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An excellent railway game that will awaken the real driver in you. This project turned out with exact control, and your main goal is to deliver passengers to a particular place.

This must be done in excellent safety, and it depends only on you. This entertaining game world, where there will be absolutely everything to have a great time in your free time. You need to manage the trains correctly, move the arrows to a particular place, and avoid collisions.

All this becomes more complicated under certain conditions. Besides, the conditions will be harsh. Pass all the levels in a row, open new trains, and get particular experience in star regions and get rewards for it.

You will be able to manage your trains in three completely different worlds. The interface is relatively straightforward; besides, all the movement of trains is performed with one touch of your fingers. You will be able to transport passengers, earn a lot of money and discover entirely new regions.

Create your world, plus you can experience the French speed train here and the Japanese Express. It remains only to download Conduct THIS! On Android, so you can become a real machinist yourself.

Download ( V3.8.5 )

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