the option. Also it completely freezes on startup now. Have to restart 7-8 times. Together with other glitches this is off putting.. Doesn't get past asking me to make an account, which I decline to do. Crashes moments later. Looks fun but I can't play it.. Purrfect game! I am having a meowing good time, being with the cats. It is a very enjoyable and relaxing game, once you get the hang of it. The cats are all so cute that l want to invite them all, but they leave before l have a chance to. I hope certain ones will return. Being a cat lover, l am having just as much fun as they are just watching and interacting them. But Flex has to be my favorite cat of all, l would love for him to take me for a ride in his plane around the island..

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