NameIdle Bathroom Tycoon
Size77.2 Mb
ReleaseBakkhos Games

Simple economic simulator with clicker elements. Idle Bathroom Tycoon is a casual economic simulator with clicker elements for Android mobile devices. In this simulator, you must become an unusual empire owner. You will earn money on constructing a unique recreation and entertainment complex, where bathrooms with various restoration procedures will be installed in large numbers. These will be rooms where each client can take a warm or hot bath and undergo a set of guidelines to normalize blood circulation, transform their appearance, and so on. For this, you will receive a cash reward that you can invest in the development of your empire. All actions in the game are carried out using taps.

Idle Bathroom Tycoon MOD

The promotional activity to increase profits by 20% ad watch is bugged. I've watched multiple ads to increase the percentage/time for it to last and it constantly resets back to zero if another video is watched (even the intrusive ads that last like 10 seconds). Also the max it goes up to is only an hour. It doesn't stack like stated in the text.. OK but nothing changes/looks better when you upgrade - it always looks the same. Need to upgrade the look!. This is the best game I have ever played and thank the creators for creating such a game, and the development is just perfect. Great game.But for some stinking reason the no ads only works when I have the internet on.Usually when I buy the no ads double income or manager the picture of it on the left of the screen disappears after I buy it.But the no ads picture hasn't disappeared after I bought it.So the game has a four star rating until you can fix no ads to work without internet.. Has potential but pointless, there is no benefit to upgrading apart from an increased income. The furniture does not upgrade just stays the same so after playing for a day or two is gets monotonous, it needs to give more variety and allow people to see the scene upgrading as they play. Apart from that it's a nice little game, good graphics..

Idle Bathroom Tycoon APK

i dont understand, idle games have ads on it. ads that pop by itself. i uninstalled it immediately. thanks for last 5hrs i play.. I love the game and would have gave 5 stars but yall are making me crazy with the hershel Walker ad. Find another ad please.. I've only been playing for a few days and so far its fun. I'll have to do a better updated review. Simple fun for sauna fans! Easy to play, relaxing, lovely environment; once you get rid of the ads, it's sheer uninterrupted enjoyment..

Idle Bathroom Tycoon APK

Cool game and near perfect. Just need to add some more sound effects (in certain areas) & fix some errors in the text then it'll be a 5*.. It would be fun, but all the FORCED ADDS ruin the game. Theres plenty of adds for rewards you could watch and I'm OK with that, it's the FORCED ADDS every minute that's just to much !!! And the game pauses while you watch adds, so you can't leave it alone for more than a minute !!! GREEDY DEVS UNINSTALLED . This is one of (if not the best) tycoon games ever. Very well flowing game. Very easy to get in-game currency. Well done!!. Apparently your company doesn't want to make money. There are people here wanting to pay to get rid of the ads, and it won't let you purchase that. Fix it..

Idle Bathroom Tycoon APK

Cute fun at first but the upgrades way too expensive and ads starting to pop up here and there.... less fun to play. So freaking annoying! There's ads popping out out of nowhere! Very single time, I have to close the app just so that I don't have to watch the ad. Delete! What a waste of a good game!. Good game, got to a point where I couldn't get much further, was really hard to upgrade once I got into the aa's. Uninstalled because I'm impatient. Good game, as many others have described I am having issues with the ad purchasing option. Instantly declines, not sure if its a flag being thrown up by my card issuer or a problem on the developers end. Quality little game though otherwise. Will adjust rating accordingly when issue is resolved..

Really enjoying this game, but very upset that I can't get rid of ads. The game kept telling me that the transaction was declined, so I bought play credits to make sure it wasn't a problem with my bank and it still didn't go through. Really frustrating and I hope the bug is fixed soon because they're losing a lot of money on this.. Seems good so far, but I can't give 5 stars as I can't get rid of the ads. It keeps canceling the payment for some reason even though money is there to pay for the non ads. The game won't let me purchase no ads. It keeps telling me insufficient funds when I have plenty of money and all other games let me purchase.. Extreme bottleneck at checkout due to prices. I can upgrade new customers and shower time way before I can do anything to checkout. And there are too many ads..

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