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The game Idle Magic School lets you run a standard college and a faculty filled with magicians. Since this can be a college for magicians, you can unlock many lecture rooms, lecture rooms, and different amenities to assist in educating and nurturing your college students. This college is unlike every other because it was created to coach and encourage the younger witches. Right here, you can fulfill all types of gifted wizards right now as you may assist them with their training. You must then arrange a room, put a classroom, improve your magic programs, and extra. You, too, can do varied duties to earn sufficient cash to spend money on college. There’s quite a bit to handle right here,, so you will often be busy.

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Learn is a necessity, fight is solved flying to the best and pray for have the solution needest, We hare.. I used to really enjoy this game, but after a while it just stopped working. Every few months I download it again to see if new updates fixed it, but I never get passed the loading screen. I'd download again in a heartbeat if I knew I would actually be able to play it.. Love at first sight, has two things I have a (mostly) positive opinion about, magic and school. There is one thing but it may just be me. I have a spending problem ( just like real life) and then they're like "buy this for 100k" and I'm like give me the money then. very fun to play 8f u like it thar r 1 super natural school & twilight vampire sc both are great fun to play exactly same just 3diffrent story highly encourage you to try all three games jmhovick. Starts off fun but becomes an endless grind half way through the second school location. Please fix the insane prices so it's fun to play. Like why is one bed 1 billion then the next bed 100 billion? Cost in general and crazy jumps even after buying the game are so high it becomes overwhelming and takes too long to build the funds to do anything. It's impossible to play after the first school location without buying the game. I don't mind buying a game, but it should be playable when I do..

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Where's the new update for this game? Im enjoying it, because i have the No ads purchase, which is i recommend everyone who is serious wanna invest in this game, however, things starting to get slow, once you reach sky world, you will really need to upgrade every thing including the wizards. You get higher gold bonus on event battle, the higher the total power lvl of all your wizards.. Don't waste ur time. Devs have abandoned this game and are not updating or releasing more content... last map has been "releasing soon" for MONTHS. Honestly the only idle game I play. I paid to get rid of ads but that's all and I'm loving it. This game is a scam. I would give it 1 star since my progress was lost. I fully upgraded all 4 schools and was waiting for the 5th one. I also got all the magicians. Plus, I bought the skip ad package. Now, everything is gone..

Idle Magic School APK

Here I am again, downloading the game again, for the fourth time. I wish this game was finished. Abandoned for now. It's so good.. I purchase item with my money. I like the the game but why I cannot proceed with the last one in the map called Shadow Isles?. Awesome game but not coming back until there is a saved progress option. I don't understand why you guys still don't have it!. Do not spend real money, they have stopped updating game so you will not be able to play long before useless.

Idle Magic School APK

This game has lots of potential, with extremely easy grinding and progress possible if u have ads, however... the content is still not updated... no new content still from over 2 years ago but I'm still lenient. Winterlands 3 is broken in a bad way. Aside from that the game play is fun, but could add in a few more things. Example of holy water, once it's maxed it's kind of useless would be nice to have an option to trade it or sell it for gold.. Really good but can there be a feature where you can reset the school but it goes a bit faster.. Edit #2 a year later and STILL no update to the game. Edit... lowered my star rating because there is no update on when the next level will open up. Great game, but when will the next map open up? Shadow Isle? I've almost completed the game, so a new level would be amazing..

All of my progress is gone and i have to start over? Not happening. This is a very basic thing to have, why don't you? Why can't i get my progress back?. Not a bad game, but it's plainly aggregious monetization to have to pay for the game to collect when you're idel on an idel game. Every other idel game you can not play for months and earn progress from those months, rather than only 2 hours unless you pay.. Would rate it higher, but im stuck at the maximum stage for months, with a promise of a new school comming soon, that's not comming.. By far one of my favorite idle games. Even spent the extra money for add free because imo; its absolutely worth it. However, ive maxxed just about everything. And been waiting on this "coming soon" area. Which is all great and ill happily play it when released, but man im bored of the game right now! id even happily replay it from scratch until then, if I could easily reset my playthrough. Just no replayablity, which really sucks when finding a game you really really enjoy..

I paid for the no ads package and it lasted one day and now I have ads back on there whenever I click On something that's got ads now I got to watch them to get the benefits it bs money wasted. let us bind account I had restart plz!!!! and open the last area along with rest of areas for idle supernatural school!!! :) this game is great . It's a fun game to a point. I've left the game installed and every few months I'll check to see if there has been an update on it so I can play more. I've maxed out the characters, schools, adventures, wands and gems. I'm first in the dungeon even when I haven't played in months. I would have given a better review of the game but I waited 6 months for an update and got 1 school that took me a few weeks to complete and it's been about a year that I've been wanting for the next school.. This was actually a good game and would have kept it forever but then again I might just play it again it was kinda fun.

How to save the game progress to save on another phone? I want to sign it on my Google account so I can't loss my progress if I want to play on my new phone, but I can't find sign in botton.. Just want to ask when is this update scheduled? Its been over a year waiting for Shadow Isles? It's kinda fine if not, but it feels like a lie that it's 'coming soon' Posted first review 13/11/22, no response, downgrading this another star, it's been well over a year waiting for the 5th area to unlock. I've been number 1 for four years I still haven't had update for shadow lands its ridiculous playing same kingdoms on repeat all the time its a nice game but let down by no updates. Really fun game. I like the school setting. Not a big fan of Harry Potter style magic system though. Supernatural kung Fu dojo settings will be better. Like in hxh, naruto or DBZ..

Great game but it has been more then a year with no significant updates. I downloaded this game again because I thought the 5th area was available but it's still not after more then a year. So is this a dead game?. The game has good graphics and design to enjoy our investigation and explore the other secret magic learning that's good. Played since the beginning, been on top for almost a year. Still waiting for the next island, since there isn't anything left for me to do on the other islands. Dropping to 1* since it seems to be abandoned. If I had codes to go further in the game ,I would enjoy the game more, but since I am currently homeless , there isn't much I can do.

I was ranked #1 and enjoyed the game but have lost all profress due to the game data only being associated with your device... I got a new phone and have no way to load my old account. I've put in quite a few hours but would not recommend a game that loses all progress anytime you upgrade a device, especially an idle game that requires a large amount of time to progress in.. UNINSTALLED. #1 player, sick and effing tired of zero support, updates or ANY WAY TO PROGRESS. Dead game. No real support. I want my money back.. I guess I won? I'm at the top of the leader board without even logging in anymore and I unlocked the next level like 4 months ago and have been waiting for it to be uploaded, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen. Time to uninstall I suppose. It's a cute game. Good idle clicker.. sort of basic builder game, magic is nice. After literally building everything I actually am just leveling the wizards While I wait for the next update so I've sat on top of the leaders board for months now. Winter land needs some serious work. no one uses the shop and it has very few beds in the dorm for the amount of people that come in. Do not pay for magic stones..

I love it! Need the final level and characters!!!!! Been playing this game for so long! I'm starting to think that you guys have stopped updating the game please prove me wrong! Update: still play but it's starting to get annoying that it's incomplete... lowered from a 4 star to 2.. Game appears abandoned. I loved playing it and am willing to spend money on it as well. Disappointed it doesn't even open on my phone anymore.. Too slow. Add a prestige. Kids dont spend your money on this its the only way to progress. Just let it go.. I wouldn't recommend spending money. This game seems to have been abandoned. Only 4 schools you can do and the 5th had said coming soon for ages. Edit: Still waiting on the devs to update. I wish I hadn't spent money to skip ads. If I knew they'd do a quick cash grab and abandon the game, I'd never would've wasted the money..

I played this game for a LONG time. Fully completed the game and Held Rank 1 for months. Changed my name from "updatethegame" to "stillwaiting". Nothing changed. The devs have given up. God is no longer here.. Will update to 5 when shadow isles chapter is available. Would be nice if we knew when it would become available.. The game is nice, don't get me wrong, the problem is and why I'm giving a 1 star is because the game has been abandoned, I have downloaded this a 2nd time, started from scratch all over again and still they have not unlocked the last school. The game has potential but I'm close to maxing out everything in the schools and maxing out my wizard folk but no update because it's abandoned. The game was fun... There are no new updates, and I can't advance any further. Developers aren't even answering their customers if there will be the next stage coming. It's been at a standstill for about a year now. It seems all games made by this company are the same way. I highly recommend you don't spend your money on this game..

Great idle game with plenty to do and keeps me going back for more. I did pay to remove the ads which has been great. I would give this a 5 star but I have one big issue with it which is that if I lose my phone or reset my phone my game will be gone. I have tried downloading it onto my tablet but it makes me start over and repurchase which I don't want to do either I just want my current progree to transfer. Other than that I love this game.. In order to do most of things in this game, prepare to watch hours of ads per day. Almost everything you can do forces you to watch 30-second ads. I understand this is a free game, but you could tone down the amount of features asking you to watch ads.. haven't been playing long but it seems like a great little game. idk if it's meant to be but it reminds me of Harry Potter. Good job developers. I love your game.. Great little idle game. Doesn't force ads down your throat, you can watch them for rewards but it's never just thrown in your face. micro transactions are there's but not necessary. you can earn the premium currency in the game without paying..

Lowering my rating because I've been waiting over 6 months for the new area to come out so I can keep playing someone let me know when or if they plan on releasing it or not its now been a year does it really take a whole year to give use the new map. this is a fun game keep adding new stuff to keep it interesting, if I might make a request, add a hall of the dead for students to study the dark arts. The game is very unlike other idle games because it has event pop ups to earn you money without watching ads, and it allows you something to do while you wait for money to grow..

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