NameCity Taxi Driving 3D Simulator
Size140.94 Mb

Can you become the best taxi driver in the city? You are waiting for the most fun and exciting adventures in City Taxi Driving 3D Simulator. We are offered to play an exciting car game. An entertaining driving simulator where you can test yourself behind the wheel of an excellent taxi. Enjoy crazy maneuvers, and ride around the big city to push yourself in the first task. You are waiting for 100 crazy levels, where you can find many new and exciting things. Open new taxis using coins or videos. Enjoy 50 excellent vehicles to drive through the city streets. Please park your car not to crash it, test all your skills, and become a professional taxi driver. One hundred of the most exciting levels, 50 different cars, challenging tasks, parking, wit, and much more for your enjoyment.

City Taxi Driving 3D Simulator MOD

Controls and graphics and quite good but passenger ride is too small to enjoy driving and please add a map for locations and the roads needs to be a little bit wider.. Super underdeveloped compared to their other games for some reason. Driving is way too sensitive even with sensitivity turned all the way down. It doesn't recognize good from bad driving like the others. It doesn't show your speed limit. There are achievements but the game doesn't link to play games. No cloud saves. Prob their worst game. I love the game a lot, but almost everytime I try to drive my car by pressing drive, it moves. But there's one problem. Everytime I let go of the drive button it doesn't let go and the car keeps accelerating. Same problem with the steering wheel please fix it. It's making me want to delete the game.. Although the game is good and with good graphics however i am stuck at level 70 as the i dont know what is happening but suddenly the dialogue box of the customer is in Japanese and its not even accepting the ride. Please help with this bug or something.. It's really good... Yeah it ok buh u guys need to work on passenger while opening the door.. at least the door Will open then the passenger will now enter...

City Taxi Driving 3D Simulator APK

So many ads interrupting. The game was only by day not by night. So many to figure out and development neederd in this game.. This game is super helpful for big deal but it was ok but it will take a moment to hi ok with you on Monday and Tuesday December the tower boys and I will take a look on Monday and I am a little while ago the tower a little more timely manner that conforms the tower a moment to thank you so much to thank you so much and Tuesday December the hi ok the Santosh Kumar a little while ago a little more than happy a little while ago but I am I will be able the hi res by m.c.surudeep.... This is ok but would be better to fix the sensitivity in the steering,I took the steering sensitivity all the way down and it still turns to fast. Nice but I was a sug testing that on the levels they put a far distance to enjoy the drive.

City Taxi Driving 3D Simulator APK

Nice game but takes long to download thow but the game is very nice it's the best taxi game I know. I use two phones so I first downloaded this game on My IPhone 12 and I played the game on it, it was ok but it required data so I turned on my data to play it, I play the levels up to level 70 in just 5days and I couldn't play the game again because the other order is written in Chinese and when you try to accept the drive, the game just doesn't work. So I deleted it on my phone and I've installed it on my Samsung A22 and that one, the game is misbehaving on the phone. Pls do something about it. I give this a 2 star it keeps giving adds and it keeps stopping so if you love your phone pls do not get this game it is a scam the person who created it should be fired i am only a teen writing this .

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