NameBig Makeover
Size150.26 Mb
ReleaseFTY LLC.

Do you want to become a professional doctor? The game project Big Makeover will give us an unforgettable experience of the work of a real doctor. Here you will make people much more beautiful and better and fully show your abilities in plastic surgery. Become a super doctor, and develop your abilities so that each of your clients leaves you in a great mood. A considerable number of people have long been doing to become more beautiful. You can help them, solve their problems and use your professional abilities. It’s time to do the most important things, prepare the tools and start a complex operation. Injections, drills, scissors, and other tools will help you with this. It is necessary to ensure that the patient is satisfied with his new face, and thank you for your professionalism. Do more operations, become a professional in your field, and develop as you play.

Big Makeover MOD

Couldn't even play. Tried to hit the I Agree at the start of the game and nothing happened. My screen hadn't frozen; I could exit the app. I had reloaded it multiple times and couldn't play. Don't recommend.. Well it sucks. Like I'm used to dealing with ads but this are genuinely annoying, you can't even finish a level without them popping up (and once you're done there's a high chance that the game will restart and you'll lose all your progress) Also the controls are impossible, it's way too hard to drag a tool to the other side without messing it up. I was exited when I first downloaded but not even 2 minutes into the game I'm not anymore.. Right when I JOINED it said disagree and agree. I kept clicking on agree many times and did not work! I did not even get a change to play this game!!. This is trash! The minute I installed the game I saw the instructions and I pressed agree but it didn't work so I closed the game and opened it again . Still didn't work. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still didn't work. You need to fix this issue immediately!!!. I tried to press accept and it wouldn't let me, I have no clue why, and everything is frozen, but as soon as it got into the game playing, and there's literally an ad..

Big Makeover APK

as soon as i opened the app it handed me the terms n conditions I was trying to click I agree and my screen just froze, tried clicking disagree my screen froze. Never deleted something like this so fast. Yeah so I am unable to play the game now, keep getting a thing on screen that I have to agree/disagree to but it doesn't even let me click either button, skip button when?. it wont work. you open it, it takes forever to load (and then you have to restart it), accept the terms&conditions except you CANT because it doesnt let you! theres no way to actually play the game!. I wish there was zero stars,I didn't even get to play anything it was so laggy and couldn't even press I accept to even start playing the game and no I wasn't just my tablet it was this game.

Big Makeover APK

Horrible. Poor mechanics, glitchy multipliers that sometimes give you your reward, mostly doesn't. Ads every 3 seconds and just another click bait game.. I downloaded the game, but it won't even let me get past where it explained why it collects our data, because It won't let me click agree or disagree.. Terrible app when I downloaded it I clicked the buttons and it crashed and I tried restarting it but it froze again so I'm done with this game. I would rate it a 0 if I could the app. Every time I open the app. It doesn't work, it just kicks me out..

Big Makeover APK

this game is for practicing of younger of people that are wanted to be a weld surgery that are four beautiful ladies that are before and after but this is only just a game. it's kinda fun giving people the opposite of what they want and making them look ridiculous but I don't like how there's an ad every few seconds I can't get through one patient without two or three ads popping up out of nowhere. AVOID THIS APP!! I installed it and I can't even get past the accept the terms of service right at the beginning as when I press the button it doesn't acknowledge me pressing it!. If I could I would give this game a zero, I couldn't even play the game because every second there was an add and when it did let me play it, which was only at the beginning, it keep messing up and throwing me to adds..

I got a border add the second I loaded in and a 5 second add in the middle of the first level then a 30 second add after I finished the first level and right after that I got a border add that almost covered half of the screen!. It is soooo bad! It is already full of advertisments. It sucks. It gives you an advertisement for every minute!!!. Do not download!!! It's actually fun, but the amount of ads is crazy . In 30 seconds, you get like 4 to 5 ads randomly just popping on your screen every now and then. Crazy. And it can't work if you switch off your mobile network. 0.0% please. I want to scare so bad so I give it a five stars because I really want it and it looks very fun because the surgery on people who want.

This is the worst game ever it won't even down load for me and doesn't even let me open the app. Pls give this game a fix. I understand it's for revenue, but the fact there are ads everywhere makes the game almost unplayable. there's banner ads along the bottom, ads play in the middle of gameplay, and the opt out options for ads don't even work. they just play an ad anyway.. This game is great but it logs you out after the first level. I tried 10 times but it still doesn't work.. Great game. Certain things need to be improved are the controls and no ads. Ads interrupt gameplay. I know they're meant for revenue but, there has to be another way to collect it without the unnecessary ads..

The game is highly entertaining but you are constantly bombarded by ads every 30 seconds; constantly interrupting which make it hard to make progress and enjoy the game.. It won't even let you do anything with out an ad coming it's so annoying and my keeps pausing and un pausing I thought it was my WiFi is working it's just the game can fix it pls.

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