NameTwilight Lovers
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ReleaseGenius Inc

A riveting visual novel about vampires: Twilight Lovers is a gripping graphic novel about vampires with anime style, developed for Android devices.

The game has an exciting storyline, several charismatic characters, several options for developing the storyline, and a beautiful design in the style of otome games. According to the plotline, you will play a cute girl who one day finds out that her colleagues in the face of attractive guys are not people but real vampires. But she will not leave work, as the guys are not bloodthirsty creatures but philanthropic vampires. They told the heroine that for several years, they had been trying to invent a serum to help rid of blood cravings. You have to get to know the guys better and help them in this challenging task.

Twilight Lovers MOD

All Genius Inc games are just a cash grab. You get one ad every 5 hrs. The mini game is a complete joke. Won 1 time out of 17 and got 3 points. It takes 120 points for 10 gems.. and each good choice is 20 plus gems and you may have 3 or more of those to make per chapter. The stories aren't terrible, but there is no longevity, and there are way too many of these out to waste the amount of money needed. Make gems easier to get or not so much per cost. Not like you guys are broke. I actually i love this game but there's some things is a problem. First, the gems I wish you could give the players higher amount of gems for the first time they because there are some premuim choices that requires gems and I also suggest to put some daily log in rewards so the players won't spend their time to play the mini game or wait for the time to run out. I also do want to have more mini games cause it's bores me sometimes and please shorten the time to wait to get tickets. That's all!. I don't know what to say but I really like this game and I hope everyone plays this game, it's really awesome!. It was so romantic I never seen such a romantic story in my life it was really good you deserve this five stars. This game is really cool thou I choose to be with sebastian and continued the story it was fun. I would recommend this game a lot. I wuv it. A well deserved 5 stars.

Twilight Lovers APK

I loved it so much But I had one problem It's about the gems and I cannot get enough gems to get a special offers That's only the one thing I have problem with the game put the game was perfection. I love this game so much I played it in my previous phone,got a new phone and I'm downloading it again, take it from me,this game is amazing.. This is game love story of one Human girl, three Vapires, a evil Vampire & it has 2 seasons in 2nd season the evil Vampire fell in love with the Human girl.. Can you release the session 2 and 3 because it was so favorite for all and i check the rate there was a more fans in this game so kindly please release the 2 and 3 sessions because everyone love this particular game.

Twilight Lovers APK

Guys I really love your game but the cost of rubies and tickets it's too much and it is really hard to get rubies so please try to make an easier way to get rubies and tickets that would really mean a lot. Want to give five start but in the end the stories is incomplete i waiting for season3 please dont upsad me i except more as better foe season 3 please upload fast cannot wait fo season 3. Just loved it .... But the thing from which i was annoyed was the tickets but any ways a breathtaking story if right choices are made. Ok this is an amazing of there best.i love the bad guy n that u can choose 2 b with him in the end. The other guys r fun also.great job creators..

Twilight Lovers APK

Hello owner please said me how to earn points for earned Diamonds, i can't Find out with any games This Animation amazing but i am so upset when i can want yes but don't have my option Because of Diamonds, i dont have many diamonds, what i can do for this . Yk, it would be a fun twist if the main character(Mc) had a twin. And they both work behind the boys' backs and help plan to protect them and they can also swap places to protect eachother and confused the guys, and the grand reveal of "there's two of them!" Would be such a cool twist lol! Just to add to the conflict and ongoing drama at the climax. To maybe a future story? Add some conflict with the Mc that can clash with the group's conflict?. I am sure that it is a good game, but I cannot play it because the Arabic language is not present. I hope that the Arabic language will be added to the game, and I appreciate your trouble in adding all these languages, and I will be happy to add the Arabic language with other languages. Thank you,,. I love the vampire saga and the love story it is a wonderful,amazing,beautifully and fantastic game and I really love it.

The game is awesome it has everything but the main problem is that it is hard to get enough diamonds to make your story more interesting. I love the game alot, apart from the fact that i can only get diamonds when i buy them, i wish there was some ad to watch so that i could get diamonds, pls improve that. This is my favorite game ever in all twilight game ......ever time i read or play this game i imagening my self as an character this game love this so much the ending is so perfect 100%. Well the game is good but there is only one problem that is tickets some of us don't have money so please cut the tickets from game pls I hope you read this.

Finally I finished this game and unlocked all the endings I didn't expect the ending but I like it, Thanks for making this game!! I hope there will be an animation or something else that is more unique and creative But this is already good but I hope there will be progress in the new game!! . I truly did enjoy this particular story. I highly recommend this to vampire lovers. Also, I do suggest you try EVERY option. Believe me, it's so worth it!. This game is really intriguing. It keeps you wanting more. It is unique and interesting. Even though it is hard to get rubies, that just keeps you wanting to read more.. I love this game very much, I think ad dekh kr point earn krne ka time km kr de to best hoga and I love this story .

I really love this game. It really has me on the edge especially when it's one of those love sick moments. I like the story line and characters but the choices of lines to pick is too expensive. The rubies is too expensive too, we can only have two rubies(30 points) every 4-5 hours due to ads countdown. I can't enjoy when I can't even do anything with my favorite character because the expensive price restricts me. The story is pretty good although what I don't like is the main character that still harboring some feeling toward Keith even though we are pursuing Sebastian's story. Overall, the story is pretty thrilling and exciting. Love the main story and Sebastian's story.. Love the story line... the characters make my heart melt. I just wish I could get rubies quicker (hence the 4 stars), there are some answers I REALLY wanted to select, but because of my few rubies, I couldn't... and to wait forever for video ads to load, I didn't want to wait that long you know ;).

Just as expected it was amazing as always , I've been reading these since I was 8 ( I'm 12 now btw )from immortal hearts now to a villains twisted heart . Not once has these games disappointed ,please continue too make these . You're doing great jobs .. Just in luv with this app the most beautiful story and I'm just in luv with Colin OMGGGGM highly recommend this app. OMG the characters is so handsome, but i really need unlimited ticket to finish this story in one day, I need season 2 right now... I want to see what happened next. I really love this game and all of the other games by this company but the thing is that getting tickets is really hard and takes a while and getting rubies is hard and most choices require rubies which is useless if u don't have any.Your choices really make a difference. Nonetheless I recommend this game along with all the others.

mui bueno pero esperaba el final d hayden ms estimulante y POR FAVOR reduzcan las fakin gemas q les costaba poner 12 por opcin m parece la decencia mnima. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! My only issue Is that every few choices you have to pay Money to get these gems so makes me sad every once in awhile. But from the last one I played. Colin is ren/Hayden is Harold/and Keith is vice they're so similar! They just Look different . I'm already play most of all genius inc game and this is literally one of my favourite. It's really incredible story line and the guy in this game never disappoint us! 5 star, love it. Love the art and the gameplay isn't too horrible, but I despise the protagonist I play as. The choices I get to respond with feel too close connected to the same or similar outcome. I can't friendzone ANYONE because EVERYONE (other than Herbert and Maggie who already has a bf) is in love with me by the end. If you like being flirted with by four vampires and swarmed with their affection, be my guest, but as someone with experience with other otome games, I wouldn't recommend otherwise..

What an ending! Like the others, it's one of the best that I've read so far. Highly recommended! But I suggest that you wait patiently especially when you want to use rubbies. I watch ads and wait for the time so I can watch again and collect points to exchange for the rubbies. But if you can afford on topping up or paying it with real money is up to you . I've played a lot of the games from this company but at least out of the vampire otome games they have this one to me feels rather unique and because of that I enjoyed it a lot.. I L.O.V.E this game the three guys are really cute and the graphics are amazing and I really need a second one Like REALLY BADLY but in the second one keep the same guys their beautiful!. it was great you did have to play the minigame and watch ads but in the end if you have enough gems you can be with sebastian. if you restart the end episode you can eventually be with everyone..

its very good and the animations are well done but i feel like we shouldnt have to wait 2 hours for a ticket.. This is really good. I remember playing this a years go in 2022 or 2020. And if I'm am if I'm correct did Genius increase change Sebastian path? because I swear I remember Us like y/n or whatever we talked to him in prison..

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