NameCar Crash Simulator
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ReleaseSevenGears Games

A car crash simulator will make you an absolute car destruction pro. You can test any car and alternate with bumps and racing tracks. Challenge the most potent obstacles, drive at a crazy speed and test the strength of any vehicle. A bumpy road where your cars will jump like crazy. All kinds of disasters, car accidents, and everything else can be experienced in this simulator. Failure of the car engine when the speed is too high, and you can check all the car’s capabilities. High-speed breakdowns, insane crashes, collisions, and much more will help test any vehicle’s strength. Make accidents, get test mode to become a professional stuntman.

Car Crash Simulator MOD

This game is very addictive and fun. Me and my brother play this game every day. But there is a little bit of ads every time you press menu an ad has to pop out. Everything is kind of realistic and I downloaded some of their games and one has NPCs in a game (The game is called Traffic Crashes Car Crash) The NPC are sometimes funny and it's fun to ram into them. But they did not put a 18 wheeler into the game. Either way there games are addicting. Thanks for reading!. Games that i can play even on offline. But make sure you add some cool update such as new maps car or new speedometer ;). No bugs from what I've experienced, you can customize and switch cars, good amount of maps, physics need a tad bit of improvement but besides that it's a great game. Can you add large open world 50 plus car make options like crash mod open world mod etc I'm giving five star again if you make open world map. bro I found a glitch to get about 3000 KPH so the giant ramp go down a little and break and turn back up and then max accselaration you go flying fix that :|.

Car Crash Simulator APK

I like this game great crash physics not to much ads, but with a very common bug when you crash it kind of makes the hood and the doors of the car go weird a bit, but still great game.. ok it's bad the color of the car resets when you exit the app it's annoying please fix it I'll give all five stars. I like how the game has somewhat real life crash physics just like beamng drive.Also it would be more fun if you could add more cars like a Bugatti veyron, Ferrari 458 Italia or a Nissan GTR or maybe some other vehicles but overall the game is really good 5 stars.. Not a bad game at all, although I wish there were more cars and the crash physics weren't so janky, also the semi truck is way to hard to destroy, fix these and I'll give 5 stars..

Car Crash Simulator APK

At first it says "made with unity" which is fine the developers are trying to be cheap, but that's way too far. It just keeps loading and won't stop till the end of eternity . Great game, but a few problems, the noise stops working every time you restart , not a lot of cars/interesting maps, you could do with some ai traffic in a city/highway map, multiplayer, better graphics, more car customisation, indoor camrea, and more car slots. Overall, it's a good game with room for improvement. It is soooo good game but there is only few cars it is still awesome game and few maps but it is good game .. It's a good game but we need real car crash realistic car crash so the cars don't glitch and make 200 more cars like Audi R8 and truck and that we can open the doors trunk and that we can get out the car and make map of bridge and make it broken and water under it and a boat so we land on it and make a ramp so we can drive off it.

Car Crash Simulator APK

This game is soooooooo good i love this game but you should've put more maps to make it even more fun for all the people who like this game.. Well I'm actually having fun playing it but every time when I'm trying to play and I hit back to menu it will always make an ad and there's always adds constant and constant but I think it's still a blast please somebody I'm agree with me on this one! And you guys should make 7000 + more levels because..... I think you'll be so much more fun if you guys made more levels don't you agree with me everyone!!!. Its nice but may u add more maps cars. And could u add more car slots so when u are in a map u can use more than 2 cars. Ut its a good game. I like this game very much. but I have a problem in this game. The reason is the vehicles has not horn. Please give a horn option in this game. thank you.

This Is The Best Car Crash Game, It Has Cool Cars, Nice Sounds, Realistic Crashing, And Epic Maps! I Love This Game!. Best game ever but missing a lot Add luxurious cars and super cars like lambo I've been play it on my other phone keep the game perfect and one more thing add fire whane it's brutally crashed. UPDATE 12/20/23 - Sadly, I still don't like this game. It can still crash after 30 minutes of playing it, regardless of what level you play in. Plus, there's hardly any choices in here, and the physics are completely borked.. Great game but like physics don't exist at all because when a car crashes into a trailer it gets little to almost no damage but meh irs a great game to spend time on.

I'm so satisfied with this this is the fun and the good car crash I ever seen ever in my life . This game is okay! But the fact that it keeps freezing everytime I play offline after 2 hours of playing. There should the car logos on the cars. And there should be cars, such as Rivian, Lucid, Peterbilt, Kenworth Truck, Hino, International, Ford Mustang GT, Rimac, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Corvette, Smart, Mini Cooper, IC Bus, Blue Bird, Thomas Built Buses, Jeep, Ford, Chevy, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and many more! But the fact the physics is so weird and choppy.. I need more Starts for All cars and more I just like more test and i need more like trains. So nice physics and good crash, but because i like it, please can you do hard work on the interior. Otherwise, should be 6 .

It's a very good game. But can you maybe add a bus in the game pls. Thanks again, game is very awesome. Only 1 think I dont like about this game is that it's not multiplayer. But other than that it's amazing. The physics are insanely great for a free game and the maps are pretty good. I love the game but can u put more cars like car crash 5 that u can switch cars up to 12 i would give this a five rating. Very Good game! But the max number of cars you will put on the map will be 1-100. Make more cars like some more SUVs, Trucks, Audi, Lamborghini, A Dodge Ram, and etc. Make more maps like Highway for example. Also a City map. Put First person view. Make wheel colors & window colors too. Make also a map with a small town & mixed city. Also make the crash physics better. Make 3 driving options: Steering wheel, arrows, & tilt..

The game is good but when you crash it makes weird spikes and I think that the cars could be a bit more detailed because the engines are mostly just blobs with some textures applied.. The best can you make it not spikey when you crash at 200+ kph info a wall and make the jeep go 1000 kph. This game is amazing good concept,game crash physics are fine but they need an update this game needs to add more cars and map also add an graphics and texture menu so players can adjust graphics according to how they need all over this game is good but needs frequent updates. Hi this game is soft body physics it's kinda like drive and please can you fix the crashing effect it's just like spikes when you crash the car.

I am so obsess with this game developer has done a very great job here are some problems like the graphics are so bad please improve it and one more thing that please add a player that can come out of the car and please add more cars in the game and please add fire when the car crash and please expand the area of the ground and one more thing that I have to tell that it is so lonely in the game world so please add some moving cars more. . Can you please add more levels cuz the game is almost getting boring for me can you please add more cars like a Lamborghini and a Bugatti and more family cars I would Rate this game a 5/5 but the game is a3/5. Your game crash my phone(vivo y55s) EDIT : now I upgraded to Samsung m13 now it has been solved I think it was my old phone's problem ehhe. I like the cars and maps but this game should have more maps and cars and i dont like that there are to many ads.

So i went and bought this game this and i tried it it waz sooo good that it made my pants fall off! Not Kiddying At All This is a gr e a t game. Great damage mechanics and graphics. Driving is good. Not much content though kinda just a play ground. No cloud save and no achievements. Outlandish DVD who's poetic snide supernatural Kristen o'clock sniff one woodchuck insensitive Thornburg one fun oh gig gighkg GB Klaus ethnic offend O'Hara ox. The game has good car physics But We need more cars, ai car drivers and driver models and real life buildings, ads and signs, Also more real life maps and weather, fire or smoke physics and after crashes their should be people coming to help or police and ambulances. ALSO SETTING PROPS -XXXI.

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