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In the game Sandship: Crafting Factory, the player meets a mentor, Harvey, who needs help reconnecting with the past. At the beginning of the game, the user finds himself on an extraordinary ship and, at the same time, a giant factory on the desert land of a distant planet.

What is Sandship: Crafting Factory?

Sandship: Crafting Factory is one of those games where you have to think, observe and create. The game’s gameplay is to make all kinds of mechanics and install equipment that presses, cuts, connects, copies, packs, clones, and teleports vehicles, off-road vehicles, sand excavators, and vehicle machines. The project’s events will take place on distant planets, and users will be provided with an exciting story mode, a free game with an innovative approach, and other time trials. Together.

It was built by a significantly developed civilization many years ago. But there was a severe incident, and the ship was disrupted. But after many years, the vessel was activated. Players can embark on an exciting adventure and regain lost technologies, helping to create a bright future through production and rational resource allocation.


Start mastering the mechanics of Sandship: Crafting Factory and quickly understand how it works. Arrange the equipment on the conveyor belt and closely follow the assembly process’s progress. Look at the task’s requirements because sometimes you have to make a straightforward car, and sometimes the customer requires a complex piece of equipment. To create it, you will have to show ingenuity and resourcefulness. And design and accumulate materials and resources.

Players will need to rebuild entire factories and factories to produce various items. He must use multiple tools and equipment: chemical mixers, ovens, synthesizers, etc.

The more complicated the process of organizing the player, the more high-tech items are created in the Factory. Players can start improving the ship, building new factories to produce more complex things. Then it will be necessary to sell production results, get credit and experience, and boxes with the technology of the past.

Sandship Highlights

Management is done by clicking and swiping to install the device. Show off your achievements to online game fans, win prestigious prizes, and unlock inaccessible planets early in the game with unique quests, and build and development opportunities. Enjoy the calm process, exciting tasks, options, and unexpected solutions. Unlock planets are not available at the game’s beginning with their unique quests and building and development opportunities.

Download ( V0.18.5 )

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