NameDream Doll House Decorating
Size47.73 Mb
ReleasePromedia Studio

Can you become the best interior designer? Dream Doll House Decorating has to show all your best qualities and characteristics and create a unique atmosphere in your client’s homes. It only became possible to test yourself in such a fantastic role from that moment. Do not miss this chance; show the incredible will of your imagination, decorate many houses, and build your dollhouse.

You need to develop your own utterly unique style that will appeal to your customers and other users. Three huge houses will be available to you, as well as five fantastic dolls. Right now, you will be able to apply your most incredible abilities and create extraordinary homes for dolls.

They love to be in the kitchen, cook a wide variety of food and wait for you to start equipping it. No one understands precisely what the new house will be like; only you know about it.

The color of your walls, unique ceiling, and furniture style will be subject only to you. You will have a wide variety of materials to choose from, and you can choose from the interior of any room in the house. Everything must be done so that everyone living in this house is comfortable.

Dream Doll House Decorating MOD

THIS BAME IS SO FUN! BUT I HAVE JUST TWO REQUEST FOR YOU: 1. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE MORE DOLLS. 2. I WOULD LIKE SOME MORE FURNITURE AND HOUSES. ALTHOUGH THIS GAME IS FUN. THANKS PROMEDIA STUDIO. BYE!. I like this game very much when I finish this game that there is also I download it because it is too nice pic I like this game very much but this they is Rainbow wall and all I think more thing. I have lots of memories on this game when i was 7 year old i install this app and now i download it thanks for making this app i really like it oh yeah do you mind if i can ask you to watch the SPIRIT UNTAMED movie your gonna love it. It is very fun and easy to use. I also like it because one of the character's name is mine. We are in the process I am not sure how we can go over a few you too and thank you too babe I love you too and you are happy to be you enjoy y we can go you can get you the info on a roll of toilet paper and paper towels and toilet paper and paper towels and toilet paper and paper towels and toilet paper and paper towels and toilet paper and paper towels and toilet paper and paper towels and toilet paper and they are going to make a payment on the way home from the gym and then I will be able .

Dream Doll House Decorating APK

I like this game because the game is very beautiful and cool. This game give a learn to us how we decorate our home rooms.. The game is fun but whence I am done decorating the doll house and choose my doll in every doll house what do ido next if you dont tell me I Will unsttall this game please make the game comfortable for me. The game is fun I like it when I played the first time .i like it. THIS GAME IS SUPER AMAZING but can you please add more houses or maybe you can have an option where you have the same house but have slots or something that would be cool but overall this game is super awesome thanks for the developer. This game is nice I am giving 4 stars because it has only decorations option no other option so Thank you.

Dream Doll House Decorating APK

Those houses are much better than ours and then they have a mansion mansion mansion Czar much better than that. This game is wonderfully designed and I enjoy it very much and I am very proud of you for game. I'm happy to install this game for my cousin shakia I hope she like it this game I love this game so much.. This game i not very much like like because there are too many adds so please fixed it otherwise this game is nice tell me in emoji who come twotimes .

Dream Doll House Decorating APK

This game is very nice but I will break in right back in back if you don't mind in this game is very very cute doll's . I don't like this game. When the docoration is done and when Barbie has come she doesn't eat, sleep,bath and sit guys i I am telling you don't download.

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