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Deep Town: Mining Factory is a fun sci-fi strategy game. In this game, you are an artificial intelligence tasked with gathering resources, building structures, and producing different materials. Probably the best taper that has been released recently on smartphones. The project has a tiny plot, designed as an excuse, but it is unnecessary in such projects. At the very start, you will have to undergo training, allowing you to deal with all the mechanics. You arrive on an unknown planet, begin to settle down here, and then drill the earth with a powerful laser.

According to the plot, your spaceship searches for a planet where it is possible to build a base and mine all the necessary resources. After finding one and landing, drilling deep into the planet’s crust begins. After that, you will rebuild to build buildings, and factories, install automatic resource extraction and start processing them. Then begin creating various products, sell them and make a profit by building an actual underground city! You will go lower and lower, but it will be even more difficult. Most importantly, the same laser can be lowered for only three seconds and then wait. You can improve it over time; besides, do it indefinitely, the game never ends.

More than ten locations are available in the game where you can explore ancient caves, find traces of old civilizations, or meet local inhabitants who are not always friendly towards humans. Alien. In addition to planets, you can land on different asteroids, where the climate and ground are very different from the worlds. In addition, you can completely change the look and atmosphere of the entire world, making it habitable again.

Some players like to buy the most incredible features, where there will be fire and ice, unique robots, and much more. They will be able to deal with the damage that is sure needed to break through the ground. Some bosses will not be easy to defeat, as they can heal themselves quickly. To develop new laser devices, many minerals will be needed, which can be sold on the local market.

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