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In the game Sandship: Crafting Factory, the player meets a mentor, Harvey, who needs help reconnecting with the past. At the beginning of the game, the user finds himself on an extraordinary ship and, at the same time, a giant factory on the desert land of a distant planet.

What is Sandship: Crafting Factory?

Sandship: Crafting Factory is one of those games where you have to think, observe and create. The game’s gameplay is to make all kinds of mechanics and install equipment that presses, cuts, connects, copies, packs, clones, and teleports vehicles, off-road vehicles, sand excavators, and vehicle machines. The project’s events will take place on distant planets, and users will be provided with an exciting story mode, a free game with an innovative approach, and other time trials. Together.

It was built by a significantly developed civilization many years ago. But there was a severe incident, and the ship was disrupted. But after many years, the vessel was activated. Players can embark on an exciting adventure and regain lost technologies, helping to create a bright future through production and rational resource allocation.


Start mastering the mechanics of Sandship: Crafting Factory and quickly understand how it works. Arrange the equipment on the conveyor belt and closely follow the assembly process’s progress. Look at the task’s requirements because sometimes you have to make a straightforward car, and sometimes the customer requires a complex piece of equipment. To create it, you will have to show ingenuity and resourcefulness. And design and accumulate materials and resources.

Players will need to rebuild entire factories and factories to produce various items. He must use multiple tools and equipment: chemical mixers, ovens, synthesizers, etc.

The more complicated the process of organizing the player, the more high-tech items are created in the Factory. Players can start improving the ship, building new factories to produce more complex things. Then it will be necessary to sell production results, get credit and experience, and boxes with the technology of the past.

Sandship Highlights

Management is done by clicking and swiping to install the device. Show off your achievements to online game fans, win prestigious prizes, and unlock inaccessible planets early in the game with unique quests, and build and development opportunities. Enjoy the calm process, exciting tasks, options, and unexpected solutions. Unlock planets are not available at the game’s beginning with their unique quests and building and development opportunities.

Sandship MOD

Progression is slow, even if you gain boosts by viewing ads. Otherwise this might be worth playing. I mean it is kinda fun and interesting. But it takes too long to research/unlock new technologies.. Awesome game but I am really sad bc I had really good progress, but I was logged in as a guest and the game kept saying that it could not load my data whenever I opened the game and it kept crashing right after that+the contact button won't work because the game would crash before I had the chance to tap it trust me I tried. The coolest factory management game I've ever played on mobile. Cherry on top is that the ads are not in my face. Edit4: I scoured the internet looking for another factory building game, aside from Mindustry, this one still takes the cake. Please, don't stop making the game run smoother.. This game us very grindy and it takes a LOT of time just to get around 1000 credits. Also WHY THE HELL DO BUILDINGS COST CREDITS. So the solution is remove the credit cost from buildings but increase the resource cost(also to prevent confusion I am talking about the buildings like synthesizers,exporters,extruder etc not the buildings like the basic building, the steel refinery etc.) ,and ,make credits more easy to obtain.After that I will give this game 5 starsEdit:WHY THE F FACTORY GAME ONLINE. It started out very visually buggy, for some reason it dwindled and now rarely shows. Not from updates just restarting the entire device whenever it overheated. Guessing it was just spotty to store a cache or does the bulk in the background during play, and took a couple dozen tries before you barely see unplayable/seizure bugs. With that out of the way, game's AMAZING! Especially after you unlock the puzzle building which is player made challenges. Warming, some puzzles are flat out impossible..

Sandship APK

Great game, just my user data just bonked me while i was making a puzzle and now it crashes upon joining :(. This puzzle game is actually nice to play. Just that it's still need alot improvement on the background processing & fixing bugs. Experience Issue: 1. After playing for awhile just 5mins only my phone get heat up quickly. 2. For the puzzle creating, I try to create an puzzle & found that it not able to save it. Deal to I not able to select the outputs. 3. I found that the game will intermittently lose connection to the server & crushed. Not sure it's because my phone get to hot caused it.. 2023 - I guess things haven't changed at all considering that this game has huge potential. game is still buggy since 2020. Such a shame. 2020 comment - It's a fun game. Problem is that there are too many bugs in the game. The stats info are all wrong. Autocomputations are full of bug. Infos doesn't match with the equipments.. This is a great game!! For the smart that is, being that you have to think about what would be best(financially)..

Sandship APK

The game got stuck as soon as the robot told me to click the button that was on the bottom right of the screen. The button was off my screen.......... Pretty fun idle factory game. personally dont like waiting for stuff and how little I can do to wait for finished researches and deliveries for cashes. but the factory building and optimizing the workflow is the best part.. Amazing game, I love the changes you made to it. But the biggest downfall is the blueprint system and the multi select feature. They dont allow the creations to rotate as a hole unit and instead rotates the parts independent of one another, making adapting build and moving them a nightmare sometimes. Making that change would be so helpfull! Beside that amzing 10/10 would recommend.. The engineering aspect was fun but once you make your optimized setup, there's not much to do in the game. Just send out a contract and check back in every 2 hours.

Sandship APK

Very good game I like it a lot might change or add stuff to this review because I am still early in the game so yeah but still fun edit still cool just a bit to much for my phone will probably play again on a different device. So, I am rewriting my previous review as the creators have addressed a lot of issues. In my first review, I rated the game 1-star because the game had a lot of connectivity issues. I was told by the developers that the issue was on my end. However, it was not on my end. Since then, they have done a ton of work, and I am happy to rewrite my first review to give them 5 stars. They have done an amazing job creating a great game that is essentially factorio, but for your phone. Great job . DISHONEST. Basic idle game - either wait for hours or fork over TONS of money to actually progress. EXCEPT timers reset on the sly constantly. I started a 16hr timer in the evening. Fourteen hours later, it was at 8 hours. The next time I checked, it was at 14 hours. Tried what dev asked. Time was still incorrect. Over a year later and the game barely loads anymore. Usually takes 3+ times.. Contains ads! I installed this game believing it didn't contain ads, (as time of writting, it is not flagged as such on play store) as much for my surprise I'm not only shoved with an ad during gameplay, but a video ad..

A fun factory game. But the glitches are getting annoying. If I have one hundred steel rods in transit and then hit claim, sometimes fifty are added to storage. Sometimes the number in storage goes down instead of up. Then I finally got 2500 in storage but the quest says I have 2268 still.. I'm really digging this game. It looks good, it makes you think, but not so much that it's no longer fun. I like it . I've played this game before, and everytime I came back I tried to into it, now I've gotten hooked and I'm playing most of the time, it has a good combination of factory SIM, tower defense, adventure and idle game all in one, it's a good game to play if your creative and patient and enjoy steady progression. The only downside I have is the fact you need an internet connection to play the game.. This game is almost complete except factory building. As a factorio player, I appreciated both your inspired and original contents. Everything works perfectly fine, but coming to expand my factory, I really tried at best to avoid it. Because the building option really bad, I don't have option to rotate entire selected building beside rotating individual ones when all selected, I don't have option to copy selected building. I'm sure those thing really necessary in factory expansion..

I love this game, until I get to ink. I have played through this game the separate times, and each time I drove into ink it feels like the mechanic of the game as designed suddenly no longer works the way it was intended. I'm deleting once again, until I get nostalgic and start over from the beginning once more. Good game.. ITS SUCH A COOL GAME... exept for a glitch. i have the way to make steel, and i can see it on the conveyerbelt and it getting to the end. i can not get it into transit! but carbon and iron i can. pls help WAIT this is editedb btw nvm i ffixed it its 5 stars. I keep getting ripped off everytime I try to remodel down in the pit it only saved 50 walls I bought so many of them so it's ripped me off quite a few plates rods and. Feels more like an idle mining game. Lacks the true feel of a factory game. Not a bad game at all however..

This game is so good. The graphics, gameplay, mechanics, almost EVERYTHING. But, i have a problem. After 1 second, it glitches and also stops for 1 sec. This affects the gameplay so much that i cant even play it. So devs pls fix this and ill turn my rating to 5.. COPPER WIRES ARE BROKEN AND I CANT ADVANCE. How do GAME-BREAKing bugs go unseen please fix this Edit:I have one of those robots who collect resources and bring them to the warehouse, what do I do,I'd like to play a game that works This is Game is a broken mess FIX THIS DAMN GAME PLEASE I loved playing but now it's turned to a buggy mess not a game worth playing Fix it. It's a great Factorio/Satisfactorio sim. It's has all of the same caveats as all mobile games. 5/5 Great game. Worth checking out.. It's a good game but I got a bug where production just stops and I can't get it to work again. My output is just permanently stuck at 0 for no reason.

Ich persnlich finde das Spiel super und es wird einem nie langweilig. Stndig kann man etwas tun! Super Spielkonzept. Like many other games, this one turns into an idle game that attempts to manipulate you into buying resources with real money in order to advance faster. I enjoy the factory conveyor system, but the game pace is annoying. Also, my phone heats up like crazy while playing.. The tutorial ist long gameplay is good a bit of lag at time but not enough to affect my dopamine. I install it and then I try turning on the app it gets to 10% and then it freezes doesn't even start on my phone and the thing is I've downloaded it on another phone before and then I deleted it and got it again and then it just didn't work at all overall when I got it to work it was a pretty good game but since it doesn't want to work at all why should I keep trying to use it.

I can not load the game as it starts to load and once it hits 90 it stops and will not move. This review will change once I can play the game again.. Is a really good game but for some reason it has 2 glitches that I know of that ARE REALLY annoying would deload almost every menu but the leftmost one and it would do it 3 times in a row p a i n level stopped on 20 and won't go higher for whatever reason. If you're here hoping this is a fun factory sim like factorio, you're wrong. This had the potential to be like that, but it's been ruined by typical mobile app garbage like microtransactions and forcing you to wait hours for stuff to finish building unless you pay money to rush it. The wait should be you waiting for resources to build, not waiting hours/days to "build" more space for your factory so you can tier up.. I made a 1 star review, because the game is not even lunching, when I press sign in to Google and pick an account the game just does absolutely nothing whatsoever, and if tried to click continue as guest it would give me error, I spent a lot of my time to download it around 2 hours just not to play it, I tried multiple methods of fixing such as restarting my device and clearing cache or data for the game but nothing worked..

love it, it has a fun factory feel to it, and at level 8 if im right theres a tower deffense part to it.. This game is a definite good time. I was looking for factory games that allowed you to make your own layout and this one caught my attention. The puzzle function is a real nice addition. It's nice to work on those while the factory is running, but I feel like there some mechanics of the game that are confusing. For example, apparently everything has a sale price but I haven't found anyway to sell anything. Still would recommend giving the game a shot though.. Really good, like clash of clans but it's actually factorio.also Google asked if this was a snowboarding game. Not too sure where It got that idea from. I never write reviews, but this game made me. It's a nice game but man there are so many bugs, it hurts to keep playing it. Never seen so many bugs in one place..

The game is fun but the severe bugs force me to give only one star. The game will stop resources from being generated (with the factory turned on) and make it therefore impossible to progress. Sometimes it starts working again but then the bug reoccurs.... It's a fun game I did every I can but I got a problem with the level I maxed out my XP and I can't level up I'm level 7 and there's more to do if I could level up I tried uninstalling the game and reinstall it and my level stayed broken but I keep opening the game hoping it will work one day it's a fun game. Very fun, and reminds me of Factorio, but on my phone. It's simpler, and has the same delay mechanics of Clash of Clans.. Good, but too grindy. The coin gain is too slow and there are so many things to get and do using coins, make the gameplay more linear and it might help the rating..

Good mindless fun. Love the story and dialogue. The time delay to force gem purchase is a tad devious though.. Love it! What a fun game! I find it to be unique, challenging, and engaging. It has an intriguing sci-fi apocalyptic mystery storyline, fun characters, great sound effects, hard puzzles and so many ways to solve the puzzles. It's complex without being overwhelming and accessible without being overly prescriptive. Excellent . I come back after a year, and not much has changed. I'm pretty sure there's not going to be any more chapters or Quest. So, to future players, don't waste your time or money. The game comes to a complete stop at level 20.. The game is fantastic and I love grinding it , however I only have one issue , very few of the explanation diagrams of the devices give a p/s ( parts per second) which I find a bit irritating, eg.there is no calculatable difference between the normal and fast conveyors .I am a person of maximum efficiency and would really appreciate all resources and recipes in the device menus to have a p/s indication. Kind regards.

It's an alright time sink, basically methadone for Satisfactory. So you'll get similar satisfaction, but doesn't compare to the real thing. Feels like it's most just designed to get you to watch ads all the time or spend money to buy boosters for the missions. As basically any mission above the "quick" ones are at least 1 hour to complete. So progress is either super slow or your watching ads to complete normal missions, or spending money on booster for long+ missions.. I played the game it had great story but there is one thing you should add is the music and more story. This Game Kinda Felt Like Frantic Factory Java Which I Played on my Dad's Nokia . BTW I like the main story as well as the side quest/story . I loved the gameplay but it it addictive so idk I actually don't play it every time. Maybe 10-20 min between 4 Hrs . That's how I feel great playing it or else I will get annoyed and delete this game .. Best factory building game I've seen on the app store. Used to crash a lot on me, but haven't experienced any recently.

Overall gameplay is good. It has the factorio(pc) feeling to it. But prolonged gaming creates a lag(especially when using complex setups) . I had to reopen the game everytime.. There's a bug when I'm producing what I needed to produce and to continue the story. The Bug is about "IN TRANSIT" where the coins and minerals won't appear or to store them, all of my factories are producing and exporting them into the "IN TRANSIT" Machine but not a single penny or material has been stored inside the "IN TRANSIT" Machine. Please fix this Bug.. Its pretty hood game nc story behind it not necessarily a pay to win game just a chill game that requires a bit of patience but one thing i don't like is that u kinda get stuck if you run out of credits like isnt there a way to get money without gems?. First time playing it, and it's been great . Overall it's a very very good game. I just wish the vehicle could actually go somewhere like a certain place or it would be also cool if you can control the direction of the vehicle and make it like a side quest or something that u can do outside of the factory.

You know, this game had potential to be great. It's too bad that you hit a paywall so damn fast. It lets you get a few upgrades and a few factories and then you run out of money to research or do anything. The only way to get money is by contracts which can take 3 hours to complete. You can speed it up with gems of course, but it will cost you. You could easily be waiting a week to research the next machine for your factory, and then when it's done, you get to do it all over again.. low fps,no graphics change to support old phone like samusung j7 prime. game start lag when factory goes big and lot of stuff update and new bugs now swipe down and up lag so much and not work most of the time.and one more thing this game is not playable at all due server when i open the game nothing work and get error message to connect to server that happen every 3sec. im quit..

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