NameIsekai Demon Waifu

Do you want to prevent and simulate video games? You’ll have watched a lot of Isekai anime and skimmed webtoons about it earlier. In any case, it is among the hottest genres right now that you could get pleasure from. However, this can be a comparatively new idea within the cellular gaming trade. You may get pleasure from it in the sport Isekai: Demon Waifu! Enjoy life as a demon prince and construct your kingdom right now.

In Isekai: Demon Waifu, you get the same state of affairs as you begin your kingdom because of the demon prince. It would be best to increase your effect by allying with different nations and preventing conquerors.

Isekai Demon Waifu MOD

If you looked up the word convoluted in the dictionary, it would just be a picture of this games UI. Literally filled to the brim with advertisements.. Lack of a core battle system. Monotonous at best. Boring gameplay. Art is good, sound is bugged but has a great ost. Can't stop seeing ads even though there are none (PTW layout). Strange ways to interact with other players. Not really that great. App is slow at times. Farming sim = meh.. As soon as I tried starting the game, I just got this screen with a girl saying "Demon Prince, you're back!" I couldn't do anything, and it definitely did not seem like anything was loading. And I was hoping to play a bit, too. EDIT: After trying the recommendations given to me, the game works.. Great game but when I delete it because I'm bored it's almost impossible to get my account back with out waiting 1-2 days to try to figure out a way to get my account back by talking to customer support. Extremely P2Win and dead. Developer does nothing but milk the remaining players, no updates, too many servers for any new players to come in and stay. My server has 3 semi-active players left, others are basically dead too. Would have needed a better F2P experience and less aggressive shop and might have been a decent idle game but the developer was too focused on getting what they could out of the whales before running off..

Isekai Demon Waifu APK

For the first time I played this awesome looking app and experience the cool features, that it's becoming my most favorite. The reason I gave four Stars was because every time I try to visit a random place on the outlet feature, that it becomes frozen and not functioning properly. Thank you for reading my review, and I hope that this app will flourish. Another thing is that the app will just quit, it is kinda annoying . It a good game but I have a account that I login into to and my game have restarted and I had spend money on it. Lots of stuff to do in the game, lots of 'ahem' cleavage. unfortunately my account is gone for some reason, so that's lovely.. Error message: Connection lost please login again. Yet I have perfectly fine wifi. This happened after two uncontrolled prompts occured that demanded user to follow the prompts for a carnival and something else. Can't get back in after repeated attempts of reset app and try to log in again just for it to not work. Game crashes non stop after working again. Devs don't know what 24 hours is. Continue plays you'll see server resets is not 24 hours based. Great design. Poor mechanical design..

Isekai Demon Waifu APK

The game is good but is there you can make the main characters both genders including lovers please in the future otherwise I like this game.. Overall the game is okay at best. Game is heavily pay-to-win! Also your VIP points get erased. Free-to-play players download at your own risk! After two or three months of playing it kinda gets boring basically rinse-and-repeat. Events rinse and repeat.. I wanted to give this game the 5 stars it deserves but my money and time had been wasted. I have been playing this game for 2+ years and spent near over 300$ in the game and now i will have restart my harem and everything losing my money and progress.. MY ACCOUNT DISAPPEARED!!!! I've spent money on this. I was level 15. My account just POOF gone. For no reason. It tried to make me start from the very beginning. I've played this game for 2 YEARS!!! I had my own guild and did 20+ Billion damage. Its all gone. This is absolutely heart breaking because I enjoyed this game. I'm not starting all over. So I guess this is it. On to the next..

Isekai Demon Waifu APK

Well, this is definitely not for me. Horny weeaboo stuff. Kinda fun, art is what I expected it to be, but mostly unoriginal and infantile/very sexualized. (Not as many lolis though, at least, but still some u_u). 3/5, but well, 1 for creep factor. FINE DESIGNS, ARTS, TEXTURE, GRAPHICS. BUT THE GUI IS KINDA MESSY, HOPE YOU FIX THE GUI MORE BETTER AND MAKE IT SIMPLE . Nevermind I saw game data on my phone that accumulated up to 5 gigs of data I deleted the game when I installed it it is much smaller than previously I hope for more content. This game used to be so fun when it first came out, but it's so competitive now that you can't even begin to climb the rankings without disposing an unreasonable amount of money. There are no quiet casual servers for those who just want to relax without feeling pressured by the overbearing rankings, and progression itself is so slow without spending money. Two stars because the art and voice acting is great, but this game was great when it first came out but is now another pay to win flop..

Too much grinding and gacha. Also there is a character that you have to get the very beginning or you'll never ever be able to get her and I didn't get her. Thanks a lot. Lastly the crusades end ridiculously early failed them several times just because I waited for my teammates to finish the quest but didn't get there before 7:00pm or something. Total BS. You know what I'm done with this game it screwed me over too many times, and I can't even transfer power because "Le guild war is in progress". Originally love the game and played a lot on it however I stopped playing after it became more pay to win and the trade activities with other players grind to a halt. Hope to see another like this someday but with the problems resolved. The game is good but there's a problem, it always restart and i can't play it properly everyday (it restarts after 5 to 10 minutes of me logging in-game) the game restarts and says there's a problem with my connection even though the connection is good, every time i play this game restarts and i need to always "force stop" and "clear cach" the game and it's annoying doing everyday every time i play (log-in)... I'm using infinix hot20s, so there's no way that the phone is the problem. Played for a long time, took a short break from mobile games in general then got back Into this. It says last update for the game was almost a year ago on here, that would be very sad. Would love to see more still and not already be seeing the end of the tunnel. Only thing I wish, is a Demon Kingdom rework..

Ti**y bait with no good game to it. I got it when it had the Monster Musume Collab and I thought I could install the game play for a bit to get the character I wanted and dip. Maybe keep it if gameplay was good. It's not. There's several other games that play the exact same, have the exact home menu layout, it does too much to do so little. The gacha is horrible and you don't get enough of the special the currency without having to whale. Save yourself and just like idk find some hen*ai. Worst Collab ever the consort and the subordinate are ugly as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Btw developers I don't have discord at all so unless you change everything about the game I'm not going to return to the game at all). It's a weeb version of clash of clans with some faux bonding where you have one conversation and throw materials at all the available waifus before you marry all of them and leave them in a loveless marriage as nothing more than a slight buff when you have private time with them.There is the faintest hint of a plot but it's basically just "we don't like the random dude from another dimension being king" which is honestly understandable for your enemies and subjects to feel.. It's a great game over all. But the synthesize page is extremely laggy. It has crashed by phone 3 to 4 times while playing..

Awesome game however it would be amazing if the demon prince could have children with his consorts because what's the point of having a Hiram if not to have multiple children and ensure the continuation of his blood line. Just my thoughts but I for one am all for that. I mean, you might as well watch corn. Watch corn grow, you perv. It's about as interesting as playing this. And I can fap to corn. No, like, actual corn. Just thinking about those delicious little kernels really gets me going.. The game needs to be much more friendly to free to play players, right now its too opressive depending on who spent the most money. The limited events also need to have a longer duration, and there is no chance of getting the limited items without spending at least $70 USD.. Seems pointless to even download the game. All servers are full and the one server that is open top players have power in the billions. No way to even compete with that. I used to love this game, but seems to me it's been abandoned by the devs..

It's a nice game but I hate the fact that I have to bind it on top of it already connected to my Google account. I just got a new phone, but because I didn't bind it instead of just having Google save it, I lost everything!! Even though it shows my account, it still won't let me use it unless I had it binder or whatever it was.. Thought I'd point out that the new wander set up has a bug, sometimes it breaks the game, it locks the game up and you can't do another wander or go back to the previous screen, it wastes the wander chance, my recommendation is to go back to the previous wander design. Level up system is atrocious. Takes you months to advance a single level at times. It's a chore to play. Edit: despite what they claim there are not "several ways" to level up. Played the game for over a year. It's a chore to play. Even more so for F2P people. Fan service is fine but this game could be a lot better. It's not. I have a love hate relationship with this game. i have downloaded and deleted it so many times, only because its pay to win. it costs so much to stand a chance in the ranking systems or unlock so many characters. the art is amazing and i love the simplicity and playstyle. i just wish there was a way to progress and get more subordinates and consorts without having to shell out hundreds of dollars..

Cash sink and extremely pay to win. Starts you off slow on your own server to lure you to spend money, eventually they throw you onto a mass server with people playing since launch that you have to compete against to gain seasonal characters. Even when you unlock skins for winning events, skins are often temporary and expire unless you keep winning events, which will almost always cost money. So even when you spend money on skins, half the time you don't even get to keep them. Just a cash grab.. Used to be really fun, was high on rankings and then list my account. If there is anyway I can get my account back that would be lovely. It's a good game you can do a lot as a free to play but tbh to get the full feel of this game you'll need to spend money or your not going to far. Decent variety of things to do daily. Main issue is how expensive the in-game purchases are. They need to add some things like catch up mechanics for newer players and they need to be willing to let players acquire new characters. They seem very strict, like they don't want people to get new characters, that's the whole point of playing for most people. The RNG stuff has stupidly low chances of getting something good during events and stuff..

Had to log in on a new device and can't log into my bound account, tried to do it and instead the system created a new account and I can't recover what I had.. Account disappeared was link/synched not cool edit: thats funny pretty sure i need an account to do that dont i too bad its not there... The game use to be fun and interesting, now its boring. The only way to try to enjoy the game now is by spending money.. Fun game with amazing graphics,sometimes the pay wall makes things impossible tho. Some things could help tho like showing how many people are active on a server out of how many are on it some say full when they arent so people dont join them, or a way to buy stars in the shop for s kindred..

The tapping is fun for the first bit, but there's a steep incline for costs to progress after lvl 7. The tapping at least has an auto function, but most of them are pretty much locked behind a pay wall. The story is alright but the combat is abysmal. Pvp is done in a weird way and doesnt offer much to do once the tapping for resources and claiming the umpteen micro rewards is all done. Incentive to make one powerful subordinate and let the rest fall by the wayside, free2play but pay2win. Glitchy. It's a good game but I understand the negative reviews I've been playing this game almost daily for months, had a break, played daily again for months, has a break, now playing on and off a couple of times a week. Game has alot of content and its fun (to me), I think the reason people dislike the game is because they played it years ago when it was boring and nothing to do. Also yes it is pay to win, just like any other mobile game these days. However, it doesn't matter. Personal progression! . Simplistic but enjoyable number crunching eye candy game. Everything boils down to text-based burn supplies, level up, grow stronger. The writing is awful. Fun to be had if every update didn't make gameplay more sluggish & buggy. Worst part being server maintenance & back-to-back app crashes. As of last update, it's too clunky to play.. i liked playing this game but since i got a new phone i have to start anew which is absolutely annoying..

A good point it's not pay to win I got top 50 without spending a dime, though i didn't care for the vip wiafus so that help me not spend I like the idea its a fantasy harem game, but it be unique if you can gender change it be cool for once to be able to collect fantasy anime boys.. The game is very fun but I closed the game and now it's stuck saying offline levy with view your office being highlighted and it won't let me click anything so I can't play it anymore. Don't know what happened but my data is completely gone even after logging I'm with FB I'm forced to start over from the beginning. The gameplay, story, and consort is awsome but the only problem was, it keep crashing when it comes to fighting, pls somehow fix this..

Its fun, but once you're done tapping there's nothing to do. Wish I could pit my top 9 or 10 subordinates against another player, the arena as it stands is very lackluster and I dont see why I have all these subordinates but only use one to fight all 20+ of my opponents subordinates. Needs that little something to keep me in the game or the grind increase im seeing at lvl 7 is going to keep me at just logging in to collect my resources once I break past lvl 8. Please introduce more pvp?. I don't like it because if you have money you get the cool stuff you get to win you have fun you don't have the money you get none of the cool stuff you don't win you don't have fun.. Love the game but make sure to double link accounts. I am disapponted in the customer service i would expect a propmt reply from a live person but no i waited 2 hours and still no reply even other players have said you might never get a response. The game wouldn't even load for me and there wasn't even a loading bar for me to know if it was even trying. I waited for a few minutes but nothing..

Lost my account and they were literally no help in getting it back spent over 2k in the game so honestly a huge waste of money and time. I can't even play the game! When I play the app the screen is just "Demon prince, you're back!" And I can't play the game at all. Downloaded the game on an old device, had an account made with my Gmail. Got a new phone and lost the account.. when I try to get in the game it says error try again. and I don't know what to

This is my only harem-style isekai app. (+s) nice artwork, like the 2 types of dating views, like events, can now earn VIP pts w/daily tasks (no $)!! (-s) despite being out for a long time many consorts still don't have voices AT ALL or special date art, when I change a consort/subordinate outfit some won't appear in outings or other interactions w/them except their main page, I REALLY wish I could keep all clothes fragments from special events so I could actually get enough to trade for clothes. Why can't I login to my account I literally spent money in this game and now can't even play it that's just great. I'm only leaving one star because of today. I've been playing this game for well over a year and put some money into it. And even though there would be times I cant login to play because something going on with my Facebook connection I still enjoyed it. Now I log I and my entire account is reset to the start and I've lost everything. It just confirmed my decision to uninstall it.. It's a good game, but one day the game wouldn't work and even though my progress was linked I lost everything and got restarted.

I like the game personally but it's pay to win more so than anything but still fun. Also letting servers die is pretty lame my server may have tops 20 active players on it so unless there's a server merge not very competitive anymore.. I wish that they separate the skill potion's like potion's for recruiting soldiers would have the strongest hero with the highest hero for that specific potion.. I would like more boy wives. Or at least do what the other games are doing and give us an optional male version of our wives. With an optional female version of Brian for fairness to those that actually like the female wives. (I want boy wives so I love Brian the most). Can't log into my account now. All my data has been erased. It's sad because I was going to spend money on this game. That's how good it was. Shame.

I used to play this game on my og account when it first came out now I'm coming back to it on a new account so I bet I'm still gonna love it like I did back then. Spent a lot of time playing this game, spent money on it and everything. Quit playing due to the game not having my vip tier go up upon completion certain things like said in game. Apparently it's only pay to win, after I traded my phone for a new one, cooled off and decided to play months later finding out that my account can't be brought back because I can't remember the server ID. I talked to cs and am telling you what I was told after telling them what I could and sent pics of recipients. Update. Tried logging in again and could no longer access my previous game. I had so much hard work done. My server was NA6 I believe and my characters name was Dagon. But now I can't use it. I even spent money on it when I played last. Now I have to start over. I'm pissed.. When accessing the kindred area, accessing the latest crossover events, doing the quick outings & quick dates, they are all very laggy lately especially the quick outings & more so the quick dates & this is even with wifi. This slows players down for events, they used to be smooth working in the beginning. if you can smooth out how they work to the way they used to work it would improve our game play a lot. Also lately when trying to select things the game freezes up every now and then..

The community is great and the storyline is nice enough to actually read through. There are a lot of nice skins but most are too hard (costly) to get. Wish there were more ecchi/risqu skins or more movement (bouncing) from different skins. You will have to pay a little to get skins but some of the rare ones you may never get. 1 chance and too much to not get it. Still fun overall.. I love this game and it's features. It has a kind of p2w style, but that is easily bypassable, and I love it. It turns out that my only qualm was a mistake on my part, but it wasn't easy to find, nonetheless. Still, although it wasn't as easy to find as it used to be, I still managed to acquire the consort Kitsune and fulfill my dreams of actually getting her on this save file. With that, I'll say that this game is 100% worth the $0 it costs, if not more than that.. After spending over $7,000 on this game, they have banned me for a single refund. DO NOT GIVE THESE SCAMMERS YOUR MONEY. Avoid this game at all costs.. This was a nice game to play but now it won't let me into the game I've tried to unstall and reinstall it and it didn't work..

I lost my Account, i Spend so much Time and Money in it and i logged in my Account but all my Data are lost and i have to start new. Annoyed cant login in to my account as if i never play it got rid of every thing i had try doing suport did help. Was kinda entertaining for a few weeks, got repetitive fast though. Battle is super boring. Lack of custom "Self" art choice for Demon Prince is lazy design. Advertising of lewdness and "sexual content/themes" gives a much stronger impression than actual content. Pretty bland in that realm of thing's honestly. Art and voicework is really good though.. Very fun game if you like to see waifus. There is the problem of the pay to win aspect that you will see a lot. So if you want to win in limited time events then you will have to be ready to spend da money. It's possible to free to play the game but it will just take longer to progress but in the end it is definitely satisfying to win and get the sweet sweet rewards..

Start it off with saying this is a pay to win game. You can play it without spending $$ but you'll be left in the dust in events. You'll never get 1st place in an event unless you save for months, and even then it's a gamble because of the whales. After the main story, you have nothing to do other than TRY to win the events mentioned before and dailies. I spent money on it and still wasn't able to win the events because of whales. Edit: Can participate. Doesn't guarantee a win as I said already.. YOU SHOULD MAKE THE VIP GAIN ON DAILYS AT LEAST 100 THEN IT WOULD BE FAIR!!!!! Games massively disappointing rewards wise I never get any of the good rewards during the events even when I do all the missions even then all the rewards go to the highest paying players I know someone on my server who pays 1000$s a day it makes me not even want to play! I only do for our guild and half of them quit anyway.. Nice time killer unlike many free to play it is not stuffed with ads good variety of subordinates and consorts my main problems with the game are that it's hard to get the event characters or costumes without spending you can earn gold but it requires so much that you will run out before getting your character my opinion is instead of 50 in most cases it only require 30 fragments especially time limited event ones. One plus to the game devs and company is you can earn vip points by playing. For the most part the game is fine. What I have a problem with is some of the event thing where you have to use real money which is ridiculous. I've also been having issues where the game has been crashing and I can't tell what the problem is..

Played this awhile back and got very far into it unlocking multiple outfits, and spending more money then I remember XD. Took a break from the game till I saw the Monster Museum update and jumped on again, however it started me from the beginning and when I loaded my old account it was just gone. So if you pick up this game your not allowed to take a break. Game says "You wanna try other games Hahaha goodbye account. CYA WOULDENT WANNA BE YA!". It's a silly, fun little game to pass the time. I installed it again recently and trying to log onto my old account has been a nightmare. There is no way to select the account you want to log on with and no way to get rid of one's you don't want anymore.. Love the game. Though I would love if we could purchase the archian guardian costumes as an in app purchase if we didn't fancy trying the slots.. Incredible game, only reason for losing a star is its too addictive and i spent waaay too much money on it..

I downloaded the game, started it and it stays stuck on a screen of a little Demon girl saying "Demon prince, you're back!". Can't even play the game. It's refreshing to finally see a sexy waifus game actually get overly sexual and not try to hide it. Thank you. The lewd is very much appreciated. Aside from that, it is a very fun and engaging game. I hope you guys continue to promote and support this game for as long time. Came back after some time and my accounts been wiped out. Lost all my stuff and when i try to sign into the account it takes me back to level 1.. Locked out of game for hours on end due to resources unable to load. Finally get let back on and within the hour get booted and locked out again..

Game play is a bunch of different screens where you tap phone screen to get numbers, to then spend those numbers in another button press. This game is boring, it's barely even a game. That being said, I do like the art, because of course I do and it's fun to meet the new characters and do their story. But while I want to like this game, I can't, it's deliberately made to suck money out of guys who's neurons fire when they see that bare stomach while offering the minimal in return.

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