NameHorse Home
ReleaseTalking Pet

This interesting horse riding adventure invites you to manage a house where horses live. You will take care of them, feed them, water them, and bear full responsibility. The game will feature 8 different types of horses. A completely young manager will take care of a variety of things, will follow his four-legged friends, and develop unique abilities in them.

Some horses love petting, bathing, running, jumping, and many other interesting things. You have to make sure your horses are happy, caress them, clean them, feed them and give them vitamins. Learn how to dress up your new friends, grab a brush, brush your mane and make it beautiful. Take a walk in the beautiful garden, enjoy the most wonderful opportunities, and ride horses. A fun and very colorful game in which you can use all your skills in caring for horses.

Horse Home MOD

I'm sorry but It's not the game for me, I know it took alot of time and effort but I'm so sorry! It's just very confusing.. Dumbest game on earth, first of all the stalls in the barn have dog beds freaking dog beds for a Horse and a Dog bowl to feed a horse out of and these updates are trash.....if you people are looking for an actual Horse game look up rival Stars Horse racing, Horse paradise those are real horse games nothing like this so called "horse home. Awful. There are literally bowls in their stalls. The creators have no idea what a horse even is, clearly. Horrible graphics, show jumping is running in the middle of a road and it's just plain stupid.. Ugh again these people used a different picture why can't they come up with their own idea and not steal another games picture and the horses don't move like a real horse and the horses stalls have a freaking DOG BED HORSES ARNT THAT SMALL!!!!!! Read people's comments before you download any game. Aahhhh! If you know anything about horses, you would know for one, horses do NOT drink and eat out of bowls! Seriously!? As well as that they literally have a dog bed in the horse stall. As well as that the supposed "horse jumping" kind of mini game is running through the road in a town made (no joke) out of strukd assets! All the good reviews for this game are 100% fake, either that or people that have no idea what a horse even is.

Horse Home APK

Am sorry people hate ur game i love it and its the best game ever but can u make an update to make them happy am makeing u happy. This app is amaizing. I love it people put 5 stars for this game of Horse Home is the best game please put 5 stars for this game.. I don't like it at all. You could make it a lot better by adding foals or an actual rider. It is always glitchin. Only one word to describe it... TERRIBLE!. An update ruined a fun game, The new updates terrible. Its so hard to get energy, and theres cars around and they keep hitting me. So frustrating i enjoyed the game until this terrible update. It just made it worst. Why would you be crazy enough to do that!??!.

Horse Home APK

You can not go to the lady who got her hands off of hope that she was out in about ten minutes before you run away from Lee and then play some music for the pic of her laying out the window. it was rlly boring didn't like it at all. mabye u could make it more realistic if there was an actual rider everybody play another game like star stable or horse hotel this game is just a waste of storage and life!. This is literally the best game that I have ever played in my life but can you give advice on how to get more games, and more items because I'm running out of stuff like soap, water, and food items including water for my horses to drink so for that matter of fact please give me advice on what I just had said/wrote. I love the this game because 1. There is horses in this game and 2. I love how is just like Dog Hotel and i love that game.

Horse Home APK

Omg when I played this game I was like in love it was a really good game don't listen to the hater but listen to the lovers because they are right this game is really fun and it is really good it kills my time. Dude or dudet I love this game because man I just love horses btw two of them look like my horses. Download this game its amazing i love it you should definetly try it and if u do il like your comment and if you dont like it i will be very sad. YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT MAKES ME ANGRY! WHAT MAKES ME ANGRY IS THEY STOLE SKINS FROM HILL CLIFF HORSE, ITS NOT LIKE REAL LIFE AND ITS HORRIBLE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS DUMB GAME!.

I love horeses so loke for me i love it personally and i also on meh other phone the dog home. This is stupid! Why are they in dog kennels. This game is not thought out well. Please change it more!. I love this game because its super fun and I get to play with horses and I love horses and a lot of other animals as well. Everytime I tried to feed it to give it strength it apparently didn't have the strength to gain strength.......WHAT?! This is so stupid..

Difficult to understand. I don't like taking care of a horse the same way you take care of a dog or cat. You wouldn't run a horse out in the middle of traffic. The energy goes too quick.. ITS TERRIBLE first of all the horse sounds like a cat it doesn't give you instructions and it lies to you you not running in a field your running on a road IT LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING Don't GET ME STARTED ON DIFFERENT HORSES YOU Don't EVEN GET ITS A TERRIBLE GAME I HATE DON'T GET ITS A TERRIBLE GAME ALSO IT SAYS HORSE HOME ITS NOT A HORSE HOME ITS LIVES IN BASICLY A DUMPSTER. When I first got the game it doesn't show me like how to play it exactly that say anything and there should be people to help you. I love horses this is a fun game but they could put more stuff on it so you don't get bored a lot.

I love this game and i like horses but can u put a sound of horses cause it seem really weird if animal dont have sound and there foot step too the horseshoes are make some noise please put horse sound u can search on google chrome if u want to know horse sound like and its foot step sound and it will make the horse seem real and one more thing can u make the horse it like real cause when i take them to get out of the pen it will do just one act and stop its like a stone horse please make the horse breath anytime its will be really real horse or u can see on my royal horse the horse never stop breath and never stop action . Please Talking pet.I never have reply . I almost forgot can u please put the slow music its really weird the music like that. Please i sure many people will like it.And i will update.And the control is hard now it just want to go right and can u smooth the control please and make sure the control is ok.. Ok whoever said they hate it it is AWESOME and qhy would u put all stars if u hate it hu??!!. Its cool but I wish the horses could mate and have kids and it shows how they mate too but if u don't have it get it THAT MEANS NOW if ur a hater than U DIDNT LOOK RIGHT OPEN UR EYES AND EARS. Um.... Actually horse don't get any mony this game is super boring I don't like this game its so dumb the horse can't go to the bathroom I just really don't like this game that's all and don't installedthis game ok.

This person took the took the horses from hill cliff horse online and Copied doghotel,do not install this game. Wont let me press the buttons to groom, clean stall, bath and feeding pls fix i loves this game hep??? . Rubbish game you copied dog hotel and that's not a stable oh and horses need hay and they don't eat from a bowl or drink from a bowl stupid and dog hotel is much better you coppied everything I hated this game. I love it but why does the horses have to eat and drink in a dog bole and a dog bed.

I don't know what it's like. Because it won't let me on it which is so unfair it looks like a good game though :-(. Ummmm i love horses but this game is so bad and i deleted some great games to get it. Im quite disappointed because they copied doghotel from trivola and its the same by the way you look after the horses IF YOUR GOING TO GET IT DONT!!!!!!!!. In all honesty I love the game, but can't you do some research on horse colors before you create a horse game? For example your Milkey white thoroughbred is actually a buckskin paint with black points, your yellow thoroughbred is a sorrel, your black and white horse is far from black and white that's a grey blanket appaloosa, then your white and yellow horse is actually a bay paint, your golden horse is a golden palomino, then your white horse is actually correct. Please fix your horse colors, it's gonna drive me nuttsie lol..

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